Supreme Court blocks Cuomo’s limits on houses of worship

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MARK STEYN, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON
TONIGHT. I’m Mark Steyn. Tucker is out for a court ordered recount of his
turkey giblets.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. One thing Americans should not be
thankful for, however, is the various election systems that afflict the
nation, about which regardless of whoever you think won the presidency, too
much is now known.

If Georgia runs the January Senate runoff the same way it ran this month’s
general election, in defiance of its own rules and with obvious codswallop
like a supposed burst water pipe shutting down the count, if they do it
that way next time, then the Democrats will win both seats, take control of
the Senate.

And if that happens, and like the mythical pipe burst of Fulton County, at
play, salad deluge, a transformative deluge from a Senate that will sweep
away institutional obstacles and stack the odds against any meaningful
alternative to the Democratic Party for years to come.

Direct from his Thanksgiving dinner with a maximum of nine persons from no
more than two households, here is Chuck Schumer.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): Now, we take Georgia and we change the world.

QUESTION: I’m sorry, can you repeat that, Mr. Schumer?

SCHUMER: Now, we take Georgia, then we change America.


STEYN: When a guy spells out what he is going to do to you, don’t act
surprised when he does it to you good and hard.

President Trump has now joined the fight in Georgia. He and these two
senators were both on the receiving end to one degree or another of an
election racket whose flaws the state has already admitted to.

Just eight weeks ago, this rather curious supposedly Republican Secretary
of State announced that at least 1,000 people had voted twice in the
primary. And that this was a serious intentional fraud upon the people of
Georgia, quote: “Those that make the choice to game the system are breaking
the law. And as Secretary of State, I will not tolerate it.” Oh, he sounded
so Butch way back when in September, but he seems to be a lot more tolerant
of it just two months later.

So the President will be holding rallies in Georgia to help these senators
over the finish line, regardless of how many double voters turn up or
whatever torrent of burst sewer lines closes down the counting centers from
Atlanta to the sea. This is the new Georgia were told, it’s no longer a
reliable red state. It’s all purple now. It’s all swing state-y now, where
a moderate Democrat can run to the center and unseat a Republican.

So how centrist, how moderate is Kelly Loeffler’s Democrat opponent. He is
this moderate. He’s anti-gun. He is anti-cop. He is anti-Trump, and more
than that, he is anti-old you enablers of Trump.


that a man who has dominated the news and poisoned the discussion for
months needs to repent, then it is doubly true that a nation that can
produce such a man and make his vitriol go viral needs to repent.

No matter what happens next month, more than a third of the nation that
would go along with this is reason to be afraid. America needs to repent
for its worship of whiteness.


CARLSON: Aha. Does that sound like a viable swing state moderate to you?
The Susan Collins of Georgia? Or does that sound like a crazy radical the
Georgia Democrats are going to need the Shenanigan Express going full
throttle down the track, to drag to victory.

Half the G.O.P. are in indecent haste to move on to the so-called post-
Trump Republican Party. And I can understand why that’s deeply demoralizing
to the 80 percent of the President’s voters who think the election was

I’m just a simple Canadian used to primitive systems of paper ballots,
whose votes are counted where they are cast, as opposed to being driven
around in unmarked vans half the night hither and yon.

And I confess I don’t understand those Republicans saying, well, yes, but
it wouldn’t be enough to change the result, as if there’s a
constitutionally acceptable figure for the number of civil war veterans
permitted to vote.

What I do know is that this talk is very dispiriting to G.O.P. voters and
that suits the Democrats just fine because if they can get enough
Republicans to stay home in Georgia, they might not even need to pull the
old Fulton County overflowing toilet next to the ballot box routine.

Georgia Republicans need a record turnout in January to put Perdue and
Loeffler beyond the margin of error, beyond the margin of lawyer, and
beyond the margin of sewer.

You know who’d be within his rights to shrug his shoulders and walk away?
President Trump. Instead, he is heading south because he knows what will
follow if Georgia goes down.

