‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ tackles crime in Chicago, MS-13, and AR-15’s in new investigative series

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“Tucker Carlson Originals” launched on Fox Nation Friday with a jaw-dropping episode, “Chicago in Crisis,” that showed how the Left’s policies have led to a crime spike in Chicago. 

The new series, exclusive to Fox Nation, features long-form investigative journalism on topics crucial to our country, but ignored by mainstream media. 

“We still think it’s possible to tell the truth on television,” said host Tucker Carlson during the premier of Tucker Carlson Originals on the Fox News channel. 

 “With the full backing of Fox News, we plan to [tell the truth],” continued Carlson. “Each episode of Tucker Carlson Originals will consider a single topic honestly and in-depth. You won’t see coverage like this on any other channel, and there’s a reason for that. Other outlets ignore these stories because they’re the stories that actually matter. We’ve taken the time to report out and think through every one of them. These aren’t quick and dirty segments, they’re full investigations into the trends that are changing this country.”


During the premier Friday, Carlson highlighted several upcoming episodes of the series, each which analyzed an issue critical to the United States frankly and in-depth. 

“The second episode in this series is about a corrupt green energy scheme…[that] could potentially destroy the last large-standing forest east of the Mississippi,” said Carlson, referencing Maine’s Appalachian Mountain Corridor. 

Another episode looks at the gun control debate surrounding AR-15’s, which is commonly referred to by Democrats and the mainstream media as an “assault rifle” or “weapon of war.”

“It’s very hard to find any news report about the gun that is honest or accurate,” said Carlson during the premier, referencing frequent misinformation surrounding the rifle.  


In the last episode previewed during the premier, Carlson traveled to El Salvador as part of an investigation ino MS-13. There, he interviewed a gang member who claimed to have been recruited in Los Angeles, bringing the issue of gang violence dangerously close to home for many Americans. 

“Tucker Carlson Originals” will cover these issues and many more. 

“Our goal in this is to bring you accurate and honest reporting,” concluded Carlson. “But above all is to creat stories that we, ourselves, would watch in our own free time. So we hope you enjoy it.” 

The first episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals,” “Chicago in Crisis,” is currently available on Fox Nation.  


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