New Letters Reveal Hernandez Requested to Bunk With Other Inmates

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20 May 2017 | 10:30 pm

Aaron Hernandez requested to live with certain cellmates and apparently addressed rumors dating back to 2015 in seven handwritten letters from the Department of Correction obtained by NBC Boston.

The documents were received after NBC Boston filed a public records request. The letters to correction officers are written requests by Hernandez to be moved to a different cell block with requests to bunk with specific inmates.

“I am writing this letter so there is no confusions about me because I have been hearing things of being considered something which is false, so I wanted to clear all that,” he wrote.

In another letter he sought to counter prison rumors a second time, writing, “I have been hearing from many or rather few thinking I (redacted), but that is false…”

He described it as “false gossip,” adding, “What’s new?”

“I’m just trying to be placed with people im (sic) close with… I am even requesting to (bunk up/celly up) with my brother (name redacted). We both want to,” he wrote.

With a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez told the guards in his request to move to cell block P2, he has “no enemies up there” and it is a place “that will be most peaceful” and wants to be “comfortable.”

Names are redacted but he requested to move in with another inmate, writing “…me and him are very close and have been since the streets.” He continued, “He’s my heart and like a real brother to me.”

In the letter, Hernandez suggested that if he can’t move to another cell block with the inmate he names specifically, that inmate could potentially move in with him in his current cell block. He lists two inmates to bunk with, one he calls “my heart” and the other “a brother.”

Although Hernandez requests cellmates, he does write he prefers to live in a single cell, concerned people could steal his letters and law paper work to sell, get money and publicity. He feared that could hurt his case, and blamed the media for his situation. He ends one letter, “Please make it happen.”

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