Do you like that U.S. Supreme Court Thanksgiving decision striking down a
decree from commissar Andrew Cuomo’s Department of Religious
Micromanagement that says you can have no more than 10 people in a 700-seat
church? It was a narrow five four decision because Chief Justice John
Roberts joined the lefty judges’ opposition.

The rock-ribbed Bush appointee apparently agrees for the moment that state
officials should have the power to deem a church less, quote, “essential”
than a bicycle repair shop for months, and if necessary, years’ on end. The
losing party defendant Cuomo has dismissed the ruling as quote,
“irrelevant” and blamed it on the courts infusion of politicize Trump

The Democrats don’t mind politicized courts, as long as they’re politicized
in the right direction. A third of this bench was appointed by Trump. They
don’t like that and they’re not going to put up with it and they’ll add new
judges to the court to ensure Andrew Cuomo need no longer be irritated by
passing restraints on state power.

Aside from court packing, they are also game for Electoral College packing.
If they win those Senate seats, they will be adding new states. First,
Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia that hey, why stop there? American
troops have been running around Helmand Province in Afghanistan and the
Sunni triangle in Iraq for 20 years now.

How about Hillary’s liberated Libya? Its polling places work better than
Wayne County, let’s make them states; or incendiary Afghan goat herds not
yet sufficiently reliable Democratic voters.

And then there’s the easiest fix of all: abolishing the filibuster, so that
the so-called world’s greatest deliberative body no longer needs to
deliberate its weight of 60 votes, 51 will put them over the top and they
enable them to put tens of millions of people living in the country
illegally on the express check-in for U.S. citizenship and democratic

A couple of new states, a handful of new Supreme Court justices, millions
of new voters. Now, if you’re an existing Democrat voter, you may be
wondering, none of these things seem to have anything to do with
healthcare, or the economy or any public policy that affects my life one

And you’re right. We hear all this nonsense about how maybe Amy Klobuchar
doesn’t agree with AOC, about the green New Deal, or mandatory non-binary
pronouns for the last three binary Americans. But one thing all Democrats
are in complete agreement on is new levers of democratic power, because
unlike the Republicans, the Democrats are serious about power. And when
they get it, their priority is to get more of it and keep it.

California is a one-party state, New York is a one party state,
Massachusetts is a one party state, but there’s a lot of states out there
and these guys are in a hurry. And maybe with two Senate seats, they can
just get it done nationally, once and for all.

That’s what’s at stake in Georgia.

Joining us now is the CEO of American Majority, Ned Ryun, and the author of
a book called “Restoring Our Republic” and Ned, if this Georgia thing goes
the wrong way, restoring the Republic is maybe going to take a couple of
generations or longer.

leading by example in going down there on Saturday to do rallies and
whether people like it or not, barring a miracle in the presidential, you
know, cocaine, Mitch on the G.O.P. Senate is the only thing standing
between us and a political cataclysm.

And I’ll remind the base of which I am one, the last time we really tried
to punish the establishment, we ended up powerless at being able to stop
Obamacare being rammed through, so there’s a season for everything, and now
is not the season to punish the establishment. It’s not a time to be

But we can be honest about it, Mark. Will a G.O.P. Senate Majority
disappoint us? Of course, it will. You can bank on it? But will they stop
70 to 80 percent of the madness? Absolutely.

As you were pointing out, they’ll stop the legislative filibuster from
being removed. They’re going to stop the Supreme Court from being packed.
They’re not going to give statehood to D.C. or Puerto Rico. Are they going
to disappoint us on immigration? Yes, but I would remind any senator on the
ballot in 2022 to think very hard before you do anything stupid on

In the meantime, it’s all hands-on deck in Georgia. America is at sea. We
have until December 7th to continue doing voter registration, you can be
doing door knocks, phone calls, peer to peer texting. You have to hold the
line in Georgia on January 5th to give us a chance at some semblance of
sanity for the next two years.

