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8 September 2017 | 5:37 pm

Support Your Local Community

With all the chaos constantly surrounding us in the news, including, but not limited to Trump and national natural disasters, it can be hard to see the good things right in front of us. Don’t lose hope! There are so many beautiful things we can do to enrich, support and grow our local community. Here are just a few things you can be a part of this week to instantly boost your spirits.

  1. Volunteer with Dinners for Humanity

This is an incredible concept that not only allows you to get to know struggling members of the community, but to share a meal with them and break through preconceived notions. Dinners for Humanity hosts weekly “Meals of the Week” events where you can volunteer your time and more importantly lend your compassion. Each volunteer just has to register for the dinner ahead of time to ensure that each guest has a partner. No long-term commitment is required, but volunteers are expected to foot the bill for themselves and their guests generally no more than $30 for each pair. A truly unique way for volunteers to connect with those less fortunate. The next shared meal is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, meeting in the Uptown area. So join this community movement and register at

  1. City Council Approves Rare Friday Night Cubs game

In a rare move the city approved a Friday night game for the Cubs against their division rival the Milwaukee Brewers. Friday night games have long been banned from Wrigley, but an exception was made for the first technically regular season game at Wrigley. The Cubs will be traveling back to Chicago after a Thursday night game in Pittsburgh while the Brewers have Thursday off giving them a resting advantage. City Council approved the move to give the beloved Cubs an equal playing field this week. So catch a rare Friday night game in Wrigley, maybe not as rare as the Cubs winning the World Series, but still pretty cool for a Friday night.

  1. Enjoy the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts

Take a moment to appreciate one of the last street festivals of the season. On Broadway from Belmont to Hawthorne you can celebrate the festival’s 13 years of art, music and food. The Lakeview East Festival of the Arts will also display over 150 juried artists from all mediums including paintings, photography, jewelry, sculpture and more. Many of the artists are local to the area, but some come from all over the country. With so much to see, hear and experience, it’s a sight not to be missed! This lively festival runs from 10 a.m. Saturday, September 9 until 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 10.

With so much to see, do and give back to the community, things are starting to look up. So get out there to experience and enjoy your local community.

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