GOP Weighs Nearly Unprecedented Move to Pass Health Care Bill

on Jul15

15 July 2017 | 10:51 am

Republicans are considering advancing their health care bill without an analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on a major new provision that insurers warn would wreak havoc on customers, NBC News reported.

The CBO analyzed a previous version of the Senate bill last month, finding it would cover 22 million fewer people than current law. That was also before GOP leaders added a new amendment pushed by conservative members that would allow insurers to sell unregulated plans without protections for pre-existing conditions and without requirements that they cover various benefits guaranteed under the Affordable Care Act.

The CBO scoreĀ on the new bill is expected to be announced early next week, days ahead of the expected vote. But senators say the score may not include the sweeping changes to insurance regulations initially proposed by Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

It’s extremely rare for significant legislation to be voted on without a score from the CBO.

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Published at 5:51 AM CDT on Jul 15, 2017

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