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TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening, and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. Happy Friday.

A lot going on, but some big trends, too, when you think about them. You often wonder, what is going on? And for quite some time now, we’ve wondered what’s going on with congressional Republicans, a lot of nice people in the Republican Party. But the point of a political party is not to be nice. It is to represent the interests of its voters. That’s the only reason political parties exist in the first place. There’s no other reason to have them except to represent their own voters.

Yet, year after year on issue after issue, the leadership of the Republican Party fails to represent its voters and we’re not guessing about that, we know what Republican voters care about. They tell pollsters all the time.

And since they kept getting ignored, in 2016, they elected Donald Trump just to make it incredibly clear what they cared about. If that wasn’t a wake-up call, nothing would be and yet, nothing really changed. It remains true as of right now that the priorities of the people who run the Republican Party are very different. In some cases, completely different from the priorities of the people who vote Republican.

Why is that? Well, there are a lot of reasons for it, probably, but Frank Luntz is definitely one of those reasons. Luntz, Dr. Frank Ian Luntz as he is often called at his request, is the Republican Party’s longest serving message man.

For decades, Frank Luntz has told elected Republicans what to say and precisely how to say it. Luntz’s massages language for politicians. He does it now.

Just this week, in fact, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the NRCC invited Luntz to Florida for its so-called Policy Summit where he was asked to weigh in on the hot topics.

Luntz’s job was to tell Republicans, officeholders, people with power, how to think about the most important issues of the day. And we didn’t hear the presentation, but there’s no doubt it was compelling. Frank Luntz is a smooth salesman. That’s why he has been around for a while.

The problem with Frank Luntz is that his views, his personal views are very different from those of your average Republican voter. Frank Luntz is a conventional liberal. His main clients are left-wing corporations like Google.

When Frank Luntz gives advice to congressional Republicans, he has got Google’s perspective in mind. That’s a huge problem. We wanted to talk to Luntz about all of this on the show tonight. Nothing personal, but it’s interesting, and it’s important. So we texted him an invitation this morning, but he did not respond. That’s odd, since we’ve known him well for a long time.

In 2019, for example, he tweeted us this greeting, which tells you a lot about the kind of person Frank Luntz is, quote, “This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to the men and women of the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and the Intel Services.” That’s literally what the message says, it’s on the screen.

Even on Thanksgiving, Frank Luntz takes time to bow before the powerful.

So, why does Frank Luntz remain a fixture in Republican politics at a time when the companies he works for are opposed to the Republican Party, explicitly so? Well, in part because he is particularly close to the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy of California and has been since McCarthy entered politics.

In an interview earlier this year, Luntz described Kevin McCarthy is a personal friend. And that relationship gives Frank Luntz outsized influence over the Republican Party’s policy positions. The big ones. Take the border crisis.

Frank Luntz’s view of immigration is very much like Google’s view of immigration. America needs a lot more immigration right away, and anyone who disagrees with that is a racist.

Now, rather than simply say that out loud, rather than make the case for his own opinions, Frank Luntz slyly dresses up his own personal opinions as social science. He’ll conduct something called a “focus group.” That’s a moderated conversation between several people that has in fact, no actual relevance to anything. It’s just random people yammering.

Your 90-second exchange with the UPS guy this morning meant more than a Frank Luntz focus group. And yet, purely on the basis of that irrelevant conversation, Luntz manages to make pronouncements about the country and how the Republican Party should respond to it.

Most of those pronouncements as you can imagine, tend to comport perfectly with his own views, as well as with the views of Google executives. AXIOS recently reported on Luntz’s findings about immigration. So what did Frank Luntz supposedly find out about immigration?

Well, it turns out according to Frank Luntz that Republican voters in fact, are dying to give amnesty to as many foreign nationals as they possibly can. They’re demanding it right away. It’s a top priority for them. Watch.


