Aurora Shows Solidarity at State of the City Address

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2019-03-06 00:00:48

Just weeks after the mass shooting at the Henry Pratt plant, the mayor, city officials and citizens united Tuesday night to honor the victims affected.

The police chief said she was not surprised that Aurora has come together—but admitted to being overwhelmed, even more so from support outside of the city.

With a sincere thank you, a packed house of guests were led by the mayor, who thanked Aurora’s   first responders.

“You make me proud, you make us all proud,” Mayor Richard Irvin said.

Irvin’s annual ‘State of the City Address’ was hosted by the chamber of commerce but the program shifted once lives drastically changed on February 15 at the Henry Pratt Company.

Through the devastation, care and the ciaos—came heroism, bravery, philanthropy,” said Aurora chief Management Officer Alex Alexandrou.

The police chief says that her team remains strong. In fact, one officer has returned to work, and it turns out that 20 years ago that same officer responded to a shooting where the victim was the Pratt shooter, Gary Martin.

 “What an incredible turn of events,” said Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

The program ended on a high note with a special tribute song called ‘Shine the Light,’ written in November but applied Tuesday night.

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