Faithful at Chicago Church Say ‘Weeping’ Virgin Mary is Sign of ‘Miracle’

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2019-09-09 23:28:08

Since Sunday, several people of all faiths have flocked to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Chicago’s Northwest Side to see the painting of a ‘weeping’ Virgin Mary. 

The church is about $8 million in debt, in foreclosure and unless a lot of money can be raised quickly, the building will be sold, the pastor, Rev. Nick Jonas told the Chicago Sun Times.

In wake of the financial troubles, church members have called the sudden sight of Mary’s tears a ‘miracle.’

“I believe it’s a symbol, and sign of our faith that the Christian community is being watched over and protected,” said Elena Susan of Irving Park.

One church worker said the ‘tears’ didn’t start streaming down Mary’s face until Sunday.

A parishoner told NBC 5 that he had heard about weeping icons, but had never seen one.

“It’s truly amazing, and you kind of step back and reevaluate your entire attitude about a lot of things,” he said.

Jonas, the pastor, and others from the church have a date with a federal bankruptcy judge on Tuesday.

Jonas told the Sun Times that he hopes the judge will give them just a little more time, since the church has a potential investor.

“We are hopeful that something good will come out of this for the church,” a parishioner said.

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