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JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Juan Williams, along with Shannon Bream, Jesses Watters, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Lawrence Jones.

It’s five o’clock in New York City. And this is The Five.


UNKNOWN: One size does not fit all and adults who have higher risk should not expect the youth to carry the burden of those fears.


UNKNOWN: You will listen to us.

UNKNOWN: Nope, we’ve had our citizen participation. All right.

UNKNOWN: Let us speak.

UNKNOWN: No more masks! No more masks! No more masks!

UNKNOWN: I move that we adjourn this meeting.

UNKNOWN: Five seconds.

UNKNOWN: You will listen to us.

UNKNOWN: Nope, we’ve had our citizen participation.


WILLIAMS: A major battle over COVID restrictions breaking out in America even as cases drop. Frustrated parents protesting mask mandates for kids during a wide school meeting in Utah. Things got heated after parents were told their children will still need to wear mask until the end of the school year.

Police are reportedly investigating some of those protesting for disrupting the public proceedings. The K through 12 mask mandate is a state health order and school districts in Utah do not — do not have the authority to overturn it. Utah’s governor now says the state will not mandate masks for students in the fall.

Our Fox News medical experts say the parents have a point on lifting the restrictions.


MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: What are they talking about mandating that children wear masks in schools still when children are not the spreaders of this, children are not getting sick from this usually.

From a public health point of view, I don’t believe the mandate is necessary.

NICOLE SAPHIER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: The CDC is the only entity recommending two years and up to wear face mask. The World Health Organization doesn’t even recommend younger children wear them and they say the five — the 12-year-olds should really be on a case-by-case basis because there is risk versus benefit with it.

So, the mask — the science with mask wearing in young children is not as black-and-white as the CDC would like you to think.


WILLIAMS: And President Biden being grilled on why he stills wear — he is still wearing a mask.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Because I’m worried about you.

No, it’s a joke. It’s a joke. Why am I wearing the mask? Because when we’re inside it is still good policy to wear the mask, that’s why. When I’m outside, and the problem is lots of times I walk away from this podium you notice I forget to put my mask back on because I’m used to not wearing it outside.


WILLIAMS: Jesse, I was just thinking, I think we all get the parents frustration here, but I’m just thinking to myself, the CDC, the state government, are they simply being conservative with schoolchildren despite the drop in the rate of infections?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, first of all, let’s hear it for Utah coming out of nowhere to lead The Five on a Friday. I did not see that coming, real Cinderella story of all the 50 states. Good for Utah.

Yes. Parents going wild, it’s always fun to watch although they should probably behave a little bit better. But you know better than anybody, Juan. When moms are getting mad like this, you know something is seriously wrong, and that’s what I’m saying.

You — they are angry out of love because they don’t want their child being slapped with a mask five days a week for a year, the science has says it’s not necessary and if you just take Utah out of all the 50 states, the pandemic barely penetrated there.

They only lost 2,000 people in Utah compared to 50,000 in New York. It wasn’t even the leading cause of death. I think it was 11th of all the reasons people died last year in the state of Utah. The population density in Utah, you need binoculars to see your neighbor. It’s a very healthy state. It is not spreading in that state at all.

I think the numbers show right now nearly all of the elderly in Utah are vaccinated, about half of the adult population parents can get the shot, teachers can get that shot, we’re fine in Utah. They’re like this close to coming out of the pandemic. And the fact that police would think about pressing charges —


WATTERS: — did you see a crime? I didn’t see a crime. I saw a bunch of yelling. If yelling is a crime then Judge Jeanine should be doing 25 to life.

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Cut it out. You’re lucky I’m not a judge anymore, Jesse. I’ll smack you with contempt for that one. OK.

WILLIAMS: All right.

PIRRO: But, can I —

WILLIAMS: Hey, Judge, take —

PIRRO: Well, all right. Yes.

WILLIAMS: — take a look at this parent, she was on Fox earlier talking about her frustration.


SOPHIA ANDERSON, GRANITE SCHOOL DISTRICT PARENT: They did not allow fair representation from Utah parents and instead, they had members from our — from Utah’s largest teachers union express their thought on how our children needed to be continued. We need to continue the mask mandate. I had enough.