STEYN: Let me ask you this, Ned. Apparently, there’s already been, I think,
700,000, three quarters of a million mail-in ballots. What’s the stop this
going like the last election night where the Republicans were ahead when
everyone goes to bed, and then at 4:30 in the morning, oh, we start getting
these mysterious deliveries and suddenly the Republican lead vanishes?

RYUN: Well, I would remind people, it’s very hard to un-bake once all the
votes are counted, stop the voting in the middle of it and make sure all
these votes are valid. I mean, that’s one of the things that could have
been done in Pennsylvania a couple of days after the election when Trump
was still up by a couple hundred thousand votes. Hit a stop on that voting
and actually prove the validity of these votes.

In the meantime, that’s the first step. But Mark, the next four years is
all about election integrity. If Republicans don’t actually make that a
priority between now and 2022, and 2024, they are complete and utter fools.

STEYN: Oh, yes.

RYUN: So I would tell the base, do not be discouraged. Go vote in Georgia.
And trust me, in the 2022 primaries, you can punish the establishment to
your heart’s content, and I’ll be right there alongside you.

STEYN: Preach it, Brother Ned on that election integrity. There’s no point
talking about healthcare or foreign policy if the guys in the government
shouldn’t be in the government because they weren’t elected legitimately.

RYUN: That’s right.

STEYN: Thank you, Ned. If you are an identity politics enthusiast, this
year’s election has yielded the conundrum of a lifetime. How did a supposed
white supremacist President managed to completely decimate his opponent
among Hispanics and Latinos all over the country?

On Wednesday, a prominent celebrity Netflix producer by the name of Barack
Obama offered a theory according. To this Netflix honcho, Obama, all those
Hispanics are just too dumb to realize that Donald Trump is a racist who
stereotypes people.


evangelical Hispanics, who, you know, the fact that Trump says racist
things about Mexicans or puts detainees, you know, undocumented workers in
cages, they think that’s less important than the fact that, you know, he
supports their views on gay marriage or abortion.


STEYN: So there you have it, according to Barack Obama, Hispanics are just
bitter clingers as bitter and clingy as white men, but instead of guns and
religions, it is instead gay marriage and abortion policies.

Everyone else who disagrees with Barack Obama is some kind of a bit of
clinger and if you start to get the sense that this guy is obsessed with
race and identity and wants to use it for political purposes, shut up.
According to Barack Obama, that’s something only a bitter white male would


OBAMA: That story that they’re hearing from FOX News and Rush Limbaugh and,
you know, in some cases inside their churches, you’ve seen created in
Republican politics. This sense that white males are victims, like they’re
the ones who are like under attack, which obviously doesn’t jibe with both
history and data and economics.

But that’s a sincere belief. You know, that’s been internalized. That’s a
story that’s being told.


STEYN: So it’s FOX News and Rush’s fault. When will Barack Obama admit the
possibility that some of these 73 million Americans can think for

Deroy Murdock is a contributing editor at “National Review.” Always good to
see him. And he joins us now.

Deroy, it’s almost as if he is just going through the motions on a lot of
this stuff. You don’t get the feeling he is actually engaging with the
American people on it.

DEROY MURDOCK, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Mark, it’s great to be with you. I
don’t know if he is going through the motions or not, but we’ve heard this
sort of thing from Obama before and it’s just disgusting.

I’m struck by a number of things. One is in that clip you saw attacking
President Trump for supposedly putting illegal aliens in cages. Guess who
built the cages? Obama. Those are his cages. He built them, and the people
that were put in them were basically a lot of kids who came up to the U.S.
without their parents and they had to be put somewhere and that’s maybe not
the ideal place to put them, but put them somewhere they will be safe
rather than running around out in the desert where they just dehydrate to
death and that would be far worse.

So he is the guy who built the cages and he never takes any blame for that
and he should.

