Maple and Ash – A Fancy Feast

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8 September 2017 | 6:55 pm

Maple and Ash – A Fancy Feast

Holy cow. (And I mean that because it’s a steakhouse.) Never have I ever felt so fancy in my life. Let me back up a little. This past week I celebrated my birthday and to mark that occasion a friend asked if I wanted to try this steakhouse called “Maple and Ash.” Sure I thought, why not loosen my pocketbook a little. It was my birthday after all. So away we went.

First thing I’d like to say is that reservations are highly recommended here. I’m sure you can get a table on an off night if you wait long enough, but we were there late on a Wednesday night and the house was packed. So much so that we waited about 20 minutes for our 8:45 p.m. table reservation to be ready.

When you first walk in off the street-level you walk into a bar downstairs called Eight Bar. A host/hostess will greet you and check you in for your reservation. Then you walk through the length of the bar and take an elevator up to the third floor. The décor is very chic, dimly lit and has a hip vibe to it overall. The elevator is padded with leather and sets the tone for the fancy feast waiting for you.

Once we checked in again with the Maple and Ash hostess upstairs, we waited at the lounge/bar upstairs for our table. We had our very own waitress at the bar. Where we tried an old-fashioned I got adventurous and ordered the old Tom fashioned with gin, grapefruit bitters and an orange peel. It was so yummy. The grapefruit bitters offset the sweet orange flavors – I’m a huge gin fan so that was perfectly fine by me. Our waitress was even so kind as to bring us a glass of prosecco to make up for the wait. Fine by me! Already we were off to a grand start.

Once our table was ready we were seated in a lovely booth. Tables all around us had beautiful long-stemmed candles, and while I was disappointed at first that ours was out, our server promptly gave us a new candle. Now that’s service. Once seated we were given a “welcome cocktail” with some heavenly combination of cucumber and pineapple and all of the sudden we were three cocktails deep when we had only ordered one drink so far. A collection of mini-appetizers was brought to the table, including a dish with radishes and butter, some chicken liver and aged cheese chips, a fantastic start.

The server was so knowledgeable and helpful and gave us all amazing suggestions and guided us in the right direction. I ended up getting the 6 oz. filet mignon with a side au poivre and some fries. We shared the ravioli with mushroom and meatball appetizers. On top of all of this food – and after we placed our orders – a loaf of piping hot bread arrived at the table. Were they concerned we weren’t getting enough to eat?

Once our main course arrived my eyes widened with how good everything looked. My 6 oz. steak looked tiny next to my friend’s 22 oz., but if I had eaten an ounce more I would have exploded. The filet was cooked a perfect medium and coated with peppercorn to give it a good kick to it. I left the au poivre sauce on the side to dip my steak in. I’ve never tried it before, but it was a good thick heavy cream-based sauce with butter, shallots and a kick of Dijon mustard added to it. Heavenly is what it was and I can’t describe it any other way. The incredible combination of Dijon and pepper took my taste buds on a wild ride. The fries were great, nothing out of the ordinary good, but the dipping rosemary aioli sauce was phenomenal.

The shared food, the meatballs were an incredible flavor, you could taste the freshness and quality of the meat, but soaking in the caramelized tomato sauce, cheese and side of garlic bread transformed it completely. My absolute favorite pick? The ravioli. An incredible butter flavor, cheesy and the mushroom sauce! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

After our bellies were filled, our server surprised us with a dessert to celebrate my birthday! What a great surprise! And while I was getting very full, I always always have room for dessert. What was brought out was called the bombe, which was a chocolate masterpiece. A hard chocolate shell melted by hot bulleit bourbon caramel over banana and chocolate crumbles. Can you spell perfection? The chocolate was perfect, but the textures of the crunchy chocolate, creamy banana and sweet caramel balanced out to be the perfect dessert. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the meal. And the dessert was on the house no less!

This was probably one of the most fancy and incredible meals I’ve ever eaten in my life. I felt like a princess and all of my food dreams came alive at Maple and Ash. But fairytales do come at a price. The food is in no way cheap, because you do pay for quality food here. So while I do heavily recommend visiting this gem, I also want to caution you that this may be a birthday/anniversary/special occasion type of dining experience. For crying out loud they have a special called, I Don’t Give a F*@k for $145 per person, where every person in your party has to pay the $145. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but for now I’ll take what I can get, and let me assure you I got the most bang for my buck. Check it out for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the final price tag.


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