WILLIAMS: Well, Judge, —


WILLIAMS: — should be taking her complaint to the governor or at the state legislature which mandated the mask mandate because the school board doesn’t have a choice?

PIRRO: Well, you know, the school board may not have a choice, but I think that parents have a choice. Look, when the science says it’s time, the parents say it’s time, the kids say it’s time, it’s time. And when the school board literally shut down the parents, that’s when they got upset.

And you know, we have watched all summer long people out of control, committing crimes, and there is no consequence and now they want to go after that parents? Are you kidding me?

If there was a crime maybe disorderly conduct, maybe harassment, it’s a violation, it’s not even a crime. But when you don’t give parents — I’m going to quote that very famous thoughtful politician Chris Cuomo who says not all protest need to be peaceful, but when the parents have had enough, they are going to protest. They have a right, those of their children.

Children have a constitutional right to an education and if the school board is not hearing them, well maybe they need to talk louder.

WILLIAMS: I can understand that. So, Shannon, vaccinations are pushing the infection rate lower around the country. And now, there’s talk about a vaccine for kids, I believe it’s 12 and older and pretty soon even for younger children. Do you think these parents are going to get their children vaccinated?

SHANNON BREAM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: I don’t know. And again, as Judge Jeanine said, they are the parents, those are the decisions for them to make in consultation with their medical professionals. I mean, these parents are very upset about mask continuing.

But I got to tell you. In the area where I live here in D.C., the parents would just be happy to get their kids back in a classroom. There’s one young family —


BREAM: — that we’ve kept in touch with over the last year. Reid Bush (Ph) was on our show last night, he’s got a special needs son, he said since last September this nine -year-old boy has now developed kind of an alternate universe with imaginary friends, he’s completely regressed, he’s autistic, on his ninth birthday he said to his dad, can I die for my birthday.

I mean, we have to look at what’s happening to these children. And parents are absolutely so frustrated and outraged. And he said by the way, their doctor’s prescription the recommendation for this child was that he needed to be back with other people, other kids, need to be back in the classroom.

What the local system gave him was, that kid, was allowed to go back to school and sit in a classroom by himself with an iPad with an adult monitor across the room. Parents are furious. The mama bear, the daddy bear is coming out. And when you see that happen to your child, I can’t imagine you would have anything less than the frustration we saw at that meeting.

WILLIAMS: Yes, it’s understandable. That’s a sad story you just talked.

Lawrence, I wondered what you thought about what President Biden had to say when he was asked about why he is still wearing the mask.

JONES: Well, I think it’s lunacy, first of all. But I think it’s important that we go back to the beginning of this. Why do we wear a mask after the government told us for months that we didn’t need a mask so they can’t hoard supply? They said it was to slow the spread. Well, we’ve slowed the spread. But it’s no longer about slowing the spread. It’s about getting rid of COVID completely, which is going to take a long, long time.

We just had the NIH director on the 4 p.m. hour who said that if these parents want this to go away and he has compassion for them, then everyone just needs to get the vaccine. I’m sorry that’s not the solution. People should be able to make that decision with their medical professional.

But the big story here is how do we got — how we got here to begin with.

If you go back to the video, the parents were upset because they didn’t allow them to speak and they allowed the union to speak and the state senator to speak, but when it was time for the parents to speak, they have no voice, which shows you where these leaders are today, that parents can’t get involved with this issue which goes to the larger point at hand today.

And I’m so glad that the parents are finally upset because I was getting worried about the country. We’ve been allowed — been allowing our medical professionals to take the lead on this, but enough is enough. It was two weeks to slow the spread, we did what they did said, it’s been over a year and we still have no results on where we’re going to be able to go back to some type of normalcy.

And the American people have been takin git for far too long. But the real question is what Jesse said. So, we’re just going to lock parents up for yelling in the middle of a meeting? Is that what the state policy is? Where parents object to what’s going on with their kids then we’ll just lock them up.

