New poll shows Trump gaining ground among Latino voters

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INGRAHAM: All right. I’m Laura Ingraham and this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from
Washington. Oh, boy, do we have a huge show for you tonight. Mollie
Hemingway, Victor Davis Hanson, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. UFC Fighter
Jorge Masvidal and Raymond Arroyo are here in just a few minutes. We have
hours now before it is just officially Election Day.

But first, with just hours of course until the first polling places open,
President Trump, as you can see – look at him! He is just still working
hard for your vote. In fact, the president still rallying the faithful in
Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a fifth rally to come a little bit later on
tonight. We hope in the show.

The man is an absolute machine. Breakneck schedule, it’s an emblematic of
how he’s been running the country for the last four years. And it reminds
me of why the people elected him in the first place. And it’s paying off.

Now check out the “Real Clear Politics” polling averages in the key swing
states. Trump is ahead in five of them and is within striking distance in
the other three. He sweeps all eight and he wins. Now when the president
left the hospital remember after his COVID diagnosis four weeks ago, all
the experts on the left in the media and Democrat politics said don’t
campaign, it’s too dangerous.

You will be a super-spreader. Told him not to hold rallies but he knew how
this was the most important election of our lifetime and how important his
campaigning was for the psyche of America? He had to be with the people.
They had to see him.

He knew it was important for Americans not to succumb to the media and the
Biden doom and gloom propaganda they’ve been pushing on you since the
beginning of this pandemic. And the president’s fans well what did they do?

His supporters, the voters, they repaid him by turning out in the cold, in
the rain, in the heat, in the wind for rallies and impromptu caravans. This
is all organic. In Arizona, 1500 cars took part in a pro-Trump parade that
stretched for miles and miles.

Conservatives in San Diego put on a huge boat parade, a liberal sea of
Trump supporter’s, tens of thousands turned out last week in Butler,
Pennsylvania. I personally shot this video in overflow crowd in Rochester,
Minnesota, and then check out these crowds last night.

This is in Rome Georgia. Check it out. Then Miami of course, this is the
scene. It was a massive party there and here’s Trump in Traverse City,
Michigan earlier tonight again, huge crowds. That crowd just goes on
forever and ever again, organic. This is an organic movement. It’s a love
for this president.

Meanwhile, the favorite candidate of China, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street
is out ranting on the trail and being propped up by the same out of touch
forces that failed Hillary in 2016.


JOE BIDEN (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: –Lady Gaga. No other nation can touch
us! Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. We choose truth over lies,
constant lies! Donald Trump is not strong, he’s weak! We choose truth over


INGRAHAM: Gosh, he doesn’t seem so confident to me. Now you compare that to
Trump’s final rallying cry, for him it’s about the people even more so than
about Biden.


by the arrogant, corrupt, ruthless and selfless political class? Or do you
want to be governed by the American people themselves? We will never be a
socialist nation. If I don’t always play by the rules of Washington and the
Washington establishment, it’s because I was elected to fight for you, and
I fight harder and harder and harder.


INGRAHAM: And that is true. For months we’ve been told that lightning can
strike twice. But of course the media on the left are missing what’s
happening? The nature of what we are seeing, the crowds, the pop-up
caravans look at it. In both parades, the passion! Both parades, when did
that start?

They are all happening whether the media reports about it or not and
whether the left believes it or not. And whatever happens tomorrow night,
one thing is completely clear, this movement, this America-first movement
is here and it ain’t going anywhere.

Joining me now is Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor at “The Federalist” and
Fox News Contributor also with me, Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution
Senior Fellow. Mollie, truly this has been a tale of two ideologies, two
philosophies and two strategies in his final days. What’s your take away
ahead of tomorrow?

be more different and it’s interesting to see that in these final days.
Donald Trump is up from early in the morning until late at night. He’s all
over the country. He’s very energetic rallies.

He just recovered from COVID, versus Joe Biden, who may be a few days ago
he decided he need to get out a little bit on the trail. He’s barely
leaving home. He’s not in front of crowds. It couldn’t be more different.
In part because the media has done the job of running the Joe Biden
campaign and so they’ve been very active and so they don’t need Joe Biden
to be so active.

But this really does reflect their two different governing strategist,
they’re two different ideas. This is a reflection of how the Trump
Presidency has been, full of energy, full of excitement and growing in
support among his – particularly his Republican voters.

Also with this idea that America can take on its challenges and defeat its
challenges versus Joe Biden’s us approach, which is that we are headed into
a very dark winter, that Coronavirus has us dead to rights and that we have
very dark days ahead.