But more than that is a tremendous sense of ingratitude on the part of
Obama and his wife. They always talk about what a racist country this is,
how bigoted it is. And they never focus on the fact that he was elected in
2008 With 69.5 million votes, 53 percent of the total; re-elected in 2012,
with 62 million votes, 51 percent total. He won a majority in each of those

His book so far sold 1.7 million copies. His wife’s book has sold 10
million copies. It is selling so many copies in fact, it is as yet to go
into paperback.

STEYN: Wait —

MURDOCK: And she is —

STEYN: Do you think anybody actually reads those books? Or actually opens
them? Do you think there’s one man, Deroy, who was actually — actually got
to page 720 of Obama’s book, honestly?

MURDOCK: I guess they’re working through it slowly, you know, they may buy
these as acts of virtue signaling and just put them on their bookshelves to
impress their friends, but at least they’re buying them, you know, and
again, if this were such a racist country, would people be lining up to buy
their books, lining up in 2008 and 2012 to vote for Obama?

And then you’ve got his successor, Biden, his running mate is a black
woman, half Jamaican, half East Indian, and they got 78 million or 79
million votes. So if this is such a bigoted country, why do people keep
turning up to vote for these people, to buy their books, and Michelle Obama
right now is the number one most popular woman on the Planet Earth.

So rather than this endless parade of ingratitude on the part of the
Obamas, they should say thank you, America. Thank you for being so warm to
us and warm to our family, for be such a loving country to us, and instead
they treat this place as if it were apartheid South Africa. Shame on them.
It’s disgusting to watch and it just turns my stomach.

STEYN: Just quickly, Deroy, who is number two on that list of the most
popular women in the world?

MURDOCK: It’s is number one, Michelle Obama — number one is Michelle
Obama. Number two is Angelina Jolie and number three is Her Majesty, Queen
Elizabeth II. The story of the crown, I might add on that thought,
excellent show.

STEYN: Okay, go Her Majesty, we need to get you up in the up in the
rankings. We need to get the Queen up in the rankings. We need to get the
Queen up to number one there, Deroy.

MURDOCK: Absolutely.

STEYN: A Pennsylvania — thank you, thank you. A Pennsylvania State Senator
investigating the integrity of the election results was vaporized from
social media today. What happened? And what did he find out about the
election? That’s straight ahead on TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.


STEYN: A Pennsylvania State Senator by the name of Doug Mastriano held a
hearing on Wednesday afternoon concerning allegations of voter fraud in
this month’s election. Oh my. That didn’t make Big Tech happy, so today
Twitter disappeared Mastriano.

Of course, after an outcry, Twitter yet again claimed that it was all just
a big misunderstanding. To be fair, it could be that the fact checking
censors over at Twitter are still recovering from their massive vegan
overload that they consumed during Indigenous Peoples Day that would
explain how Twitter managed to censor a sitting Pennsylvania State Senator
while also missing something surely even more dodgy coming from the
Communist Party of China.

China’s state run newspaper tweeted all available evidence suggests that
COVID-19 did not start in Central China’s Wuhan, oh, no, no, no, no, no,
but may come into China through imported frozen food products.

So lean cuisine did this with a bit of mac and cheese. Probably with some
help from the Swanson’s. Is this double standard in censorship in Silicon
Valley, a sign of China’s new social media strategy?

Gordon Chang is a senior fellow of Gatestone Institute, author of “The
Great U.S.-China Tech War,” and he joins us. Gordon, you have to marvel at
the way even on the “Chinese People’s Daily,” their so-called journalist
able to type in that this came into China from some frozen gelato imported
from Italy or whatever the theory is. Do even the Chinese take this
seriously? Or is this just the latest scam for global consumption?

the Chinese people take this seriously. They know where this disease
started. They know where the first patient was. That was Wuhan.

But you know, Mark, China’s government and the Communist Party since early
March have been propagating the notions that the disease came elsewhere. So
for instance on March 12, the Foreign Ministry spokesman in a tweet said
that coronavirus patient zero was in the United States.

That’s an official statement of the Chinese government saying that the
saying that the coronavirus started here and then that’s spokesman said
that — or insinuated that the U.S. Army brought the disease to Wuhan. And
of course that is completely false as well.

