Young Women’s March Rally Chicago 2019

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21 January 2019 | 7:41 pm

Braving bitter cold and 6” of still falling Chicago snow, around 200 demonstrators gathered for a rally and march to coincide with the 2019 Women’s March in Washington DC. With hundreds of companion marches all around the country, the main Chicago chapter of the march decided against an organized event and pledged to return in 2020. 

Young Women’s March Rally Chicago 2019 | Chicago News

That wasn’t good enough for a local college student, 19-year-old Jazmine Marie-Cruz, so she took it upon herself to organize her own march. Gathering together young activists to speak, coordinating with the city and pulling together an organizing team were just a few of the tasks Jazmine took on. 

Bringing a message of diversity and inclusion, the group protested the current administration and called for human rights, healthcare, equality and bodily autonomy. Highlighting the current energy that younger generations are exhibiting, the crowd chanted ‘what does democracy look like? This is what democracy looks like!’ 

Following last year’s school shooting in Parkland, FL, youth activism has been on the rise, as students see their future at risk on a number of issues. Saturday’s rally and march was a continuation of that trend, one that doesn’t seem to be going away under the current administration.

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