No Cubs Fans or Trump Supporters Allowed at New Chicago Speakeasy

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22 January 2019 | 9:41 pm

Apparently you don’t just need to know the password to get into a Prohibition-style speakeasy in Chicago – you also need to know the rules. 

The Hyde, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, is making waves for its controversial new “house rules,” which include no Cubs fans and “no Trump supporters.” 

For those who know the password and can find the Hyde’s unmarked, secret entrance hidden between maintenance closet walls, those are only some of the restrictions to keep in mind. 

“These are the rules of the house making their rounds. There’s no room for negative people in our house,” the Hyde posted to Instagram Monday. “If you don’t understand the industry and are ignorant to the humor in this then do us a favor and hit that unfollow button.”

The rules include no cell phone use inside the lounge, “no shoes, no teeth, no service,” “we are always right,” “TIP,” and “when the barkeep says you’ve had enough, you have!”

Number nine on the list adds, “if you can’t taste the Alcohol, DON’T ORDER EVERYTHING WITH CRANBERRY JUICE.” 

The owner of the bar told the Chicago Sun-Times it won’t really matter which sports team you side with or where your political views stand, as long as you’re not wearing them for all to see. He noted the speakeasy has a dress code – and those who aren’t dressed up won’t gain entrance. 

The venue features candle-lit tables, antique furnishings, brick walls painted with images of 1920s-era Chicago legends, live music and a rotating “eclectic menu.” Guests are encouraged to dress in 1920s-1950s fashion. 

The Hyde is located at 5121 S. Harper Avenue, below 5115 S. Harper Avenue. Guests are told to “look for the red light.”

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