We’re going to start suppressing free speech when government agency would allow them to speak at a board meeting. That’s the new standard? Yes, that’s the new standard. When the state doesn’t like what you say, we’ll just throw you in jail and then let see if it burns.

WILLIAMS: Well, don’t do that. Don’t do that. But that was a good point.

Thanks, Lawrence.

Coming up, a major job missed for Joe Biden but the president claims America we’re still on the right track he says. We’ve got more for you on that next on The Five.


WATTERS: It’s a jobs disaster for Joe Biden. The president has promised to super charge the economy with trillions in new spending. But the April jobs report tells a much different story. The economy was projected at a million jobs, but we ended up with just 266,000. Biden is of course spinning the news and using it to push his socialist agenda.


BIDEN: Listening to commentators today, as I was getting dressed, you might think that we should be disappointed. But when we passed the American rescue plan, I want to remind everybody it was designed to help us over the course of a year, not 60 days. A year. We never thought that after the first 50 or 60 days, everything would be fine. This month’s job numbers show we’re on the right track. We still have a long way to go.


WATTERS: And President Biden claims businesses are wrong for saying they can’t find employees because they’re getting paid more to stay home.


UNKNOWN: Do you believe in humps unemployment benefits had any effect on diminishing return to work in some categories?

BIDEN: No. Nothing measurable.


WATTERS: All right. Well, Juan, that’s just dead wrong. Just look at the statistics. There are seven million job openings and only a quarter million people filled them. How do you explain that?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think there are lots of reasons especially we’ve seen women, you know, are very slow to get back in the market and that could be tied to schools that we were just discussing as well as childcare issues.

But you know, I just wanted to say, Jesse, I don’t know how this is, you know, pushing some socialist agenda. I mean the stock market today rallied.

The stock market was up today. I saw investors —


WATTERS: Yes, they rallied up bad news.

WILLIAMS: — people who are strong capitalist —

WATTERS: Because we’re going to spend trillions off of bad news.

WILLIAMS: No, I don’t think — because they know —


WATTERS: The market rallies of bad news, Juan, because they know the fed is going to comp and Biden is going to spend.

WILLIAMS: But Jesse, the latest proposition on infrastructure spending, the jobs plan has yet to be passed.

WATTERS: All right.

WILLIAMS: It is still being negotiated. So, I just think that when you look at this —

WATTERS: All right.

WILLIAMS: — I think it’s important to understand that, you know, you look at it and you want to throw a bad light on it right away and somehow put down Joe Biden.


WATTERS: Well, I didn’t throw a bad light.

WILLIAMS: But to my mind —

WATTERS: I didn’t throw a bad light on it.

WILLIAMS: No, but I’m saying —

WATTERS: Every news commentator did —


WATTERS: — and Nancy Pelosi said it was disappointing.

WILLIAMS: Disappointing but in the long term, I don’t think. I think Joe Biden is right in saying in the long-term when you look at this, we see that right now the restaurants, we see them adding 190,000 jobs, hotels and the hospitality industry, 140,000 jobs.

WATTERS: All right.

WILLIAMS: We see some slowdown in terms of the manufacturing, but in part that’s because of supply —


WATTERS: Yes, 18,000 jobs lost to manufacturing.

WILLIAMS: — chain, issues like lumber. You can’t find lumber. Right. You can’t find lumber anywhere.


WILLIAMS: So, I think that these are, you know, remember that boat getting stuck in the Suez Canal, these are larger issues, but it doesn’t indicate that we’re on the wrong track.

PIRRO: The boat in the Suez Canal.

WATTERS: OK. It’s the boat in the canal, Jeanine, is that what you attribute that biggest missed in two decades’ shift?

PIRRO: No. No. That’s on the other side of the world, but you know what, Jesse, I’ll take you out of jail for contempt and I will tell you this that I absolutely agree with you. OK? And I agree with the fact that the data proves the Chamber of Commerce agrees that when people can make more money staying home than go into work, they are going to stay home. OK?

