Flamin’ hot hip-hop star Chance the Rapper will be plugging some flamin’ hot chips on the Super Bowl — with the Backstreet Boys backing him up.

In a wordless 10-second teaser released Thursday, the Chicago rapper shoves his way to the front of the ’90s pop quintet, leading to a brief snippet of the Backstreet hit “I Want It That Way.”

The 30-second ad will introduce a new flavor — Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho, which the company says offers a combination of hot and spicy with original nacho cheese. The new line of tortilla chips reached store shelves for the first time last week, the company said.

“Chance the Rapper, one of today’s hottest hip-hop stars, and the iconic Backstreet Boys helped us create a Super Bowl ad unlike anything that’s been seen before,” Frito-Lay marketing exec Leslie Vesper told USA Today.