INGRAHAM: I tweeted out earlier, Victor, that it’s the difference between –
like Trump does that funny dance. What started off as really corny but now
everyone loves it and the crowds that I saw in the Midwest. They would love
doing the little dance.

And it’s fun versus the long, dark, dreary winter that will be lockdowns
and controls and high taxes and demonization and recrimination and payback
and all the stuff we know they’re going to do. It’s so obvious when you’re
watching this play out – look at him! He is still going in Kenosha and
people are having fun in the frigid temperatures.

wants to be a part of that and they sense something historical is happening
and it’s uplifting and it’s can do and we Americans can beat the virus.

We are muscular people, we are out working. We’re going to take calculated
risks, we’re going to get the country back together and it’s against the
elite. The people have a voice after all and I think this started
mysteriously about three weeks or so I think Trump was pretty even.

Suddenly he can’t have a good debate after the first one, he had a great
debate. And then people said there’s going to be all these melodramas every
three days. Bob Woodward, tax returns, and then suddenly they just fizzled
out and they had a big October surprise but it was Hunter Biden.

And then they said well after Oklahoma City is too sick, you will have
COVID post-viral fatigue, he’s done for and then suddenly he comes back as
superman and nobody’s ever seen anything like these rallies. They are
crazy, they are huge.

And then he got back on message and I think the pollsters were just baffled
because the people who were the outliers, Trafalgar, Democracy Institute
Inside Advantage to a lesser extent Rasmussen. They had it right. They were
trying to find his voters and here they are.

In the doctrine or pollsters that were wrong didn’t have an answer for,
they won’t tell us well, we did this to correct from 2016 and now we got it
right because they’re worried. They keep changing every day. And it’s like
2016, Laura, but there’s differences. We’re going to get a much larger–

INGRAHAM: It’s bigger.

HANSEN: –percentage of the minority vote. There’s not a million and a half
students in these colleges that heard like fashion that goes to on-campus
polling and finally, I don’t understand the strategy of the Democrats to
think that they’re going to rely on all – basically all their chips are
going to be on mail-in voting for people, many of whom have never done it
before and yet they scared people with the COVID threat for so much.

I don’t think a lot of people want to go out and vote in the polls – I
don’t understand the strategy at all.

INGRAHAM: Guys, what everyone has to understand tonight – they are scaring
their own people away from voting.

HANSEN: They are.

INGRAHAM: Meanwhile, the Trump people are showing up at rallies and they’re
having their dancing, they’re having a good time and they are like well,
it’s a tragedy, it’s a horrible thing, we are going to try to take
precautions but we want our lives back.

Mollie, I’m telling you, the liberty versus lockdown, I’ve been saying this
since, I don’t know, early May. I think that message has resonated with
people across this country and even if they don’t like everything about
Trump, they want their freedom back. They want their freedom.

HEMMINGWAY: Yes, we have been hearing for months that people actually want
these lockdowns and that the polls show that people really want to have
complete and strict lockdowns and I noticed that a couple days ago Joe
Biden started radically changing his message away from lockdowns and saying
no, no, I’m not moving towards lockdowns if I win.

And I thought OK, finally he’s probably figured out that the America people
actually don’t think – they know enough to know that hasn’t been an
effective strategy and that the best strategies are – you know, this is a
global pandemic, there are ways to handle it and they don’t involve locking
down the entire country and not dealing with all of the unintended
consequences of that.

INGRAHAM: And Victor, James Clyburn was out there speaking about what might
happen to challenge the outcome of the election tomorrow? Listen very
carefully, trying to spin already Biden loss as a result of foul play.


REP. JAMES CLYBURN (D-SC): I suspect that we will find out in 48 hours how
successful these suppression tactics have been? That is the one concern
that I have. But the only way, in my opinion for Joe Biden not to be
successful on Tuesday is for voter suppression to be successful.


INGRAHAM: Voter suppression, Victor, quickly your reaction?

HANSEN: Very quickly, it’s just the opposite of what we heard that when
Trump was supposedly going to lose and he wouldn’t concede and now they
think they may well lose and they don’t want to concede and they are
reaching for straws or reaching for exit Jesus to explain what I think is
facing them and I think they’re really shocked.

Even the – has gone from its assured 99.9 certainty that Trump is going to
lose to maybe we don’t need Pennsylvania after all to wow, if we don’t win
at Pennsylvania, Biden is in trouble. So even their experts that
statisticians are worried.