Especially people who say and think that their job will be there when the money runs out and then for Joe Biden to say don’t believe your lying eyes or your lying ears, everything is great, we’ll pass this personal infrastructure, we’ll get to even more money. We don’t expect — we didn’t expect these job numbers to go up. Yes, they did. That’s what all the economists suggested and expected, and it didn’t happen.

So, it is a socialist agenda. It’s to keep people at home with money from the government, shut people up in Utah. I mean, you can just look at everything that’s going on. Keep kids masked, wearing a mask, some kids are neurotic. We didn’t have a chance to even talk about that, and then, you know, let the economy go to hell in a handbasket, you know, the government will take care of us.

WATTERS: Yes. Lawrence, Jeanie brings us a good point. You’re getting $900 a week to not work. We needed that maybe that 300 bonus during the pandemic, but we’ve got to taper that off or people aren’t going to be able to hit the pavement.

JONES: Well, I think it’s a strategy there, get drunk on government depend on us with mommy and daddy. I think Ron DeSantis has the best idea. You got to take the money away. I mean, this is not rocket science. You got to take the money away so people can go back to work. Businesses are suffering as a result because the government has become mommy and daddy and we know how that experiment went once before.

But I think the Biden administration deep down if they really get out of the progressive bubble, they know they got a problem as well. You had Yellen talking about that they may have to raise interest rates because of inflation, wait a minute, that’s not your job anymore. You’re not at the Fed anymore. Powell has made it very clear that they’re going to keep the interest rates at zero.

But because they decided to pop all this money into the market, now we got a problem with our money. The value of the dollar is a problem there. So, I think if you really look at it on paper, the Biden administration knows there’s a problem, but they can’t admit it because again, they promised all these progressives all this money.

WATTERS: Yes. And Shannon, Biden came out of the gate and killed two huge infrastructure projects, the wall and the pipeline, and then he backed the teachers union which is Juan right said, has kept single working moms and married moms out of the workforce at an alarming rate.

BREAM: Yes. That’s one part of the stew. When people are afraid when they’re getting government pay and when they don’t have a place to put their kids so they can go back to work, that’s a tough sell to get them back.

Quickly though, I just want to mention in Montana what the governor is doing there. If you go back to work, if you take a job it can show you’ve kept it for at least four weeks, they’re going to pay you $1,200. So, governors are getting more creative. They want to try to incentivize it and make sure that people have reason to show up.

WATTERS: You get even more money on top. Wow. I guess that’s why our taxes are going up. All right. Here we go. Let’s get on to the show. The White House admits it is afraid of the President of the United States talking to the press.


JONES: The beautiful Freedom Tower there. The White House finally admitting they are afraid to let President Biden talk to the media.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: He takes questions nearly every day. That is not something we recommend. In fact, a lot of times we say don’t take questions. But he’s going to do what he wants to do because he’s the president of the United States.


JONES: And while the president does take some questions from time to time he mostly listens to that advice.


UNKNOWN: Mr. President, can you pass voting rights with the Senate full of filibuster in its current form do you think.

BIDEN: I can talk to you about that later.

UNKNOWN: Now, press, let’s go. Press, let’s go, you guys. Come on, press, we’re going to move out. Let’s go, press.

BIDEN: And who I am turning this over to?

UNKNOWN: Thank you very much, Mr. President. I think it’s time for the press — our friends in the press to leave that.

BIDEN: I’m sorry. I’m going to — this last question I’ll take. I’m really going to be in trouble.


JONES: He’s going to get in trouble. Shannon, I want to go to you, you are a brilliant reporter, always ask the tough questions. And so my question is, the media allowed this to happen during the campaign trail. He stayed in the basement, I reported there many times and it was hard to really get questions in to the president. So, are they to blame for this problem?

BREAM: Listen, I got to think every White House press secretary at some point secretly says this to themselves like, gosh, I wish they would not answer questions because then I’ve to go out there and clean up whatever they say. And this White House likes to be pretty controlled with him.

He’s on teleprompter a lot when he is other there speaking. He’s got notes.

They are very careful and as you said during the campaign, that was sort of the tone that they set. Well, once somebody is in the White House these reporters want to get out, they want questions answered. They want to be able to talk to him directly.

