CTU Rejects Contract Offer From Independent Report on CPS

on Aug26
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2019-08-26 10:40:07

A report on Chicago Public Schools by an independent, third-party arbitrator was released to the public Monday, nearly two months after the Chicago Teachers Union’s previous contract ended.

The report included a proposal for a five-year contract that includes a 16% raise, equaling about $351 million, for teachers – an increase from what the district offered in its most recent proposal, CPS said. 

“The average teacher would see their salary rise over 24 percent and a second-year teacher would see their salary rise from a little more than $53K in 2019 to over $72K in the final year of the agreement, which is equivalent to a 35 percent pay raise,” the district said in a statement on the contract proposal, which it accepted and said it would subsequently offer to CTU.

The formal response from CPS and CTU to the report, by labor expert Steven Bierig, who was selected jointly by both entities, is one of a series of legally required steps in the contract negotiation process. If one party rejects the report, “the clock starts ticking on a possible strike,” CTU said, adding that the union cannot strike before 30 days after the report is published on Monday.

You can read the full report here. 

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