FRANK LUNTZ, POLLSTER: They believe in immigrants, in immigration. They are pro-immigration. And honestly, I was a little surprised because of what I see reported in the media, Trump voters support the DREAM Act.

They support the ability of these people who were brought here to no fault of their own, the ability to earn a path to citizenship. We need these people. We actually have an economy that’s expanding and that’s growing.


CARLSON: “I was a little surprised to find out that deep down, Republican voters agree with me and Google.” We were not surprised. We’re all the children of immigrants, he told us. We need these people.

Now, that may be entirely true, or maybe it’s not true. We can debate it.

But Frank Luntz doesn’t want to debate it, probably why he didn’t come on tonight. He wants instead to pretend that his personal opinions are established fact and that the Republican Party had better listen to them and obey.

Open borders activists immediately seized upon Luntz’s research to justify what they were already doing: keeping the borders open. The National Immigration Forum tweeted out a link right away. “DACA has bipartisan support,” the group wrote, pointing to Frank Luntz’s opinions posing as research as evidence of that. Passing the DREAM Act is an opportunity to make real meaningful progress.

You see. Amnesty has broad bipartisan support. There’s a national consensus in favor of opening the border so Republicans had better get on board because Frank Luntz’s research proves they desperately want it.

This is pretty close to fraud, actually. Who is served by it? That’s always the question in Washington. Well, Frank Luntz’s corporate clients are served by it, of course, but also the Democratic Party is served by it, a party whose priorities Frank Luntz’s appears to support.

Here he is back in 2012 telling the rest of us that according to his highly scientific surveys of a dozen people in some shopping mall somewhere, most Americans actually really want the government to take their guns away.


LUNTZ: The public wants guns out of the schools, not in the schools, and they’re not asking for a security official, or someone else. I don’t think the NRA is listening. I don’t think that they understand.

Most Americans would protect the Second Amendment rights and yet agree with the idea that not every human being should own a gun. Not every gun should be available at any time anywhere for anyone.


CARLSON: Yes, most people agree. Notice the language there? Did you listen carefully to that? You can protect the Second Amendment even as you gut it.

It’s just commonsense gun control. Most Americans are for that.

Who does that sound like? It sounds a lot like Joe Biden, a man Frank Luntz has been friends with for a long time. Check out the note from Frank Luntz to Hunter Biden on Hunter’s laptop.

What you just heard in that clip were Democratic Party talking points. If you’d like more, there’s this. This is an interview from last summer, in which Frank Luntz explains that the phrase “law and order” is somehow offensive to most Americans.

Keep in mind that at the very moment Frank Luntz was saying this, American cities were on fire. People were dying. Why? Because there was no law and no order.


LUNTZ: Well, I was critical that he used the words law and order. He is assuming that we have the same politics as 1968. Donald Trump doesn’t realize that you can govern in a strong, stable, successful way and still use language that is warm, and kind and empathetic.


CARLSON: Yes, stopping riots isn’t warm and kind and empathetic. It doesn’t help equity. If that sounds a lot like something a corporate H.R. executive might say, you should not be surprised by that. As we told you a minute ago, Luntz’s main business is not helping the Republican Party, no, his main business is working for left-wing companies that despise the Republican Party, are horrified by Republican voters and everything they believe.

Frank Luntz’s long list of corporate clients include Jeff Bezos’s Amazon, Facebook, Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney, Delta Airlines, and the Chamber of Commerce. These are the people who pay Frank Luntz’s bills.

In his spare time, Frank Luntz tells Kevin McCarthy how to run the Republican Party. Now, you can do one, you can’t do both. You can see the conflict here. And you wonder, how has this been allowed to continue?

In case you think we are overstating Frank Luntz’s allegiance to corporate power, take a look at his Twitter feed sometime if you’re ever bored, quote: “Delta employees made them the top-rated airline,” he wrote last January in what sounded very much like a press release. “That’s something only good workers can do, not shareholders.”