So something happened and the historians are going to chronicle that period
in October from the second to the present, because I think Trump really
came into his own after COVID and the first debate and really re-corrected
he’s got to win them now.

INGRAHAM: I’m telling you, you get the feeling that there’s a lot of pre-
spin been going on the Democrats side. Mollie and Victor, thank you so
much. And the election could very well come down to how Pennsylvania votes
and the latest polls show President Trump has the momentum there.

Three of the last five statewide polls in the “Real Clear Politics” average
put Trump at one or two points ahead of Biden. Joining me now is Jake
Corman, Pennsylvania State Senate Majority Leader, State Senator Corman to
what do you attribute this late break for Trump in Pennsylvania? Is it
Biden’s opposition to fracking and the oil and gas industry that he tried
to lie about after that last debate?

SEN. JAKE CORMAN (R-PA): Well, I think I probably have something to do with
it. Probably more that Republicans are coming home. I mean, President Trump
was really the first Republican candidate for president since Ronald Reagan
to unite the employers with the workforce, essentially.

Pennsylvania is a blue-collar state, blue-collar worker and even though
some of the organization leaders are for Biden, the workforce is clearly
for Trump and I think all of them coming home are leading to his surge in
the polls.

INGRAHAM: Now Lady Gaga, Senator, is hitting the campaign trail for Biden.
Now this comes after she let rural Americans, you know, understand how
little she really thinks of them. Watch.


LADY GAGA, ACTORESS & SINGER: Hey, this is Lady Gaga. I’m voting for
America, which means I’m voting for Joe Biden. Cheers, the 2020 election.


INGRAHAM: I don’t even understand it. She’s really creative and talented,
but I don’t see how that video worked at all. Is that a smart move to send,
you know, a liberal elite who opposes fracking to campaign in Western PA?
Is that smart?

CORMAN: No, it’s not. And you’ve seen the excitement for President Trump,
Butler County; I think they have 57,000 thousand people. That’s just North
of Pittsburgh, but even in the Philly suburbs, huge crowds, tens of
thousands of people in Bucks County and Redding up in Scranton in the
Northeast so all over the state you’re seeing tremendous enthusiasm for the
president as they command in – to see how he is doing this final push.

INGRAHAM: And the AG of your state tweeted out on Halloween kind of a
trick, Senator. If all the votes are added up in P.A., Trump is going to
lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as
possible from this process. State Senator, if your state is in dispute,
shouldn’t this disqualify your state AG from being involved? Shouldn’t that
mean recusal?

CORMAN: Well, the Attorney General is a candidate too this year, so he
should be recused just from that perspective alone. But clearly he is now
everything to help Joe Biden which is his right as a Democrat, but you
know, a good defense is a good offense.

They’ve been claiming all sorts of voting fraud – the Governor of the state
has weaponized the Department of State to do everything they can in the
power to advantage the Democrats in this process going outside the law,
going into the courts for a very friendly Pennsylvania Supreme Court for
them has changed the laws the legislated from the bench. They are doing
everything they possibly can while at the same time trying to complain
above the Trump Campaign.

INGRAHAM: Well, they’ve changed the rules since this whole campaign began,
correct multiple times?

CORMAN: No question. I mean, we passed a law and this Governor signed last
October saying Election Day ends at 8:00 pm on Tuesday.

INGRAHAM: That’s it.

CORMAN: And they went to the courts and the courts gave them extra days
outside the statue. So you know they’ve done everything they can to
undermine the rule of law to advantage them and this process while at the
same time complaining about Trump Campaign.

INGRAHAM: State Senator, thank you so much for joining us your state very
important, key in fact for tomorrow night. There is President Trump
wrapping up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, can we listen in for a moment? Here we

Now there’s the dance. It’s a massive crowd in Kenosha. It’s really cold
there. And there are plenty of people have been standing there for hours.
And he’s on his way to his final stop. Going back to where he finished it
out in 2016 back in Michigan, so he’s going to be heading back to Michigan
for one more stop tonight after a grueling 96 hour schedule.

Since I was on the trail with him on Friday and we are going to move on now
because we have other important information to get to you. You’re not going
to see this anywhere else. Really interesting four years ago, Swiss
researchers boldly predicted that Trump would win against all these other
experts in the field of polling and now those same analysts in Switzerland
say that Trump is poised for another victory.

Of course, flies in the face of most of the polls, we get it but that’s
because these Swiss research teams are relying on completely different
metrics. One team is basing its election forecast on online search
frequency. The other team’s key metric is based on a candidate’s charisma,
which you just saw from Trump at that rally.