And frankly, they got spoiled during the last of administration because President Trump could not walk to Marine One without stopping, talking. I mean, sometimes 20 or 30 minutes to these reporters. He took questions from everyone. He likes sparring with them. So, I think some of these press corps folks they may not admit it, but I think at least where that’s concerned, they’ve missed the former president and that ability to engage with him.

JONES: Yes. Love or hate him, he gave a lot of access.

So, Juan, let me go to you. You know, this guy was once known the president of the United States as the greatest retail politician. They loved him out there talking with people. What happened?

WILLIAMS: I think he is still a great retail politician, but you know, I just want to reiterate something Shannon said. I’ve been a White House correspondent and in all of my associations with the press secretaries, not only at the White House, but up on Capitol Hill, city hall, state houses, corporations, all press secretaries want to be gatekeepers. Their job is make their principal look good.

So, Lawrence, what they want to do is they want to control the type of questions and the environment, they don’t want got you questions. Right?

They don’t want stumbles. They don’t want him unprepared. That’s what everybody wants for, you know, the person there representing as a press secretary. And I think that it has some added moment right now because a lot of people on the right they perpetuate — perpetuate this idea, Biden is an old guy, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he stutters, all kinds of stuff.

JONES: He’s old and he does stutter.

WILLIAMS: So, I think for her to say, look, I think you and I have issues.


WILLIAMS: I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, I just think that all of us have our moments. And press secretaries, I mean, they’re like makeup artists.

They want you to look good.

JONES: Yes, they want them to look good, Jesse. But the problem is that when you compare him to the former president, it’s not quite operating the same.

WATTERS: No, but I don’t even need to hear from Biden at this point. I don’t trust the guy. He said he was a moderate and he got in there and he broke the bank and the border. I don’t even think Democrats need to hear from Joe Biden. Nancy and Chuck are running Congress. His brain trust is running the White House, Ron Klain, the big lobbyists and a bunch of other guys. They make all the decisions. And Susan Rice is basically in there to have Obama have his eyes and ears on the whole operation.

I mean, they want the guy scripted. He goes off-script, he calls Texans Neanderthals. He was asked about Iran and China the other day, he looked like he was going to have a panic attack. Like, he was going to say something consequential. I think this country is leaderless right now.

We’re a superpower. We can coast. We’re all muscle, but not forever.

This guy is just a tax and spend liberal. He’s not even trying to persuade people anymore. He’s not inspiring anybody. And probably the less he says the better because the more you know about what he’s doing, the less you’ll like it. We elected the anti-Trump, a boring, listless guy that stays inside and doesn’t really charge people up.

And then in four years, you know, we’ll probably get bored and broken will lack the opposite, a young, charismatic, creative guy like you, Lawrence.

JONES: Oh, that was good. Thanks, man. Judge, so, I got to go to you — real good. Judge, I got to go to you because, you know, the last campaign was about tone, it was about personality difference, not really about policy. You know, you’re a supporter of the former president. Do you think there’s going to be some buyer’s remorse? I mean, it doesn’t feel good when your taxes are going up. It doesn’t feel good when the bar isn’t open. So, what’s going to happen?

PIRRO: Well, there’s already buyer’s remorse. Are you kidding? I mean, everybody is like — first of all, he wants to — he wants to — he’s going to raise taxes. I mean, he’s allowing, you know, the southern border to be completely open.

But I want to comment about one thing, and that is that we just heard President Biden talk about the fact that he was going to get in trouble.

When he walked back to the podium, he says, I’ll answer this question but I’m going to get in trouble. Do you remember last week when he couldn’t find his mask? He was up there dithering around the podium like looking for his mask. He said, I’m going to get in trouble.

Who’s he getting in trouble with? This is like proof positive to me that somebody else is calling the shots because he’s afraid of someone. He always says he’s going to get in trouble. Who are you getting in trouble with? Aren’t you your own man? I mean, come on. And America knows it. And I think they — everybody gets it.

JONES: Yes, he gets in trouble because when he’s asked about the border, he ends up calling it a crisis and in his press secretary has to walk it back because he has no discipline.