Then not long ago when Donald Trump called for boycotting Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, after they interfered in a very shocking way, right in the middle of Georgia’s political system, Luntz came to the defense of them. Of course, they’re his clients.

“This left-wing cancel culture is out of control.” He wrote mockingly.

You’ve got to wonder if Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines sent him a bonus for that. We don’t know, they should have. Either way, toadying for big corporations clearly pays well. Here is Frank Luntz showing off the replica of the Oval Office he had built in his home.


QUESTION: What is — where are you?

LUNTZ: It was very kind of Donald Trump to give me his office and I’m very fortunate. This is real. This this — this is a chair. This is not a photograph. This is actually my home in California.

This is a 78 percent replica of the Oval Office and over here as I turn this around, this is the Lincoln bedroom. So I’m the only person who has an Oval Office that you can actually sleep in, and you don’t have to be a presidential intern.

And this is a genuine Resolute Desk. I’m going to put it there behind me, so you can see, including the buck stops here.


LUNTZ: We’ve got the humidor from Bill Clinton. Let’s see if I can get that in the shot. There you go. These are couches from Bill Clinton.


LUNTZ: This is the whole thing.


CARLSON: So obviously, you could be pretty mean about that. It’s pretty weird. But the point of this is not to attack Frank Luntz personally, nice enough guy. The question to ask, what’s really going on here? Would you take medical advice for example from Frank Luntz? Should you have to?

If you’ve listened to him recently, he very much wants you to take the vaccine. Vaccines are great. Only a crazy person wouldn’t get the shot.

Frank Luntz hasn’t said a lot, however, about his longtime work for Pfizer.

Hmm, that’s weird. Nor does he brag about his work for Purdue Pharma.

Remember that company? Purdue Pharma, those are the people that got rural America addicted to opioids. Kind of wrecked the center of the country.

In 2003, as the opioid epidemic devastated the entire regions of the United States, Frank Luntz encouraged people to take more OxyContin. Are we making this up? No, we’re not. Quote: “I am a proponent of the pharmaceutical industry.” Frank Luntz told PBS. “I’m a supporter of a very famous medication right now, OxyContin, because I think that this is a miracle drug which allows people to get through the day.”

Now some people, Frank Luntz acknowledged, quote, ” … want to see OxyContin taken off the market,” but not Frank Luntz. He was taking money from Purdue Pharma, quote: “I believe that there are things worth fighting for.” Yes. Apparently.

A lawsuit filed against Purdue Pharma by the State of Massachusetts in 2019 includes multiple references to Frank Luntz. According to that suit, Luntz and his company helped Purdue Pharma devise ways of quote, “deflecting blame” from Purdue’s addictive drugs by stigmatizing people who become addictive.

The State of Vermont filed a similar lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, and it also mentioned Frank Luntz.

According to those lawsuits, Luntz proposed that Purdue Pharma adopt a strategy of emphasizing some quote, “key messages that work.” By the way, those words were spelled in all caps for emphasis.

One of those messages and we’re quoting, “It’s not addiction, it’s abuse.

It’s about personal responsibility.” Right? So your 19-year-old just died of a drug OD after Purdue Pharma flooded your town with addictive narcotics, but stop complaining. It’s her fault she died.

It’s about personal responsibility.

This is the guy Republican leaders just went to this week for quote, “messaging guidance on hot topics.”

And you wonder why you no longer recognize the party that you vote for.

Pedro Gonzalez is a senior writer with “American Greatness.” He joins us tonight. Pedro, thanks so much for coming on.

Look, I don’t want to be unfair to Frank Luntz, who is not an evil person, and I don’t want to suggest that, and I don’t think that he is the cause of the Republican Party’s problems. I do think however, he’s a symptom, clearly a symptom of them.

What does the party’s reliance on Frank Luntz who is a liberal tell you about their priorities? The leadership of the party?

