United makes woman hold son on her lap for 3-hour flight

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5 July 2017 | 9:23 pm

United Airlines is apologizing again.

A teacher from Hawaii has been promised a ticket refund and a travel voucher after she had to hold her 27-month-old son on her lap during a flight from Houston to Boston, a trip that takes about three and a half hours.

Shirley Yamauchi said United gave away her son’s seat to a standby passenger, reports Hawaii News Now.

Yamauchi said she bought two tickets because children 2 or older must have their own seat. The tickets, she said, cost nearly $1,000 apiece.

United contacted Yamauchi and told her that her son’s ticket will be refunded and she will be sent a travel voucher, according to NBC News.

United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin said in a statement, “On a recent flight from Houston to Boston, we inaccurately scanned the boarding pass of Ms. Yamauchi’s son. As a result, her son’s seat appeared to be not checked in, and staff released his seat to another customer and Ms. Yamauchi held her son for the flight. We deeply apologize to Ms. Yamauchi and her son for this experience.”

The airline and its chief executive, Oscar Munoz, have been apologizing a lot for customer service breakdowns in the past few months, including a doctor being dragged off a flight at O’Hare Airport in April after he refused to give up his seat. The airline settled with the family of Dr. David Dao a few weeks later for an undisclosed amount of money.

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