STEYN: Everybody though, from the World Health Organization, to the
European Union, to Facebook and Twitter, takes China very seriously, the
theory of opening up China was that when they had a big capitalist economy,
they’d embrace Western notions of freedom.

Instead, we seem to be embracing Chinese notions of free speech, where if
you dispute the official version, Twitter and Facebook will abolish you.
Why are we getting more Chinese than China is getting Western?

CHANG: Well, a couple things. First of all, Silicon Valley is leftist, but
also China and people in Silicon Valley know and the second reason is,
people in Silicon Valley know that China can impose great costs on Chinese
and U.S. tech companies, and also can offer great rewards.

So for instance, you know, China could let in Twitter, that would be an
enormous commercial opportunity, at least Twitter thinks so. Or it can
impose these costs of allowing, for instance, Twitter’s competitors into
China, or just cyber attacking Twitter into the ground.

So clearly, the people in Silicon Valley know that they have got to be nice
to China, and this is really anomalous, because the President of the United
States, a country that Silicon Valley is in has much less power than, for
instance, Chinese autocrats.

STEYN: Yes, that’s what is so bizarre about this, Gordon, that actually
these aren’t really American companies anymore. Somehow, they have managed
to become almost subsidiaries of the Chinese Politburo.

Thank you very much for that, Gordon.

As we mentioned, the Supreme Court ruled this week that New York’s
restrictions on places of worship are illegal, the Cuomo brothers didn’t
take that news well. We’ll tell you what happened, next.


STEYN: This is a FOX News alert. United Airlines has reportedly began
operating charter flights today so that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is ready
for distribution once it’s been approved by the Food and Drug

The flights are being chartered between Brussels International Airport and
Chicago International Airport O’Hare. We will continue to monitor any
developments with the vaccine’s progress. It’s all coming from a small town
in Belgium, but so do lots of good things like fries with mayonnaise and
the Smurfs.

So, now we’ve got a third one, the coronavirus vaccine.

In a ruling on Thanksgiving Eve, the new Amy Coney Barrett court threw out
Andrew Cuomo’s arbitrary coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship. On
Thursday, Andrew Cuomo reacted to the news that his tyranny is not in fact,


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D-NY): I think that Supreme Court ruling on the
religious gatherings is more illustrative of the Supreme Court than
anything else. It’s irrelevant from any practical impact because the zone
that they were talking about has already been moot. It expired last week.
So I think this was really just an opportunity for the court to express its


STEYN: Supreme Court rulings are irrelevant. Good to know. Thank you,
Governor. To be fair, it’s easy to single out a Cuomo for rank hypocrisy.

Just today on Twitter, the Governor’s brother, the exquisitely sculpted
bodybuilder Chris Cuomo explained why he is not giving up smoking.

“My lungs are okay. We all know the guidance. Now you do you. I do me.” In
other words, rules and guidance for the little people. It’s an attitude
that’s endemic in the Democratic Party from Nancy Pelosi to Dianne
Feinstein to Gavin Newsom to that mayor in Denver.

Back in April, Tucker confronted New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy about
the crackdown on churches in his state. Here’s how he dodged the issue.


banned, but liquor stores are deemed an essential service. You have closed
church services and synagogue services and arrested people for attempting
to attend them. Did anyone say that maybe practicing your faith might be
important to someone’s mental health?

GOV. PHIL MURPHY (D-NJ): Listen, I think we’ve had a very good common
ground with faith leaders of literally every faith who understand this.


STEYN: Was there ever any scientific basis for these restrictions on church
worship? Marc Siegel, FOX News medical contributor, and the author of
“COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science” joins us. Dr.
Siegel, you’re a man of science. What’s the science that says a bicycle
repair shop is irrelevant to COVID, but that worshipping God is a super

any science behind that, Mark. First of all, it’s a historic day when the
Supreme Court rules like this on behalf of the Constitution and the First
Amendment. So hats off to the Supreme Court to have that courage in the
face of the secular reality that we’re facing more and more here.

