‘Uber for moving’ start-up rolls into Chicago

on Aug11

9 August 2017 | 1:44 pm

It’s moving season, and a new ride-sharing truck company has opened in Chicago for those times when your lazy friends won’t cut it.

The Truxx app lets you schedule a pickup truck, van or flatbed for the next time you’re hauling a fridge — or your entire closet — across the city.

The company lists these scenarios on its website: “You drive a Prius. You need to move. You want to get rid of a Christmas tree.”

Truxx charges $35 per half hour, or $25 if you load the stuff yourself. That’s about $39 if you’re making a big grocery haul, $50 if you get stuck in Lake Shore Drive traffic, and $70 if you’re moving off campus into a new apartment.

The app is one of many ride-sharing moving services cropping up around the country, including Buddytruk and GoShare, but none are currently available in Chicago. Truxx said it does not believe it has competitors in the city. The app started in 2017 and opened here this month, recruiting about 100 drivers who own vans and trucks.

A company spokesman, who described the app as Uber for moving, said there is no time or distance limit within the city. Customers can call a truck within minutes, or schedule a vehicle weeks in advance (for those us with an August lease).

The “TruxxHELP” option means your driver will help load your belongings, so you won’t need to bribe your reluctant friends with pizza.

“Just be prepared to help him/her,” the company website says, “Because our drivers are not built like the Hulk either.”

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