Here now is one of the lead researchers, John Antonakis, Organizational
Behavior Professor at the University of Lausanne. Now John, thank you for
rising up so early for us here in the United States. What is the issue with
modern polling in your eyes? Why does it miss some key – key factors in a
race such as this?

very low probability that a person answers the phone and if they do answer
the phone, there’s a high likelihood that that is correlated with party
allegiance, so that’s one problem.

The second one is will they tell you the truth? The third one is will they
go to the polls? So if a pollster under samples one of the other sides;
there’s going to be a huge systematic bias in this bias may be correlated
also across states that are similar.

INGRAHAM: We are seeing this play out on the screen right now, Professor.
This is, you know, pretty freezing evening in Wisconsin. The president is
now on his fourth rally, just wrapped that, going to his fifth and we are
not even able to capture the full scope of the crowd, but there are
thousands and thousands and thousands of people in little Kenosha,

Well, I think 100,000 people in the entire city of Kenosha, but this has
been happening all over these so-called swing states, most of the broadcast
media here in the United States aren’t covering them.

I think they think that not covering it is going to make it go away. But
it’s happening whether they cover it or not. In the polling here is not
picking up this energy and charisma that I think you just referenced.

ANTONAKIS: Yes. And in our methods we don’t really care about the polls, we
look at historical trends and we notice that history will repeat itself,
given certain socioeconomic conditions, given certain charisma difference
between the two candidates.

Our model makes a prediction and this time it seems like again the fact
that Trump is an incumbent, the economy has been doing very well in the
last quarter, reasonably well over the last four terms not so good this
year but the fact too is that he’s much more charismatic than Biden and it
is fact that may galvanize people to go to the polls.

It may get people to perhaps switch a vote towards him if they were
somewhere in the middle. So our models are completely using different
metrics then do polls.

INGRAHAM: I’m curious after this is all over what you might think of how
the lockdowns, the looming lockdowns that you’re seeing all over Europe now
and many people think are coming next year under Biden here, how that would
have played out? But I’m looking forward to seeing what you might think
about that? We will check back with you. Professor, thank you again for
getting up so early. We really appreciate it.

And one of our biggest prizes tomorrow night of course, will be the State
of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis is here and just moments on where things
stand there in the UFC Fighter, Miami native Jorge Masvidal will tell us
why the Latino vote is exploding for Trump in the sunshine state?

Last night Miami was insane. If you missed that, we will show you some of
it. You don’t want to miss it, up next.


INGRAHAM: One state Trump must win to secure his reelection path is Florida
and the “Real Clear Politics” average currently has Biden up by 1.7 points
in the state and Democrats have a slight lead in early voting. But is that
margin really big enough to withstand the title wave of votes Trump is
expected to get tomorrow on Election Day?

Joining me now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Governor, wonderful to see
you tonight big day for your state tomorrow as always every four years it
seems to be. What you expect G.O.P. turnout to look like tomorrow?

GOV. RON DESANTIS, FLORIDA: Well, Laura, as you mentioned, Republican
ballots are a little bit below Democrat for early and mail-in voting but we
expected that. We are actually down less. We were down 1.4 percent in ’16
going against Hillary. I think we are about 1.1 percent behind.

So we are actually in a better position, and I think we are set for a
decisive Election Day victory because partially Democrats don’t want to
vote in person, they are doing the mail. And then Republicans, we have over
200,000 super voters more than the Democrats who haven’t voted, so we know
a lot of these people are going to be voting tomorrow and so we are looking
at two or three to one advantage in Election Day potentially.

So I think that’s going to put Donald Trump over the top. Last night I was
with the president at the Miami rally, I think it was one of the mornings
and you had electricity in the air.

INGRAHAM: We are showing pictures of it now. We’re showing it now on the
screen. It was unbelievable.

DESANTIS: And that’s a county that he got clobbered in and ’16. He lost by
30 points, he still won the state, which is amazing. Well now the turnout
we are getting and the energy and enthusiasm and particularly the Latino
community, he’s going to do very well.

We are not going to win Dade County, but I think he can cut the margin by a
third or half. That could be 100,000 votes right there, so I think going
into Election Day tomorrow, Donald Trump is in a stronger position than he
was in ’16 and obviously we know he carried the State of Florida in 2016.

INGRAHAM: Now where the polls close their? At least right now, stories that
I’m about to tell you are seriously concerning. Investigators in Florida,
Governor, reported a scheme to register dozens of dead people to vote in
Broward County, which just happens to be of course Democrat strong hold,
second most populous county in the state.