You know, you realize a place like St. Patrick’s Cathedral has over 3,000
people can go in there, but under those red zones that the Governor was
talking about, well, they may be off for today. But maybe be back on
tomorrow. You could let 10 people in there.

And the same with Temple Emanuel, over a thousand people, under the red
zone, you could let 10 people in there; under the orange, it would be 25.
That could come back.

And what about the fact that the churches and synagogues have tried so hard
to have physical distancing? To set things up carefully? And when you’re in
prayer, you know, you’re not screaming like you might be in a bar when
you’re getting drunk.

And by the way, Neil Gorsuch — Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch said,
how come — and he’s quite right about this, how come a bar and a liquor
store and a bike shop are essential businesses, but a church is not an
essential business? Have you been in a liquor store lately, Mark? When
you’re in a liquor store, people have their masks hanging off, they’re
buying their gin and their vodka, and they’re hardly obeying any
respectable boundaries.

And I’ve been in bike shops, because I’m a cyclist and a mountain biker,
and I am telling you what I’m doing during this pandemic, I’m fixing my own
tire. Now, for some people, liquor might be their religion. I mean, maybe
alcohol is somebody’s religion. But it’s not the same thing.

And I think that essential businesses are churches and synagogues. By the
way, to go beyond Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch here, you know that
insurance brokers are considered as essential business. We may look at a
secular soulless future where only insurers are around like something out
of Kafka.

STEYN: Yes. I know.

SIEGEL: So finally, I want to say this. We’re in the middle of a pandemic.
It may even be a biblical plague, Mark. It may even be a biblical plague,
right? So what can we do in the face of this? We can get together and we
can pray.

STEYN: Right. And oddly enough, that’s why 400 years ago, the Puritans set
sail for Plymouth Rock to be able to worship freely in public. And four
centuries later, we need to get a five-four Supreme Court decision on
whether what the Puritans came looking for is still legal in America.

Dr. Siegel, thank you very much. We always appreciate hearing from an
actual medical professional.

On other networks, it is unhinged news anchors who have been passing off
garbage science all week. Watch as one former expert on Russian collusion
shares his knowledge of epidemiology on air.


LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, MSNBC HOST: As there is a small surge or medium sized
surge for travel on the Thanksgiving Holiday that will surely mean more
killing in many more thousands of households before Christmas.

Joe Biden is the only President we have today who is leading the public
health crusade against the coronavirus.


CARLSON: Meanwhile, at CNN, one anchor complained that dumb ungrateful
Americans should be more like the British and respect the advice of their


ROSEMARY CHURCH, CNN ANCHOR: It’s a tragedy, really. And Doctor, I have to
say I come from a nation where we respect and follow public health advice,
knowing it’s going to save lives. Why do Americans distrust health
recommendations? And what might that attitude mean, when it comes to taking
the COVID vaccine?


STEYN: Well, it might be they distrust health experts because all those
experts have been wrong for almost a year now.

Steve Krakauer is the founder and editor of the “Fourth Watch” podcast, and
he joins us. How long can this deference to experts who get everything
wrong and ricochet from one thing to another. Whenever and whatever it is
the ninth month, have we got another six months of it? Another year?

STEVE KRAKAUER, FOUNDER, “FOURTH WATCH”: I don’t know. But I think the
public has sort of caught on at this point. I mean, look, it’s just another
example of the absolute condescending way the media talks down to
Americans. And you know, frankly there’s no there’s no real basis for it.

I mean, you look at the track record that you talk about and you showed
that Chris Cuomo tweet that came out earlier today. We know the guidance,
you know, you do you and I’ll do me. I mean, Americans are not just like
going out and you know, gathering in mass groups in their homes. We’re
being responsible.

The idea that we need lectures from the media or from politicians to, you
know, crack down on this is completely ridiculous. And, you know, it’s also
this idea of, like, selective outrage and really selective outspokenness.