PEDRO GONZALEZ, SENIOR WRITER, “AMERICAN GREATNESS”: Right. Well, in the 90s, we faced a crime wave and had a consensus about getting tough on crime that worked. It kept people safe.

Today, as homicide rates soar to historic highs, we have a consensus from Republicans like Tim Scott with Joe Biden about getting soft on crime in part because guys like Luntz are advising policy.

Democrats and their allies are going to continue getting everything that they want until the right learns to fight its own party and demands fighters for it. And I’ll give you an overview of what Republicans are up to across the country.

In Texas, Republicans, although they have the upper hand over Democrats there, they have sandbagged a transgender sports bill. The Texas Republican legislature is also dragging its feet on passing a bill that would prohibit the chemical castration of minors, and Republicans, excuse me in North Dakota following in the footsteps of Republicans, Asa Hutchinson and Kristi Noem, the Republican Governor there, Doug Burgum has vetoed a transgender sports bill. The Republican-led Senate there then upheld his veto.

Recently, Josh Hawley was the only Republican to vote no against lunatic Mazie Hirono’s hyper politicized hate crime bill, which of course, Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran was instrumental in putting together. Moran recently got endorsed by Trump, by the way.

Republicans also took the idiotic position of condemning the left and Maxine Waters’ intimidation of the Chauvin jury, and then celebrating the outcome of that trial and promising more soft on crime policies, which is the same exact thing the Democratic Party wants.

And I don’t think that it was an accident that on Wednesday night, when Tim Scott responded to Joe Biden, he had one short insubstantial, throwaway line about immigration, because congressional Republicans right now are talking with the Democratic Party about putting together an amnesty deal.

CARLSON: It’s also stunning to me that at a time when Corporate America, not all corporations, but the biggest ones, for sure have aligned as one against Republican voters, that Republican leaders are still doing their bidding, and hiring Frank Luntz who works for them to tell them what to say. When are they going to realize who their enemies are?

GONZALEZ: They’re going to realize that when they start to feel afraid of their voters, and I think this is not going to change because you and I can burn the house down every night on TV, but it’s not going to change until Republicans feel afraid, feel accountable, in other words to their own voters.

And I think that Republican voters need to stop viewing the party as an ally, and start viewing it as an instrument, something to be whipped into shape, and not relied upon, because there is no plan but what we make.

CARLSON: Wow, that’s deep and true. Just to restate, and I’ll end with this, Republican voters need to understand the party not as an ally, but as an instrument of their will. Right? It’s a democracy and realize the party won’t change until they make a change. Is that a fair read?

GONZALEZ: That’s right. Absolutely. The Republican Party is an instrument to be willed, not something to rely on, because they’re going to stab you in the back. There’s this line from Reagan that someone who is on your side

80 percent of the time, is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.

Well, when that 20 percent constitutes the most important existential issues and on that 20 percent, they stab you in the back every time, that’s not really a friend. That is in fact, a traitor.

CARLSON: That’s right. That is someone who is betraying you and your deepest interest. I agree with that completely.

Pedro Gonzalez, thank you for that. Great to see you.

GONZALEZ: Thank you.

CARLSON: So a Pentagon whistleblower is now warning that the so called the Intel community has failed again, but on a subject that’s not small. In fact, it may be the biggest story in the history of mankind, and they didn’t see it coming.

I’ll tell you what it is after the break.


CARLSON: We spent some time reporting on this story. We should have spent a lot more time because this could be the most consequential thing to happen to this country, to this world maybe ever.

In June, the United States government is set to release a public report on everything it knows about UFOs. Lue Elizondo was the former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. He’s been on the show a number of times. He just spoke to “The New York Post” about what that report will show.

According to Elizondo, we will find an Intelligence failure on the part of the U.S. Intel Community on the level of 9/11.



PROGRAM: The last time we had an Intelligence failure in this country, a major one, which was 9/11. It took us almost three years to come up with the 9/11 Commission Report. It takes a long time.