And Broward Election Supervisor Pete Antonacci saying this is an organized
effort by someone who had a scheme to either undermine the Florida
registration system with fake voters or intended to vote 50 times. Now this
was foiled before fraudulent votes were cast, but should voters be
concerned given some of these other stories we are hearing?

DESANTIS: Well, I would say two things. One, just generally, law
enforcement in Florida spoiled the number of improprieties, so people
should know if they tried that, they will get caught and prosecuted.
Second, with respect to Broward and Palm Beach one of the first things I
did when I took office in 2019 was except Brenda Snipes’ resignation.

He was the Supervisor in Broward I also removed the Palm Beach County
Supervisor because they had not run the elections properly. So we had new
individuals in those positions and so far those counties have run well this
year in both the presidential primary and the general primary.

So I think that people in Florida should have confidence that those two
counties are going to perform better than they have in the past and I think
that’s just important. People don’t want to see kind of the same mistakes
be repeated every single year in the same counties.

INGRAHAM: I want to play something that from an interview that Dr. Anthony
Fauci did on the Melbourne, Australia, coming out of their 111 day
lockdown. Now listen closely, Governor, because I think he is a big fan of
states having their own say, like Florida. Watch.


DISEASES: States, by this process called federalism, have the ability to do
things independently even though we have a central government. When you’re
dealing with a pandemic and you say we want everybody to do, A, B, and C,
and all of a sudden state number 43 does this and state number 27 does
that, it becomes very difficult.


INGRAHAM: Governor, they were calling your state out along with Arizona and
Texas and Georgia early on for opening. What do you say to that?

GOV. RON DESANTIS, (R-FL):  It’s interesting, Laura, we actually have
people that will move from L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, to Florida because
we are open, schools are open, and they’re not open in those areas. And so
people have been voting with their feet, and people have wanted to come to
a state that’s open for business, where people can work, and where kids can
go to school.

All 67 Florida counties are open for in-person instruction, K-12, all
charter schools, all private schools. You have some of these other big
school districts across the country, they have zero in-person instruction
in some of these places. That is catastrophic for young people.

And some of these public health, quote, experts have shown very little
regard for the well-being of our children throughout all of this, and I
think that that’s going to be looked upon very negatively when people look
back on what some people could have done had they exercised a little bit
more leadership.

INGRAHAM:  Governor, you’ve handled this pandemic against a lot of
pressure, you’ve delivered for the people of your state. Thank you so much
for joining us tonight. And we enjoyed watching the rally last night.

And the key to winning Florida for Trump is getting out more of the Latino
vote. We all know that. And when it comes to that, Trump has a real fighter
on his side.


greatest fighters anywhere in the world, Jorge Masvidal. Champ, he’s a
champ. He’s got that heart. He’s got that heart. Thank you, man. We need
more people like him, I can tell you.


INGRAHAM:  And joining me now is UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal. Jorge,
wonderful to see you.


INGRAHAM:  We’ve been seeing a lot that Trump is doing better among
Hispanics. So are you seeing that on the ground? Is it actually true?

MASVIDAL:  It’s a red wave here. It’s getting hotter and hotter. The red
wave is a real thing. People waited four hours yesterday for a rally, and
about 25,000 live individuals were there. If that doesn’t tell you
something, I don’t know what I could tell you.

INGRAHAM:  All I know, Jorge, is I kept saying today, if I had to pick one
rally to go to, the one in Miami would be the most fun, because everybody’s
dancing and there’s music, and everyone around the country is like, wait,
they want me to be miserable, but people actually seem to be having fun.
And the fun factor people have to not ignore, I think.

MASVIDAL:  No, we had a great time. As you said, the live music was
playing, water bottles were being handed out because people were sweating,
dancing, waiting for our president to come and just give some words of
wisdom and some encouragement. And it was a ball. And from the beginning to
the end, great speakers, I had a blast. One of my favorite rallies.

INGRAHAM:  Jorge, here’s what “Yahoo! Sports” headline today said, “Why are
so many ex-athletes risking their legacies by endorsing Donald Trump this
late in the election?” I know you are still fighting, but do you think
you’re risking your legacy by endorsing Donald Trump?

MASVIDAL:  Oh, definitely. We see it everywhere. They tried to cancel my
Goya beans that I love to eat, that I’ve been eating since a kid, that
feeds millions of Latin people. And they just give charity events for when
the hurricanes came through Puerto Rico, they sent tons of food over there,
and places like Venezuela. And we tried to cancel culture them because they
had a business meeting with Trump.