PIRRO: Has to go clean it up.


PIRRO: They have to clean it up.

JONES: We got to go. Calling all climate warriors, liberals like AOC wants to save the planet. We’ll explain next on THE FIVE. Stay here.


PIRRO: Forget serving our country by signing up for the military. Radical Democrats like AOC wants you to join the civilian court of battle climate change. The plan costs $10 billion and would have the government hire 1.5 million Americans to “transition to a clean economy.”

All right, I’ll start with you, Jesse. How do we transition to a clean economy?

WATTERS: Yes, with AOC’s ground troops. She’s trying to buy a movement with my money. What 1.5 million mini-AOCs on the federal payroll. That’s our tax dollars. MAGA didn’t start like that. Hope and change didn’t start like that. You can’t just buy a base with tax dollars. That’s not how it works.

And it’s not like they’re going to go around and lower the Earth’s temperature or sea levels. They’re not even going to pick up litter. They don’t have the technical expertise to build a solar panel. So, what are they actually doing? They’re going to be campaigning for Democrats in the midterms. They’re going to be bullying people. And then when AOC decides to run for president, click, she’s got 1.5 little supporters in her back pocket. I get what she’s doing.

PIRRO: You know, Shannon, the — Jesse is right. It’s all the money for this. The $10 billion is going to come from increased taxes, tax hikes. And the question is, what exactly — not only are they going to do, but the money that’s being paid for these people is also they’re getting healthcare, they’re getting childcare, they’re getting $25,000 if they’ve got any educational debt, 50,000 for more education if they need it. What is this really about?

BREAM: Well, Judge, you’re right about the taxes. That’s been discussion.

Let’s move the U.S. corporate tax rate up several percentage points. But there are a number of Democrats who have said, please do not do that.

That’s actually going to hurt us on the global stage.

They think this kind of stuff is actually going to make us less competitive. My worry is yes, I don’t know exactly what they’re going to do. One of the things was talked about taking care of parks and public lands, which I think we already have people who do that. I don’t know exactly what they’re going to do.

I just know I don’t want them showing up and giving me a ticket for having my third red meat meal of the week, like my third cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger. I don’t want to be getting ticket for that out in public. But we have to think about what they’re going to do.

Listen, if there’s some way to quantify to show that this is actually bettering the environment in some way and is actually a good cost-benefit analysis, OK, maybe if there are metrics for us to track it. But otherwise, I think a lot of folks are going to be skeptical because the last time we were sold this, there are going to be green jobs and shovel ready jobs out there for folks and there’s work to be done — people are going to be a little skeptical based on the way it played out the last time we were told that.

PIRRO: Well, and you know, Lawrence, one of the things she is promoting, as she says, we’re going to take Flint and Baltimore and the South Bronx and Louisville — or no, St. Louis, whose infrastructure was not properly built in the first place, and the climate warriors are going to rectify that. And they’re going to get everything they need for social justice. What does that mean to you?

JONES: You know, as much as I disagree with her and her strategy, she’s pretty smart. This is what the left does. Think about ACORN. Remember all that money that we pumped into that. It was just a Democrat group. Look at the ObamaCare navigators program. They were supposed to sign people up for ObamaCare, but they were secretly storing that data for politics.

This is all politics. She knows that she can hire these young people as ground troops. And guess what else she gets. She gets to pay off their college in the process of doing this. This is how you cancel the debt. So, you know, as much as I disagree with her, I see what she’s doing and Republicans better get their act together and come up with a plan to counter this.

Because let me tell you something, you already lost the college campuses, you’re getting ready to lose secondary education. The elementary school, that definitely a loss. Look what they’re already teaching the kids right there today. Conservatives have to counter this mess as what a conservative ground game not paid by the government but by the private sector.

PIRRO: Well, Juan, what do you say, you’d think this is a beneficial program with all of these, you know, pretty much entitlements attached to it? I mean, they can get $75,000 just for education if they join this workforce.

WILLIAMS: Well, I think we do that for people going into the military.