Let’s just go down the rabbit hole here for a second. Let’s just assume this is some sort of adversarial or foreign technology that several decades now has managed to leapfrog us and invade all 18 members of the Intelligence Community despite our best human intelligence signals, intelligence imagery, intelligence, yada, yada, yada, yada, right?

That would be an Intelligence failure that would eclipse just about anything else this country has ever faced, especially this has occurred for decades that there’s a foreign adversary that can put a nuclear warhead within moments over Washington, D.C.

Okay, that’s a problem.


CARLSON: Yes, that’s a problem, and too few have considered it from that perspective.

Nick Pope is a former Ministry of Defense official from the U.K. and perfectly positioned to answer the obvious question, which is why don’t we see this coming? He joins us now.

Nick, thanks so much for coming on. I thought Lue made a very solid point and I’m embarrassed I hadn’t thought of it before which is this is among other things, whatever these objects are, a potentially very grave threat to nation states. So where was the Intelligence Community in warning about this and learning more about it? Where were they?

NICK POPE, FORMER MINISTRY OF DEFENSE OFFICIAL, U.K.: Well, that has to be answered. Absolutely. I mean, we are under siege. It’s like there’s a war of nerves going on. And if these were drones belonging to a foreign adversary, there would be an absolute outcry. And yet the situation we’re in, we don’t know what these things are, and they might even be extraterrestrial. That’s worse.

So I agree with Luis Elizondo on this, this is a potential catastrophic failure of Intelligence. And if it happened, because skeptical bureaucrats were just saying to themselves, it can’t be therefore it isn’t, then there must be a reckoning.

CARLSON: So you say, and that is such a great point and nicely put, but you described it as a siege, give our viewers who have followed this topic closely a sense of the magnitude of data coming in about these encounters.

POPE: Yes, I mean, this is absolutely extraordinary. And every day, it seems like new information drops, things that the public and the media weren’t told. So for example, former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe just threw into the conversation the other day, the fact that the satellite imagery of all this, and some of the speeds being reported seem to blow the theory about foreign drones out of the water. We must be told what’s going on here.

And we should think of this upcoming report to Congress as an Intelligence assessment of the phenomenon itself, and one that is long overdue.

CARLSON: There are a lot of these, this is not like, you know, some drunk guy in a rural road in northern New Hampshire saw something weird. I mean, this is the U.S. military regularly, very often recording these objects.

POPE: Yes, absolutely. It is pilots, it is radar operators, it is satellite data, it is measurement and signature intelligence. There’s such a lot of information now so much that the U.S. Navy has instructions for its pilots on what to do if they encounter these things.

Now, I think as we go into May, in the run up to this report going to Congress, there’s going to be a lot of things going on behind the scenes. A lot of politicking, jockeying for position, factions, trying to kind of have their say on this. I anticipate more leaks of information, photos, videos, documents. There’s a lot more to come here.

CARLSON: Nick Pope has been honest for so long, I appreciate your steadfast commitment to answering obvious questions. What is this?

Thank you. Good to see you.

POPE: Thanks.

CARLSON: So some of the most powerful organizations in the world are not governments, they are so-called NGOs, non-governmental organizations and they control policy in a lot of places.

Now, some of them are pushing for race based medical care. Aaron Sibarium is an associate editor of “The Washington Free Beacon” and has charted this shocking trend. He joins us tonight.

So Aaron, thanks so much for coming on. So can you be specific for us? What do you mean race based medical treatments? What are they pushing for?

AARON SIBARIUM, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, “THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON”: So a couple of months ago, a doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston named Michelle Morris proposed offering preferential care based on race to black and Latino patients. Specifically, she said that there would be a preferential admissions option at the hospital’s cardiac care specialist for those patients.

Now, it’s not clear that that’s actually gone anywhere at the hospital. But more so certainly gone somewhere. She is now the Chief Medical Officer of New York City, where she will be overseeing New York City’s entire hospital system.

