Photo Shows Two Students Holding Promposal Sign With a Racial Slur

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2019-05-15 12:32:12

A photo that showed two students holding up a sign as part of a prom proposal left parents, students and teachers at a Southern California high school in disbelief. 

The sign held by Palos Verdes High School students reads, “You are a racist, but I would give anything for you to go with me to prom.” It includes highlighted letters that spell out a racist slur.

“I’m flabbergasted that we still have to deal with this in this day and age,” a parent told NBC4. “It spelled out the N word.”

The boy and girl appears to be laughing in the photo, which was posted to Twitter and Instagram.  

In a statement, the school’s principal said the students in the photo and their parents have been contacted.

“We have been in touch with the identified students and their families to inform them that we are forming a response and anticipate severe consequences,” principal Allan Tyner said in a statement. “In accordance with our values and expectations for respectful conduct in our district and at PVHS, this sign is unacceptable.”

Tyner said the school is trying to determine whether other students were present at the time the photo was taken. Tyner said he was heartened by responses to the sign on social media from students and their families, many of whom denounced the students’ behavior. 

“I saw the promposal of that, and it didn’t sit well with me,” said junior Joey Quinn. “I know a lot of my friends are nothing like that and I just don’t think it represents our student body at all.”

The principal plans to meet Wednesday with students in each class to discuss the post.

“Racist words and racist acts have no place in our school community,” Tyner said. “We will rise above this, learn from this, and be a better school community because of it.” 

The high school’s prom is scheduled for Saturday.

NBC4’s Jonathan Lloyd contributed to this report.

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