Obviously, we’ve had, you know, GI Bill that helps people. I’m just listening because to me, I think back historically, we’ve had in this country, we still have a Peace Corps. We have an AmeriCorps to help teachers. We’ve had under FDR, a Civilian Conservation Corps and that was a great success, you know, and it was a jobs program as well.

I don’t know that it, you know, somehow was a political program. But yes, people definitely have a positive feeling about how FDR got us out of the Great Depression. If that’s your point, I understand it. But I’m just listening because to me, she’s young, she’s idealistic, and I don’t think those are bad things. Those are very American characteristics. And if she sees a way for young people to get job training, to get jobs —

PIRRO: Yes, but she’s looking to raise taxes on everybody.

WILLIAMS: — to pay for education, go for it.

PIRRO: $10 billion, Juan. $10 billion on the American people.

WILLIAMS: Well, it’s not real. It’s not legislation yet. It’s an idea, Judge. It’s not real yet, isn’t it?

PIRRO: Oh, well, you know, who would thought that we’d be adding another $6 trillion to the budget. Anyway — $6 billion — the Fastest Five is up next.


BREAM: Time for “THE FASTEST.” First up, check this out. Everybody, please be careful this weekend. There is a giant out of control. Chinese rocket hurtling towards Earth. Nobody knows exactly where it’s going to land.

Researchers say it could hit major cities like New York or Chicago, but chances are it’ll just splash down in the ocean. Judge, have you made plans this weekend to make sure you track and stay on the wave this?

PIRRO: Look, it’s Mother’s Day Weekend. I’m going out to dinner on Sunday.

I don’t care about this. Look, I’ll be very fast on this. Here’s the bottom line. So, we should just trust that China sent off this rocket that’s like

25 million tons or something ridiculous, that it’s going to go up, but when it comes down, it will only be about 10 million tons and — or whatever the number is, somebody, save me on this. And they’re not sure where it’s going to land, but it’ll probably land in the water, so I should feel safe.

And by the way, wherever it lands, we’ll have two hours’ notice. So, I mean, that virus thing coming out of China didn’t work out so well. I don’t trust them to believe that that thing is going down in the water. That’s all I have to say about it.

BREAM: By the way, you can go to space dash — this is a hyphen — space …if you want to try to watch this online. Maybe you’ll get ahead of the two-hour warning, I don’t know Lawrence, but ocean or possibly New York City?

JONES: Well, you know, I’m not living in fear anymore. If it hits us, it hits us. I know where I’m going. And I hear that you don’t have to wear a mask in heaven, so I’m good. I’m good. Whatever happens, happens.

BREAM: OK, Juan, we’re told that the U.S. Space Command is tracking this.

But, you know, you heard the Defense Secretary say we don’t have any plans to shoot it down. I think Armageddon was the movie with Ben Affleck, all the tight shirts and everything, but I don’t think it’s going to happen in real life.

WILLIAMS: I see what you were paying attention to, Shannon. I think —

BREAM: Well, the judge too. I see the judge going, yes.

WILLIAMS: Yes. And by the way —

PIRRO: Me too.

WILLIAMS: You too. Happy Mother’s Day, Judge? I would just say this. You know, I’m no scientist, but what goes up does have to come down. And I remember Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan had that Star Wars program where he said he would aim missiles at these things and just shoot him out of the sky. And I think we can do it. Why not?

BREAM: Jesse?

WATTERS: I’m with the judge. Sloppy labs, sloppy rockets. You know, if this thing lands, hopefully, it hits Ben Affleck.

BREAM: Oh, don’t upset the judge like that. OK, up next —


WATTERS: I’m jealous. I’m just jealous. I don’t look as good at a tight T- shirt.

BREAM: Well, I don’t — we haven’t seen you at one on the show. I don’t know. But apparently, America is a full narcissist. A new study shows that almost half of people think they are a better person than everyone else they know. Jesse, we’ll start there and work back around.

WATTERS: I’m surprised you actually think I’m worse than half of the population. Actually, I know I’m worse. I am not a good person and I’m OK with it.

JONES: I love — I love —

BREAM: Juan, how are you feeling about humanity?