So obviously, I stand to lose a lot, but I’m not going to be intimidated by
no mob or by no individual. I’m not the type of person you can take
something from me. It’s better we talk it out. So I don’t care what I stand
to lose. I’m speaking from my heart. I’m speaking for those that can’t
speak, like my father, like my aunt that escaped communist Cuba. I have to
be a mouthpiece for them.

I’m definitely not getting more followers or friends or stuff like that
because I’m endorsing the president. It’s quite the opposite, but I don’t
care. I honestly don’t care.

INGRAHAM:  Jorge, I don’t know where — where are you, by the way? Where is

MASVIDAL:  I’m at Sugar Factory. I came to have a milkshake, kind of like
an early celebration for tomorrow.


INGRAHAM:  OK, again, everybody has fun down in Florida, or wherever you
are. Are you in Florida?

MASVIDAL:  I’m in Florida.

INGRAHAM:  Of course, where all the fun is. Jorge, thanks so much. Great to
see you tonight.

And coming up, Biden’s decency plays, well, rings hollow, I think, while
Trump’s support from Latinos in Florida was on full display last night, as
we just talked about. Raymond Arroyo, explains it all, “Seen and Unseen,”


INGRAHAM:  For Biden’s latest moves in the constituencies he’s actually
targeting, “Seen and Unseen” joins us now. With all the details, Raymond
Arroyo, FOX News contributor, author of the fabulous “New York Times”
bestseller, “The Spider who Saved Christmas.”

Raymond, Hispanics are poised to play a big role. We just heard from the
famous UFC fighter down in that Miami bar. And Arizona, Nevada, Florida, so
what did you find when you were on the trail?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Laura, and Florida, a new Telemundo
poll has Trump at 43 percent and Biden at 48 percent among Hispanics.
Remember, Hillary got 62 percent of that vote in 2016. So I asked Latino
voters this week in Tampa, why are they swinging towards Trump? Here’s what
they said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Mostly Latinos, probably here Tampa Bay and Florida,
have been through the Castro regime, Venezuela, and they see what’s going
on. And they don’t want the same for the country. Like I said, the Democrat
party is too far away to the left, and their ideas on abortion and on the
economy seems like it’s just not going to work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Why do I think it’s closer? I think that Latinos and
African-Americans and all voters, bottom line, they vote their pocketbook
just like every other voter. And their pocketbook says Trump.


INGRAHAM:  No “Despacito” there, Laura. Latinos and African-American men
are shifting. They like Trump’s strength, they like his leadership, and if
he wins this election, it will be in part because of those two groups. They
are going to be decisive in these races.

INGRAHAM:  Raymond, I’m telling you, everyone wants to try to start having
fun again, OK? They also see Trump, the fun factor — life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness. OK?

ARROYO:  Happiness.

INGRAHAM:  Happiness, we have overlooked that part of this. I’m telling
you, people are missing the story.

ARROYO:  And we always talk about on this segment the cultural, unspoken
things that draw people’s attention, and that’s exactly what we saw. If you
want to see a sign of why Trump is attracting Latinos, look no further than
that Miami rally last night. Tens of thousands jammed to this.



time. I hope the music was good, I hope life is good, everything is good.
That’s a good-looking crowd.


ARROYO:  Meanwhile, Biden had about eight cars in a Cleveland warehouse
today, Laura. The president knows how to hold a crowd, and he ends each
rally with that customary dance he does that has now become a TikTok meme
for the kids. And it’s amazing what’s happening, but you’re right, the fun
factor shouldn’t be overlooked.

INGRAHAM:  And Raymond, what about the African-American vote?

ARROYO:  Well, the Biden campaign is worried, Laura. Support is soft among
African-American men in some key polls. The early voting did not go as they
wanted in some places. This was Biden yesterday in Pennsylvania, pulling a
page from that well-worn manual how old white politicians can attract black


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  It reminds me of that gospel hymn. I
don’t feel no ways tired. I’ve come too far from where I started from.

tired. I come too far from where I started from.


INGRAHAM:  Laura, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, and the
outcomes. This time next year Joe Biden might be releasing his new memoir,
“What Happened, Again.”


INGRAHAM:  Raymond, the man can’t stop plagiarizing other people’s shtick,
lines, speeches. I thought you were joking. Raymond told me that he had
done this.


INGRAHAM:  I thought you were literally joking to me. I had not seen that
until you just played that.

ARROYO:  Following the playbook. Didn’t work last time, maybe it will work
this time. We’ll see.