CARLSON: This would seem to violate the fundamental tenet of American society, which is you don’t intentionally try and hurt people or kill people because of their skin color. Yes. How can this be legal in this country?

SIBARIUM: Oh, well, there’s a straightforward answer. It’s not and they acknowledge as much. In the proposal, Dr. Morris says explicitly, this might violate our colorblind system of law, probably in reference to the Civil Rights Act. So no, it’s not legal, but they just don’t care.

CARLSON: I mean, if you wanted to convince people that there was some organized effort to kill them, and you don’t want to convince people that, you don’t want it to be true, but you would say stuff like this, wouldn’t you?

SIBARIUM: Look, so you know, what they will say is that this is about rectifying healthcare disparities and healthcare disparities do exist. So instead of just acknowledging and addressing the disparities through race neutral means, which I think people of all, you know, goodwill would support.


SIBARIUM: They are not just saying that, they’re saying we should address it through racial discrimination and they are quite explicit about this.

All the documents they cite, critical theorists, the works, they are all quite explicit about this assumption.

CARLSON: So when you punish people because of the color of their skin, something they can’t control, none of us can, in a healthcare setting, I mean, what you’re basically saying is some people’s lives are more valuable than others. You’re saying that out loud?

SIBARIUM: Well, yes. And I’ll give you a good example. So in Vermont, recently, they said that people of color specifically black, indigenous and people of color they use that acronym, they could get the coronavirus vaccine before white people. And by the way, your initial segment was on, you know, the G.O.P. being out of step with its voters. Well, you know, it was a Republican Governor who actually went along with that.

CARLSON: Yes, well, as is so often the case, but that’s not even a partisan question, that’s a moral question. I mean, that’s immoral. And we should say so — Aaron, I appreciate your reporting on this. Everyone ignores it, and you didn’t, so thank you.

SIBARIUM: Thank you for having me, Tucker.

CARLSON: So the C.D.C. has just said you don’t actually need to wear a mask outside anymore. No one told Joe Biden. We’ve got the documentary evidence.

We’ll be right back.


CARLSON: One of the great surprises of the Biden administration is there doesn’t appear to be a lot of following the science going on over at the White House. We’re not speculating.

The C.D.C. Director announced that you don’t need to constantly disinfect surfaces to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Watch.



PREVENTION: In most situations, regular cleaning of surfaces with soap and detergent, not necessarily disinfecting those surfaces is enough to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.


CARLSON: Okay, she runs the C.D.C. You think, we should believe her, Joe Biden didn’t believe her at all. According to poll reports, Biden’s handlers wiped his podium down before he spoke in Georgia yesterday. One of those handlers who caught on video running toward the podium with a wipe just before Biden arrived.


CARLSON: Okay, so Biden doesn’t trust the C.D.C. Director, fine. Many people don’t. We don’t.

On the other hand, Joe Biden hired the C.D.C. Director so you’d think he would have paid attention when she said you don’t need masks if you’re outdoors and have been vaccinated.


WALENSKY: If you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering with people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated or dining at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households, the science shows, if you’re vaccinated, you can do so safely unmasked.


CARLSON: Wow. The science shows that if you’ve been vaccinated, you can go outside without a mask. Well, of course. Why get vaccinated if you can’t do that? But Joe Biden isn’t buying it back.

In fact, he is more attached to his mask than ever. Yesterday, he lost his mask on stage. He was outside. Then, he told the crowd he would be in trouble if he didn’t find it. Fortunately, there was a doctor on site.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I can’t find my mask. I can’t find my mask. I’m looking for my mask. I’m in trouble.


CARLSON: The President lost his mask. Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, there is. Dr. Jill and she has got the mask.

So there are now two — not to brag — episodes of “Tucker Carlson Originals” out on FOX Nation. You can watch them both right now. Episode Two came out. It’s a look at the green energy scam that in the name of the environment is crushing the last great forest on the East Coast.

