Winter returns to Chicago in April:over 1,000 flights canceled,outages statewide

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2019-04-14 19:23:13

After surviving polar vortex in January, the City of the Big Shoulders is facing yet another weather challenge. The morning started with heavy clouds and rain, which soon turned into snow. The highest temperatures reached low 30s that felt like low 20s due to the 90% precipitation and winds up to 40 mph.

Current forecast varies greatly, with the largest amount of snow concentrated around the area north of Interstate 80. A Lakeshore Flood Advisory has been issued for Cook County in Illinois, as well as Lake and Porter counties in NW Indiana. It remains in effect until 9 pm on Sunday.

As of 3:30 pm CST, around 900 flights were canceled at O’Hare International airport, and another 144 were canceled at Midway. The flights that did not have cancelations faced significant delays, of 45-54 minutes on average.

According to the National Weather Service, April 14th, 2019 is the snowiest late-April day since April 19, 1961, when 5.4 inches of snow was recorded. As of 4:30 pm CST, 4.8 inches of snow had fallen at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Due to the weather outbreak, significant outages have been recorded statewide, leaving almost 3,200 homes and businesses without electricity on Sunday.

The highly anticipated event for all baseball fans, game between Chicago’s Cubs and Los Angeles’ Angels has been also postponed due to the extreme weather conditions. As of yet, no makeup date has been announced.

According to the Illinois State Police, officers have already responded to more than 50 crashes on highways throughout the Chicago area during just seven hours on Sunday.

However, despite the outrageous weather conditions, meteorologists say winter is not here to stay. Most of the snow is expected to melt during Monday, as temperatures are to rise up to mid-50s. The warmer weather pattern will continue on Tuesday, when the temperatures are expected to increase up to 61°F.

There have been reports of thundersnow at Midway and also across the south parts of the city, bringing together a snowstorm, thunder and lighting. Due to the severe weather conditions, authorities advise to stay inside and avoid driving. As a lot of roadways accumulate snow, motorists should remain cautious as they travel.

Chicago News will continue to follow further developments, check back for updates at, and share your photos and videos of the snowy Chicago in April!

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