INGRAHAM:  Everyone has to understand this. It’s All Souls’ Day today,
first of all. And Biden also making this heavily edited Catholic pitch to
swing voters in the rust belt.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  I have the great advantage of my
faith, Catholic social doctrine, and my political views that coincide. The
values of honesty, decency, treating people with respect.


ARROYO:  Treating people with respect. Keep that in mind as you watch this.



The first step to beating the virus is beating Donald Trump. This isn’t a
political statement like those ugly folks over there, beeping the horns.

He is a racist.

I’m serious, man. This guy is a disgrace.


ARROYO:  Laura, this whole battle for the soul of the nation, battle for
America’s soul, you see that behind Biden everywhere he appears, this comes
from our pal Jon Meacham, who wrote a book called “The Soul of America” a
few years ago. And it’s all about this nebulous idea of feelings rather
than actual policies that advance religious liberty, protection of the
unborn. That’s the soul of the nation, not this feel-good thing that Biden
is pushing. I don’t know if this resonates, but this is of the core of his

INGRAHAM:  We have to remind people is he said to beat the virus, we have
to beat Trump, because he’s the virus. That’s what he said, Donald Trump is
the virus. I guess that’s part of the social doctrine of decency in the
Catholic Church. Got it.

Before we go, here are a few moments for Biden on the trail today that you
might have missed. Again, note the tone.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  What about his broken promise to
protect pensions for workers, especially multiple employer pensions. Look,
Donald — Donald Trump doesn’t understand health care.

We lead by the example of our power, not just by the power of our example.

As we get this homestretch, you find yourself going home. At least I found
myself going home. This is like home. And folks, the fact is that, as I
said, we are heading to a homestretch.


ARROYO:  He may be going to a home, Laura, not the one he intended.

But I’m going to leave it with this. We talked about this many weeks ago.
For years we’ve been told love trumps hate. But the Democrats have inverted
that this year. And they are betting that Trump hate beats love of Trump.
We will see if that pays dividends tomorrow at the ballot box.

INGRAHAM:  I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Raymond, great to see you
tonight. Thank you so much.

And President Trump is making his way to the final rally of 2020, Grand
Rapids, Michigan. Vice President Pence has taken the stage. Let’s take a
peek. This is the final rally.

MIKE PENCE, U.S. VICE PRESIDENT:  — 7 million good paying jobs, including
112,000 jobs right here in the Great Lakes state.


PENCE:  Unemployment reached a 50-year low, and wages were rising across
the board in those first three years, and they were rising most rapidly for
hardworking blue-collar Americans. The forgotten men and women of America
were forgotten no more.

You know, when Joe Biden was vice president, America actually lost 200,000
manufacturing jobs. I come from just south of here in Indiana, just like
Michigan. We do two things well out this way, don’t we? We make things and
we grow things, right?


PENCE:  The last president actually said — the last president actually
said after losing 200,000 manufacturing jobs, he said they’re never coming
back. Remember, he said what magic wand do you have?


PENCE:  Well, we didn’t need a magic wand. Which is needed president Donald
Trump in the White House — 500,000 manufacturing jobs in just three years!


PENCE:  So manufacturing came roaring back. And when it comes to trade, so
important here in Michigan, what we make and what we grow, we sell to the
world. Joe Biden has been a cheerleader of communist China all along the


PENCE:  While they took advantage of the United States, put barriers to
their markets while we put in on two hours. And closer to home when it came
to our trading relationship with Canada and Mexico, Joe Biden liked to
complain a lot about NAFTA, but he never lifted a finger to fix what was
wrong with it when we saw thousands of factories close and jobs shipped
south of the border.

And under President Donald Trump, we put China on notice. We said the era
of economic surrender is over. We stood strong, imposed tariffs, and NAFTA
is now gone and the USMCA is here to stay!


PENCE:  And it’s something you ought to know about Joe Biden’s running mate
as well. I had a little debate with Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City a
couple weeks ago.


PENCE:  Thank you. Some people think we did all right. So — 


PENCE:  Thank you.

But you all deserve to know in this hardworking state of Michigan, despite
the fact the USMCA was a huge win for Michigan, right, Bill? Kamala Harris
was one of only 10 senators to vote against the USMCA.


PENCE:  Kamala Harris said the USMCA didn’t go far enough on climate
change. She put her radical environmental agenda ahead of Michigan jobs and
Michigan workers. It’s no wonder she was listed as the most liberal member
of the United States Senate last year.


PENCE:  But when it comes to trade, or anything else, for that matter, I
promise you, President Donald Trump will always put American jobs and
American workers first!


