Health Secretary on Trump Tweets: He Can ‘Do More Than One Thing at a Time’

on Jul2

2 July 2017 | 2:39 pm

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Sunday defended President Trump’s dedication to passing a new health care law after the president sent numerous tweets this week instead focused on attacking the press, NBC News reported. 

“The fact of the matter is that he can do more than one thing at a time,” Price said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” 

Asked specifically about President Trump’s tweets taking aim at the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Price said, “what I am concentrated on is the job that he’s given me and that is to make certain that we fulfill the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services.”

Price also affirmed that the Trump administration remains supportive of efforts in Congress to negotiate a bill aimed at both repealing and replacing parts of the Affordable Care Act, rather than repealing the law first and trying to replace it afterward.

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