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But I think I will watch this.

I hope that explains it.


CARLSON: Second episode of our documentary series on FOX Nation right now.

Episode one, “Chicago in Crisis,” already up. Let’s keep pushing FOX Nation, but it’s good.

Well, the Biden administration in a little-known development is forcing American prisons to house biological men with biological women. What’s the result? Abuse, sex crimes, and no one is talking about it.

We’re about to talk to someone who is talking about it a lot. Just ahead.


CARLSON: So the whole conversation began with the idea that you should be sensitive to people who live differently, have different personal preferences, which like 99 or 100 percent of Americans completely agree with, but it accelerated pretty fast.

Now, the new administration is telling us that it’s quote, “unconstitutional to prevent biological men from being held in women’s prisons.”

It’s now unconstitutional to prevent it, so we’re doing it. And what’s the results of this? Well, exactly what you would imagine if you were to put men into a cell with women. There are cases of violent sexual offenders claiming to identify as women because they would much rather be in a women’s prison, wouldn’t you?

Kara Dansky is one of the very few people speaking up about this. She’s with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign. She’s on the left, but she is clear thinking on this issue, we think. She joins us tonight. We’re happy that she is.

Kara, thanks a lot for coming on. Tell us —


CARLSON: I’m completely convinced that on this subject, most Americans want to be sensitive, they don’t want to judge other people’s personal decisions. I really think most people — that’s certainly where I am. So they don’t see the implications of these policies, I hope that you’ll explain those implications to us.

DANSKY: I think that that’s probably right, and I hope that we can get into this topic of sensitivity and also the topic of compassion, which I think arises a lot in this discussion. But if we’re talking specifically on the issue of prisons, it came to my attention recently that there’s a man who is accusing the State of Georgia for being negligent in protecting him in a men’s prison, because he is claiming that he was raped by men in the men’s prison.

Now, I want to be very clear here, if that happened, that is horrible. And there’s a Federal law on the books called the Prison Rape Elimination Act and its goal is to eliminate rape in prison.

And if in fact, this man was raped in a men’s prison, then he has every right to complain and to sue and to hold the Georgia prison officials accountable.

Now, the difference here is that the man who is presenting this claim, quote-unquote, “identifies as a woman” or claims to have, quote, “transgender status.” And that phrase, “transgender status” has come to be in our public conversation quite frequently these days, because in part of some things that the Biden administration has done.

But what I want to know is the Federal Department of Justice has weighed in on this man’s case arguing that this man who was raped in a men’s prison allegedly, again, if he did, if he was, then he has every right to complain about that. But the answer is not to transfer him into a women’s prison and the Biden administration, the Justice Department is arguing that he should and what I want to know is, where is the Justice Department when it comes to a woman who was allegedly raped in a women’s prison in the State of Washington by a man who the State of Washington was housing in the women’s prison on the basis of his so-called transgender status?

I also want to know where is the Biden administration when it comes in to reporting a woman in an Illinois prison who was allegedly raped by a man who was being held in the women’s prison on the basis of his transgender status.

I would also like to know, where is the Biden administration? Where’s the Justice Department when it comes to the State of California, and the literally 261 applications that came from male prisoners to be held in a California women’s prison between January and March of this year? Two hundred and sixty one between January and March of this year is approximately three a day, applications filed by male prisoners to be held in women’s prison on the basis of their so-called transgender status.

This is a conversation that our country has not sufficiently had, and we need to have it and so I’m very grateful to you for having me on tonight.

CARLSON: Oh, well, because I just couldn’t agree with you more. We need to have this conversation and we’re not, we’re hiding from it. You’re not though. I appreciate it.

Kara Danksy, again, thanks.

DANSKY: Thank you.

CARLSON: We are far from done this Friday night. We’ll be right back.