PENCE:  And on energy, Joe Biden wants to crush American energy under a $2
trillion Green New Deal that would raise the cost of electricity for every
home and business in America. It’s true. The president had to remind him he
was for it in that first presidential debate. But he is. Right? And Kamala
Harris, she was like the original cosponsor in the Senate of the Green New

The truth is, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to abolish fossil fuels, end
fracking, destroying hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs. They said
it over the last year over and over again. But now, right, Joe Biden shows
up in Pittsburgh, I wasn’t far from there today, and he’s trying to
convince people that he’s not for banning fracking. He actually said that
our president was lying about it. It came up in the presidential debate —

INGRAHAM:  And Mike Pence delivering an important message to the people of
Michigan tonight, one I think that’s going to resonate with voters in the
upper Midwest, hitting trade, China’s abuses, manufacturing, bringing it
all back here. Good paying jobs in this country, not selling out fossil
fuels, keeping energy going, all forms of energy, it’s all fine.

But President Trump still on his way to the rally. We are of course going
to cover that when he hits the stage.

My friends, tomorrow, the American people will decide who will sit in the
White House next year. But the radical left is trying to intimidate Trump
supporters, like David Tootle. He’s an African-American resident of
historic Savannah, Georgia. After the last presidential debate, the Trump
flag hung outside his home. Well, of course, it was set on fire by
radicals. When he bought another, that too was set ablaze. Meanwhile, the
Biden-Harris signs in his neighborhood have all been left standing.

David Tootle joins me now. David, it’s great to see you tonight. You told
us that you have actually bought a third Trump flag. That’s dedication. So
they are not going to silence who, are they? Why?

having me on. Yes, we’re teaching our kids right now that you can’t be
intimidated in this cancel culture. And Jorge was on earlier talking about
it. I refuse to be intimidated. I’m not going to let them — I’m not going
to let them win. So we’ve got about five flags. I’ve got two of them
hanging over my house right now, and they are going to stay up there

INGRAHAM:  And any comments from your neighbors? Do they actually come up
to and say, look, you’re an African-American guy, how can you be for Trump?
Are they pulling that routine on you, David?

TOOTLE:  How dare you do that, be a black guy and vote for Trump, right? I
actually had a neighbor come up to me the other day. She was standing next
to her Biden flag, or Biden street sign, and she said, wow, you’re really
showing your political views here. I was like yes, just like you are.

INGRAHAM:  Yes, so, what, you got a problem with that? But I think, David,
a lot of young people — I had a chance to talk to a lot — hundreds and
hundreds of people, thousands I’ve been able to meet over the last couple
of weeks. And young people in school, David, are afraid oftentimes to speak
out about issues and certainly supporting this president. They’re afraid.

TOOTLE:  Yes, you’ve seen over the last couple of years kids out on uniform
days, or even posts with kids wearing the Trump shirts or hats, it’s
honestly sad. But this president, we’ve got a choice to make tomorrow. This
president has got to win. If we don’t, there are going to be more of those,
and unfortunately cancel culture, they’re out. They’re not going anywhere.
And I think this is a fight, this is a battle we have to win.

INGRAHAM:  And David, to African-Americans across this country who have
been told that Donald Trump is a racist, he doesn’t like minorities, he’s
not good to you — what do you say to them?

TOOTLE:  Well, I say look at the unemployment rate. Look at the platinum
plan, Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent, all the rappers that love Trump and hated him.
Now they’re coming back on the side. They see the way the country is going,
and I feel like, it’s an easy choice to make. Look at prison reform as
well. That’s another —

INGRAHAM:  David, we get your point, I think. Thank you so much. Fly that
flag. My final message to America on the eve of election, up next.


INGRAHAM:  Tomorrow is going to tell us a lot about the future of America,
because for 10 years our populist movement has sought to empower the
average American of all people, races, genders across every state. And
we’ve completely reformed the Republican Party. We took away control from
big business and the warmongers, and organized the party around the
principles of peace, prosperity, and protecting our unalienable rights.

And tomorrow is our day. Tomorrow. The polls don’t matter. The media
doesn’t matter. Tomorrow, we vote. We’ve already come so far. One more
victory. And we can preserve this country in ways that’s going to benefit
our children, our grandchildren for many, many years to come.

It’s all the time we have tonight. Catch me tomorrow night as I’ll be
appearing throughout the night during Fox’s election coverage. Shannon
Bream and the “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” team take it all from here.

Shannon, I owe you 20 seconds.

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