Top 10 News Stories This Week

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22 September 2017 | 6:41 pm

Top 10 News Stories This Week

1. Earthquake in Mexico
The death toll for the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico seems to be rising. At least 225 people have been killed so far including 21 children and five adults from a primary school in Mexico City. Media reports show at least 209 schools were impacted by the quake and 15 have suffered a significant amount of damage.
2. Hurricane Maria
Hurricane after hurricane rampages across the Atlantic. This time Hurricane Maria leaves all of Puerto Rico without power. The eye of the hurricane has left Puerto Rico, but the Category 3 hurricane is still hitting the island with winds exceeding 74 mph. Maria is expected to flood Puerto Rico with 12 – 18 inches of rain.
3. Trump “Decides” on Iran Deal
This week our beloved president announced that he has “decided” how he will carry out the Iran nuclear deal. A deal that has been in place since the Obama administration and Trump has long criticized as being “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.” Yes, Trump has “decided,” but has teased that his decision will be disclosed at a future date.
4. Sinkhole in Florida
As if hurricanes weren’t enough to worry about, another phenomena that can occur after a hurricane is sinkholes. Although Hurricane Irma can’t be directly responsible for sinkholes, it can’t be ruled out. A large sinkhole eating up most of a home near Orlando and others have been found further south. Sinkholes can be triggered by heavy rainfall and sinkholes have been spotted in Texas following Hurricane Harvey as well.
5. Toys R Us Files Bankruptcy
Toys R Us, the toy superstore filed for bankruptcy this week claiming crippling competition and debt. According to the filing, the company filed a Chapter 11 on Monday after facing online competition and pressures facing the standing brick-and-mortar retailers. Despite the bankruptcy filing, Toys R US said it will be operating “as usual” at its nearly 1,600 stores around the globe.
6. California Suing Trump over Border
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced a lawsuit Wednesday against Trump’s proposal to build a U.S. – Mexico bordered wall. The lawsuit claims the states’ purpose is “to protect the State of California’s residents, natural resources, economic interests, procedural rights, and sovereignty from violations of the United States Constitution.” Aside from the plan being “medieval,” Becerra claims the wall will reduce tourism opportunities from Mexico.
7. Hepatitis A Outbreak in LA County
Los Angeles health officials have announced a hepatitis A outbreak in the LA County area Tuesday, just days after San Diego announced that the virus had killed at least 16 people in the area. Many of the cases reported so far have been homeless or active illegal drug users. In some cases health care workers have been infected. The safest way to prevent an infection is to get vaccinated and make sure to properly wash your hands every time you use the restroom.
8. Senator Dick Durbin Calls Congress to Pass Dream Act
Illinois Senator Dick Durbin asked Congress this week for help to pass the Dream Act for undocumented immigrants. Durbin has been an advocate for the Dream Act since he introduced the bill in 2001. He’s asking Congress to consider the children and those actively pursuing military careers to protect them and enact the Dream Act once again.
9. Vic Mensa Opening for Jay-Z’s “4:44 Tour”
Local rapper Vic Mensa announced this week that he’ll be the opening act for Jay-Z on his “4:44 Tour.” Mensa was signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation in 2015 and has since released his highly-anticipated debut album, “The Autobiography” this year. The “4:44 Tour” will come to Chicago at the United Center in December. Tickets are on sale now.
10. Lana Waithe’s Historic Emmy Win
Chicago’s very own comedian Lana Waithe made an historic Emmy win last week. Waithe became the first African American woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing. Her win was for her contribution to the Netflix series “Master of None” episode, “Thanksgiving.” In the episode Waithe explores her semi-biographical experience with coming out to her family on the South Side of Chicago.

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