‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

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31 July 2017 | 6:51 pm

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

*Caution ALL spoilers ahead*

What just happened? In typical GoT fashion everything you thought was going to happen didn’t. The bad guys have a small victory and the episode ends leaving you wanting more from your key players. We’ll break down the major plot points and what they could mean for the state of Westeros.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow FINALLY meet

After seven seasons we have seen the individual rises, struggles and journeys of our two heroes, but for the very first time the King of the North and the Queen of Dragons meet face to face. He agrees to travel south to visit Khaleesi, despite the fate of his father and brother before him and despite his advisors’ warnings against it. From the get-go things feel a little shady for Jon and his right hand man Daros when they are asked to surrender all weapons and you see Dothraki soldiers carrying off their boat. It was hilarious when Khaleesi’s full title was announced and then Daros introduces Jon as, “This is Jon.” That good lighthearted humor in the face of one of the most intense and devastating television shows of all time, you gotta love it. Their meeting doesn’t go as well as I’d hoped (but at this point nothing is going as I’d expected) when Jon refuses to bend the knee to Daenerys. He basically says doesn’t have time for the “childish games” she’s playing by trying to take the Iron Throne from Cersei. To Jon, who has literally died and come back to life again and seen the Night’s King and the undead, taking the throne from Cersei is the last thing on his mind. By all means Dani is skeptical of Jon’s belief that white walkers are real, but she decides to allow Jon to mine the dragon glass to make weapons to defeat the army of the undead. I think she finally comes to terms with the decision, because she knows she might need Jon as an ally in the future and although she’s not sure what she thinks of the white walkers, she knows dragons were once thought to be extinct, but here she is with three full grown dragons.

At one point Daros almost tells Dani and her court that Jon was stabbed in the heart and killed by the Brothers of the Night’s Watch and was brought back from death, but Jon gives him a look to stop before he says too much. Dani later brings this conversation up with her hand Tyrion, but he thinks nothing off it.

Samwell Tarly and Jorah Mormont

Despite the Archmaester’s request for Sam to leave Jorah’s greyscale condition alone (a sick disease that infects the skin) Sam’s relationship with Jorah’s father causes him to disregard this warning. Sam removes the top layer of infected skin piece by piece telling Jorah not to scream and applies an anointment to prevent the disease from coming back. Jorah tells the Archmaester that he’s feeling better and it’s confirmed the disease has stopped spreading confirming Sam completed the surgery successfully. As reward Sam is tasked to rewrite some rotting books. Jorah heads out to return to his one true queen, Daenerys.

Sansa Stark is reunited with Bran

I’m not sure what I was anticipating with the reunion of Sansa and Bran, but the brother and sister have been separated since season one and it lacked luster for me. I suspect a move on Bran’s part to show he’s no longer there to fulfill the duties as the last male stark because his role now as the Three-Eyed Raven is a more important one. He’s no longer the little brother Sansa remembers, but a man with a wealth of knowledge that she could never even begin to understand. Sansa remains in charge of Winterfell until Jon returns and the two of them must learn how to navigate this new dynamic and powerful relationship.

Cersei Vs. Everyone else

Cersei oh Cersei the evil queen of King’s Landing. In last week’s episode we saw Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand with her daughter Tyene captured by Euron Greyjoy in an epic sea attack. Uncle Greyjoy parades his prisoners through King’s Landing while the people sneer and spit at them. He offers Ellaria and her daughter as gifts to Cersei in exchange for her hand in marriage. Can you imagine? What a sinister couple that would be, but Cersei denies his invitation once more and proclaims that he indeed has given her a gift no one else has been able to give her (a jab at Jaime?) but will be putting off any wedding plans until after the war has been won. Ellaria and her daughter are taken and shackled in the dungeon while Cersei explains her revenge plan. She settles on killing her favorite daughter Tyene the same way Ellaria killed her only daughter Myrcella with poison on her lips Cersei kisses Tyene. Ellaria is to watch her daughter die a slow death and remain watching in the dungeon as the days pass and her body decomposes. Talk about brutal. Cersei then goes on about her day, perhaps fueled by a sense of power and revenge sleeps with her twin brother Jaime (rather openly might I add) and then meets to discuss her finances. The Lannisters are broke and Cersei must think on her feet in order to get funding for the war.

Which leads us to the totally caught off-guard moment where we think Greyworm has led the army of the unsullied to victory at Casterly Rock, when in fact Cersei has sent a large number of her army to Highgarden to overthrow Olenna Tyrell.

Can we just talk about how much of a badass Olenna is? She’s sitting there expecting Jaime to walk through the door and asks how he will kill her. He pours her a glass of wine with poison and tells her to drink up. She slurps that wine up like nobodies business and proceeds to speak her mind about how evil Cersei is, how he’s a fool for being in love with her and should speak freely about his relationship with her and then goes into a full-blown confession about how she poisoned their son Joffrey and to make sure he tells Cersei it was her who did it. My hero. She goes out like a boss, she always was a queen that told it like it was, even until her dying breath.

So now what? What’s Cersei’s next move? Will she charge Dragonstone? She knows Dani’s already there and taking Jon Snow AND Tyrion would be a bonus. What’s Dani’s next move? Cersei has now taken down all three of her biggest allies can she convince Jon to help? Will Jon mine dragon glass weapons in time to defeat the army of the dead? How close are the white walkers? We need answers!! Comment below on your thoughts and theories for this season and Watch next Sunday at 9 p.m. CT on HBO.

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