CARLSON: We opened the show by asking as we often have before, why is there a huge disconnect between the people who run the Republican Party and the people who vote Republican? And we pointed to the example of so-called, Republican strategist, Frank Luntz. We didn’t mean to pick on him, personally. He is not the cause of all the Republican Party’s problems, but he is a symptom of it.

If Frank Luntz is telling your elected officials what they should say in public and the positions they should take, you’re in trouble. Here’s video that kind of tells that story.

In 2016, Frank Luntz explained why he never wanted to be identified as Republican again. Watch.


LUNTZ: No one will call me a Republican again because I’m not part of this.

I’m not part of that system. I’m not part of that negativity. This is not something I was involved in this year. I will leave it to others to explain and to try to get themselves out of this mess.


CARLSON: So the guy who shilled for Purdue pharma, who actually went out and told people to take OxyContin is just too embarrassed to be connected to the Republican Party, which he now once again is advising this week.

What is going on?

Ned Ryun has watched this party for a long time. He is founder and CEO of American Majority. He joins us tonight. Ned, thanks so much for coming on.

I just want to say for the fifth time, I always kind of liked Frank Luntz.

I’m not against him personally. It’s not personal in any way and he is not the whole problem, obviously. But he is a symbol. So what is this exactly?

NED RYUN, FOUNDER AND CEO, AMERICAN MAJORITY: Yes, there’s a massive disconnect between those that are running the party and the actual voters inside the base, inside the party.

I mean, this is pretty amazing to watch them try and dismiss Trump as though he didn’t even exist when he was at 95 percent approval rating in the Republican Party, but also dismissing the issues that he ran on. And let’s not forget immigration being front and center. And they want to actually memory hole Trump and the issues that he stood for an act like it never happened, when in fact, that’s where most of the base is.

You don’t have 95 percent approval rating inside the base unless what you’re promoting and the issues that you’re talking about are popular with the base. There’s a massive disconnect in which those inside the Republican

— leading the Republican Party view a lot of the voters and a lot of the base as they are useful idiots. Just put us back in power and then we’re going to do whatever we want, whatever our corporate and donor class want us to do. You’re just the useful idiots that put us back into power.

And at some point, the Republican voters have to wake up and say, when we actually vote for Members in the House and Members in the Senate, we are going to demand leadership that actually reflects our views of the base, and until we do that, we’re going to see more of this.

CARLSON: Well, yes, because that’s kind of the one thing a political party can’t do, which is ignore its own voters. It’s not a church. It’s a party in a democracy. It exists to represent its voters. It has no other role, right? Or am I missing something?

RYUN: No, that’s exactly right, and I think — I think the leaders inside the establishment are in for a rude awakening during the 2022 primary season, in which a lot of the base is going to get a shot at the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump. Some of these senators that have not actually been America First, they’re going to get a shot at them in the primary.

But the real question becomes, Tucker, are there going to be enough members in the House and Senate elected to actually enforce new leadership? No more Mitch McConnell, no more Kevin McCarthy. Let’s have real America First leadership in the House and the Senate and then let’s get a real America First back in the White House.

It is one of those things where we never fully had all the leadership of the White House, House and Senate on the same page. Maybe we could have that in the future. What a nice change that would be.

CARLSON: It would be, but the very first thing they have to do is ignore their enemies. If you care what your enemies think —

RYUN: That’s right.

CARLSON: Again, we were denounced as white nationalists for quoting Martin Luther King. You know, at some point, you just realize these people aren’t serious. Their criticisms are not in good faith. They’re trying to control you. And if you let them control you, whose fault is that? It’s yours.

RYUN: That’s exactly right. Right.

CARLSON: Yes. Ned Ryun, thank you. It’s great to see you tonight. Hope you have a great weekend.

RYUN: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: We hope you have a great weekend. We are completely out of time this week. I hope you spend the next couple of days with the ones you love and we will see you on Monday, 8:00 p.m. every weeknight.

Good night.

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