You know, we don’t get a lot of lectures from the media when there’s
thousands of people in the street on the Saturday after the election, you
know, right next to each other with a little cloth between them all, at the
absolute most.

There were no lectures at that point. That’s okay.

But when it is people gathering on Thanksgiving or any other day, there’s
this thought that everyone just needs the media to crack down on them.

STEYN: Well, in the example you mentioned, the doctors actually say that
systemic racism is a public health issue. I don’t know whether Pfizer has
made a vaccine for that in some town in Belgium, but they should certainly
be working on it.

What’s so bizarre about this, though, is that you’re beginning to get the
impression that people have actually forgotten the way normal life was
before March, that the longer it goes on, the easier it becomes to keep it
going, Steve, that’s the worry here.

KRAKAUER: Yes, no. I think that there is — there’s a real sense that that
we are, you know, again, the lecture continues. It is people that are so
out of touch. And honestly, I mean, I don’t — if it’s just sort of the
self-isolation that happens, and we’ve been fed it from the media. We have
seen it, I mean, whether it’s schools, which for all throughout the entire
summer, July and August, we’re told because Donald Trump wanted to have in
person school, we were told that schools are absolutely this big danger.

Then all of a sudden schools start closing and you know, the kids of the
journalists that “The New York Times” are stuck at home. And now all of a
sudden, you know, the real science is starting to be looked at and said,
oh, you know, maybe, you know, the, the bars and the restaurants are a
little bit more dangerous than the school.

So, you know, it’s all this reactive nature. No one is really following the
science here. And we’re stuck with where we’re at now, which is a distrust
of the media, which has not been clear on it.

STEYN: Yes, absolutely. Thank you. Thank you for that, Steve. Good to have
you with us.

There was more Indigenous Peoples Day violence in Portland this week.
Gender Studies majors weren’t having a good Thanksgiving and they wanted
the world to know about it.

We’ll talk to a former Navy SEAL about how to deal with this up next on


STEYN: Welcome back to a special edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. In
Portland, unhappy transgender and colonialism majors toppled a war memorial
statue as other Joe Biden voters spray painted anti-Thanksgiving messages,
anti-American messages on businesses across the city.

Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and he has some ideas for how to deal with
this. Jack, these are memorials to four-star generals. They basically honor
the poor bloody infantry who served in all these wars across the years.
This is an assault on the very idea of service of your nation.

JACK CARR, FORMER NAVY SEAL: Well, it really is. And it’s — when I first
saw this this morning, my first thought was is, it’s heartbreaking, but not
really all that surprising in that after a summer of riots with looting and
destruction, this is the natural path, especially when its behavior that’s
encouraged by the majority of media and a political class who see it as
beneficial to their platforms.

And not only do these politicians and the media encourage this behavior by
being silent in many cases. They also supported it actively with tweets,
with speeches, with sound bites. And one commentator on a primetime show
actually said that show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite
and peaceful.

And I brought along my copy of the Constitution here. And he wouldn’t have
to go any farther than the First Amendment where it says the right of the
people peaceably to assemble.

I mean, it doesn’t take more than a month or two to read this thing. And it
might be on Audible.

And the other part of this, of what happened last night in Portland is that
there was a pre-Thanksgiving post that Antifa put out on Facebook that
said, “Eff Thanksgiving and organize your own direct action.”

And this is interesting, because direct action as defined by the Department
of Defense says short duration strikes and other small scale offensive
actions conducted as special operations in hostile denied or politically
sensitive environments, which employs specialized military capabilities to
seize, destroy, capture, exploit, damage, designated targets.

And so I looked up direct action on Google today. And I also looked at my
old dictionary that I grew up with it’s not in here, but if you look up on
Google, there is a definition. And that definition says the use of strikes,
demonstrations or other public forms of protest, rather than negotiations
to achieve one’s demands.

So a nonviolent approach where at the very core of the military definition
is violence.

