The tiny, pastel-colored hearts with messages like “BE MINE” and “YOU ROCK” typically gifted on Valentine’s Day won’t be on shelves this year.

That’s because New England Confectionery Co., which manufactures SweetHearts, went out of business last year, and abruptly closed its factory in July.

Necco was eventually sold to Spangler Candy Co. — but not in time to produce a full supply of the heart-shaped candy come Valentine’s day, is reporting. Spangler took control of the company in late September 2018. It takes Necco 11 months to produce 8 billion SweetHearts each year, and that full supply is usually sold in the 6 weeks before February 14.

SweetHearts, the most popular Valentine’s Day candy, usually generate over $1.8 billion in sales each year.

But fans of the candy shouldn’t feel too heartbroken: the popular treats will be back on shelves in time for Valentine’s Day 2020, Spangler CEO Kirk Vashaw told

And while SweetHearts made up about 80 percent all conversation hearts sold each year, there are other brands making similar candies.