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13 May 2017 | 11:44 pm

Warriors Boxing presents Windy City Fight Night at the UIC Pavilion. Round one started off with a dynamic show between Ruben Schobits vs. Cesar Ruiz.  Jessica McCaskill showcased her power and endurance against Brenda Gonzalez with a unanimous decision victory. The focus was on the main event, Josh Hernandez vs. Gavino Guaman. Both fighters were evenly matched in round one. It was in the second round when Guaman surprised Hernandez with a right blow to the head.

Text & photo: Heriberto Quiroz

Aidar Sharibayev awaits for round one to start at the UIC Pavillion.
Aidar Sharibayev delivers a blow to Orlando Perez in round two at the UIC Pavilion.
Aidar Sharibayev is declared the winner at the UIC Pavillion.
Gavino Guaman is declared the winner by knock out he stand now at 5-1.
Gionanni Mioletti delivers a quick blow to the head of William Hernandez at the UIC Pavilion.
Jessica McCaskill standing in the blue corner awaiting for round one to start at the UIC Pavilion.
Josh Hernandez talks to officials has Gavino Guaman delivers a KO to Josh Hernadez.
Ruben Schobits congraduates Cesar Ruiz after judges declare Casar the winner.
Ruben Schobitz has difficult in the 6 round match with Cesar Ruiz.
Ruben Schobitz looks by the blue corner has his coach tells him not to drop your guard.
Shawn Simpson getting ready for round one to start at the UIC Pavilion.


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