STEYN: Yes, that’s an amazing way of putting it, actually, Jack. Thank you.
Thank you for that. Thank you for joining us tonight.

Employees at a major publishing house broke down into tears recently,
because it turns out that the prospect of publishing a book is just too
much for them. We will tell you what manuscript led to the mass mourning,


STEYN: Welcome back to a special edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.
According to “Vice” Magazine, multiple employees at the book publisher
Random House have been crying at their desks all week. The reason? Random
House is about to publish a book by psychologist, Jordan Peterson.

One employee warned that Peterson’s book will quote, “negatively affect my
non-binary friend.” This isn’t the first time that the left has gone
catatonic over views they disagree with.

Earlier this month we spoke to Abigail Shrier about Target’s decision to
stop selling her book on the surge of transgender identification among
young women.


CARLSON: Why do you think the censorship of your book has been so
aggressive and so unapologetic just out in the open? What is that?

ABIGAIL SHRIER, AUTHOR: You know, woke activists have taken the position
that we are never allowed to question anyone’s transition, no matter their
age, the circumstance or the incredible lack of adequate medical oversight.


STEYN: She is not alone. On Wednesday, we spoke to Alex Berenson about
Amazon’s determination to censor his book as well.

Chadwick Moore is here with “Spectator, U.S.A.” and he joins us now.
Chadwick, these guys shouldn’t be working in publishing. If you’re
triggered at the thought of publishing a book with which you disagree and
it brings you to tears, maybe you should be better off working as a barista
or doing casual agricultural labor.

CHADWICK MOORE, “SPECTATOR U.S.A.”: I’d have to agree with you. If I were
in that editorial meeting, I think my first reaction would be if I were
making — if the subject of a book we commissioned was making people cry
and scream, I would first think, wow, did we make a good business decision.

Secondly, maybe these people need to be fired and the people who hired them
ought to be fired. With all of these — but this is nothing new, and look,
look at the talent pool that they’re pulling from and this is the same in
book publishing in these ones great and still, in many ways, very, very
great publishing houses, very iconic American brands.

And we see this in journalism as well, it is infiltrated with these woke
activists who come, you know, the sort of Marxist, it’s the pipeline from
the Ivy League and the Marxist college campus into what was once the
intelligentsia of this country publishing, in journalism and in books.

And instead, we get this outcry over frankly, you know, I was thinking
earlier today, you know, the censorship especially of books is nothing new,
even throughout the West, even in this country. You know, we did have
blasphemy laws in this country on the books for a very long time. And some
of the greatest works of literature that we still read, you know —

STEYN: But it wasn’t book publishers employees who were trying to get books

MOORE: Exactly.

STEYN: What’s weird — I know — I know one of the guys at Random House. He
is a great publisher, but the company’s been doing all this sensitivity
training anti-racism courses, ally-ships, if you engage in say social
engineering with your employees, why be surprised that it works and they
don’t like you anymore?

MOORE: And here’s what we really need with all this billions of dollars the
industry is pumping into diversity training and ally-ship and safe spaces,
maybe we need to start training managers on how to delicately deal with and
shut down these woke bullies, these social justice cretins.

Maybe we need to start investing in those courses, hey, both sides are
going to have their own shake. We can have the sensitivity training here
and then how to deal with these people when they get too out of hand when
they start crying, when they start hurting business because that’s really
what a lot of this comes down to.

Target you know, as you mentioned earlier, immediately reneged on their
decision to ban Shrier’s book and it became a bestseller afterwards. So go
and go broke as they say, right?

STEYN: Yes. Absolutely, Chadwick. You have got it there. They should fire
them like Reagan did with the air traffic controllers. I think that would

That’s about it for us tonight. Thank you, Chadwick.

Tucker is back on Monday, you’ll be glad to hear, but you should tune in
each night at eight to the show that’s the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity,
smugness and groupthink and don’t forget to DVR the show if you haven’t set
that up already.

Have a great evening. Tucker is back Monday.

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