Kilmeade: Biden border policy isn’t compassionate, it’s ‘go’ signal for desperate migrants

on Mar22
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“FOX News Primetime” host Brian Kilmeade took the Biden administration to task Monday, saying the White House has “inspired” migrants to make a “treacherous journey to our southern border.” 

KILMEADE: Any time Democrats want to pass legislation, whether it’s education, immigration, or gun control, they always talk about children. If you weren’t paying attention, you would think the Democrats are the party of children … One close look would show you they are anything but that. They say they are for the children when they are cracking down on legal gun ownership … but when you bring up the soaring violence in Democratic cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, they are not interested. But they should be … What about school shutdowns? Got to keep the kids safe, right? Democrats are scared silent by the teachers’ union who continues to push hard to keep kids out of the classroom for almost a year. They say they are doing it for the children. But we knew better. We knew the stats. Schools were safe for kids. Of the more than one million COVID cases nationally, only 2% resulted in hospitalizations and less than one-tenth of 1% lead to deaths. But the Democrats and unions forced students to stay home and struggle to learn.

Meanwhile, teen suicide attempts, overdoses, skyrocketed under the crippling weight of COVID lockdowns and school closures. Are the Democrats for those children? Now, as the crisis along our border spirals out of control, the Democrats continue to claim they’re the party for the children. First, they deny that we have a crisis. Then they say they have compassion for the thousands of migrant children arriving on our border every month of every day.

Comments coming from the Biden administration sound like they are compassionate, but they are not. They’re the ‘go’ sign for migrants desperate to pursue their American dream; not the legal way, the Biden way. Time and time again, the Biden administration’s comments have inspired people to make a treacherous journey to our southern border. Sometimes they bring their children with them. Sometimes they send their children alone and put them in the care of coyotes, human traffickers. Is that humane and compassionate? Some of those children will be sexually assaulted. They will take that lonely journey. Some will not survive it. Those who do make it across the border are often kept in cramped cages because there is nowhere else to keep them. Think about what the White House is saying to convince them [children] to come here and ask yourself this question, are the Democrats for these children? Do they matter?


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