Arizona AG says Kamala Harris hasn’t responded to his invitation to tour the border

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Vice President Kamala Harris and the Biden administration haven’t responded to his invitation for her to tour Arizona’s border region, the state’s attorney general claimed Thursday.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich spoke about the border crisis and the Biden administration response during appearances on Fox Business and Fox News.

“I guess if you were a philosopher you would say no response is a very loud response because we’ve not received any response,” Brnovich told Fox Business’ Dagen McDowell.

“No response is a very loud response because we’ve not received any response.”

— Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

He said the lack of communication from the administration has been “disappointing.”

President Biden put Harris in charge of the border crisis last month as the number of migrants coming to the border has continued to surge. But as so-called “border czar,” Harris so far has neither traveled to the border region nor held a news conference to address her specific border duties.


Brnovich said it would be important for Harris to see for herself what’s going on at the border, including how the unfinished border wall has helped drug smugglers.

‘It’s not fair’

Harris needs to “look into the eyes of people being smuggled across the border, being exploited by the cartels and realize this is a humanitarian crisis on so many levels,” Brnovich said.

“It’s not fair to the migrants that think they’re being promised things, it’s not fair to the people – the hardworking taxpayers of this country who are going to have to subsidize and pay for health care and child care and other social services for these migrants,” he added.

It’s also not fair to anyone when “you have literally criminals coming into this country,” he continued.

Brnovich said Arizona has sued the Biden administration over allegedly violating an agreement to provide information via the Department of Homeland Security about the border and for halting deportation orders.

If a person was trying to intentionally create “chaos” at the border, Brnovich argued, “you would do as many things like the Biden administration is doing.”

He alleged that the Biden administration was “endangering national security” on “multiple fronts.”

‘I will buy her a pastry’

Separately, Brnovich told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on “The Faulkner Focus” that the border isn’t an issue of “right versus left” but “right versus wrong.”

“This may be in our front yard today but it will be in everyone’s backyard tomorrow,” he said.


“I will buy her a pastry if that will encourage her to come here,” Brnovich later joked of the criticism from Republicans that Harris took time to visit a Black-owned bakery while on an official visit to Chicago this week but has yet to go to the southern border.

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