Police: Armed Carjacking Alert in Logan Square Neighborhood

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31 January 2018 | 12:57 am

Chicago police are warning drivers on the city’s Northwest Side to remain vigilant after a recent gun-point carjack last Thursday.

Officials said a man had been sitting in a car parked in a garage on the 1900 block of Drake Avenue around 1 p.m., when three hooded suspects approached him at gun-point and pulled him out of the vehicle.

One of the suspects hit the man in the head and then all three fled the scene in a 2013 Nissan Rouge, according to police.

For the past five years, Dave Michalowski has called Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood home. However, given recent events, Michalowski and his neighbors expressed concern after police warned of the crime scene that took place.

“It makes me worried for my wife obviously,” he said.

Rachel Arias moved around the area about a month ago and said two of her friends have been victims of similar crimes.

“It definitely makes you wants to carry a Taser usually I have pepper spray,” Arias said. “It’s kind of frightening for me now ’cause it is like a chain of events….especially around an area that I just moved to.”

Police are still undergoing investigation and nobody has been taken into custody as of Tuesday.

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