Dems Blast Republican Group’s Facebook Post Targeting Ocasio Cortez, Omar

by admin | on Jul 22

2019-07-21 19:44:52 Illinois Democrats are blasting a social media post by a prominent Republican group, condemning it as “racist and ...

Chicago White Sox Fall to Travis d’Arnaud, Rays

by admin | on Jul 21

2019-07-21 16:31:29 The Chicago White Sox were shut down in their quest to sweep the Tampa Bay Rays, as a ...

24-Year-Old U.S. Woman and Australian Boyfriend Were on Road Trip in Canada When They Were Killed

by admin | on Jul 21

2019-07-20 20:13:50 A manhunt is underway in Canada after a 24-year-old American woman and her Australian boyfriend were found dead ...

Latino Votes Could Swing the Democratic Primary, and the Candidates Know It

by admin | on Jul 21

2019-07-20 20:24:57 For the first time, Latino elected officials and voters are getting a real full-court press from Democratic contenders ...

2 Dead, at Least 19 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings

by admin | on Jul 20

2019-07-20 12:26:32 Two people are dead and at least 19 others have been wounded in shootings across the city of ...

Music Festival Canceled Due to Endangered Bird’s Nest, High Lake Michigan Water Levels

by admin | on Jul 20

2019-07-19 18:14:41 A beachside music festival has been canceled due to rising Lake Michigan water levels and the presence of ...

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Jim Lovell’s Front Row Seat to History

by admin | on Jul 20

2019-07-19 23:39:38 Imagine having a front-row seat for the first lunar landing.Astronaut Jim Lovell, who makes his home in suburban ...

Chicago Heat Wave: Excessive Heat Warning Takes Effect

by admin | on Jul 19

2019-07-19 12:22:52 The entire Chicago area will be under an Excessive Heat Warning Friday and Saturday as heat index values ...

Five Guys Arrested at Five Guys Restaurant in Florida

by admin | on Jul 19

2019-07-19 08:17:37 Five guys found themselves under arrest at a Five Guys restaurant in Florida, according to a local police ...

Chicago Police Board Votes to Fire 4 Officers for Alleged Cover-Up in Laquan McDonald Shooting

by admin | on Jul 19

2019-07-18 23:37:02 The Chicago Police Board voted Thursday to fire a sergeant and three other officers over their alleged cover-up ...

Mother-Daughter Duo Charged in Baby’s Death After Pregnant Teen’s Grisly Slaying

by admin | on Jul 18

2019-07-18 13:50:50 The mother-daughter duo accused of killing a pregnant Chicago teen before cutting her unborn baby from her womb ...

A Complete Guide to the Democratic Debates for the 2020 Presidential Primary

by admin | on Jul 18

2019-07-18 08:26:15 With the first Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential election in the bag, here's a primer with information ...

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