BREAM: Juan?

PIRRO: Who, me?

BREAM: How are you feeling about humanity?

WILLIAMS: Oh, me. Yes, you know what, I find this odd in that, you know, it reminds me of like, my wife says to me that when I say what are you saying?

And she says — she says, I’m just talking to myself. I’m talking to the most intelligent person in the room. And it reminds me that there are confident people out there, you know.

So, I just take — I just take it as medicine. I didn’t know that — I’m surprised at how many people would say they’re the smartest person. We have a lot of chips on their shoulders around here.

BREAM: OK, listen, I’m with Delise. She is very intelligent. And I’m sure you guys have some great conversations and disputes over this. Now, Judge, I found interesting in this that women are less likely to think of themselves as good than men are. By like 20 percentage points, men consider themselves essentially good. And also women have a much higher rate of thinking that humanity is inherently bad. Why are we such pessimists, Judge?

PIRRO: No, we’re realists because we can see. Men are thinking as much as we’re thinking and they’re not looking that way we’re thinking. Look — looking the way we’re looking. I really believe that women are in many cases more realistic. I think that — I think that our role as nurtures or you know, just in terms of specifics and making sure we know everything that’s going on, we’re a little more supposed to be paying attention more to little things.

But I truly believe, by the way, that I’m not as smart and not better than most of my friends. I really believe that. So, I guess I’m not part of that, you know —

BREAM: Oh, OK. See, humility too. Lawrence, quick final word to you.

JONES: Yes, this isn’t a shock to me, especially for people in the TV business. I mean, everybody thinks this, that we’re better than anybody.

BREAM: That’s right. If they broke out the number of on-air TV people percentage, this is not even worse. OK, guys, “ONE MORE THING” up next.


WILLIAMS: Time now for good times. It’s time for “ONE MORE THING. Jesse.

WATTERS: Well, as the judge mentioned, it is Mother’s Day on Sunday. And get your mother what she wants, my book. That’s right. A signed edition of How I Saved the World will come to her on July 6th. That’s if the China rocket doesn’t kill us all beforehand. So, go to savetheworldbook.com to order and you get a little special thing like this. You can print it out and give it to her on Sunday.

But on Saturday, don’t miss “WATTERS’ WORLD.” Speaking of China, new investigation into the China lab leak theory. The virus may have been manipulated and there could have been a cover up involving the United States. Also, another investigation into Biden’s puppet masters that are pulling all the strings at the White House, 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

WILLIAMS: Don’t miss it. Lawrence, you’re up.

JONES: I’ll be watching. Abuse, arrest, lies, and innocence. That’s Fox Nation’s latest docu-series In the Valley of Sin. It examines the mid-’90s witch hunt that pitted residents against each other in a small town in Washington. Watch this trailer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It surprises even me how traumatizing it is. I have flashback experience.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Over two years, 43 people were charged with 29,726 counts of child sex abuse.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If it’s true, it’s one of the worst sex crimes certainly I’ve ever heard of.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I could tell my 11-year-old self one thing, it would be run.


JONES: Crazy. It’s unbelievable true story starting this Sunday May 9th on Fox Nation. Sign up now at FoxNation.com. You can also catch me on “FOX AND FRIENDS” Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

WILLIAMS: You’re going to be getting up early, Lawrence. All right, this month, May, is Asian American Heritage Month. That includes Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. And to celebrate, Fox News is running a segment produced by a member of THE FIVE staff Sabrina Lee. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Asian Americans make up six percent of the U.S.

population with the fastest-growing group across America today.


WILLIAMS: That was Fox Business’ Susan Li in New York City’s Chinatown. You may not realize it, but Asians have been here in the U.S. for a long time since the 1700s. Watch the full cip at FoxNews.com/Americatogether. Shannon Bream.

BREAM: All right, while the world is waiting for Jesse’s book to show up and tell them how to save the world, your mom might need something else to read this weekend. The Women of the Bible Speak it’s available now. And thanks to our wonderful viewers, it has gone into nine reprintings. It’s the number one hardcover nonfiction book so far in 2021.

WATTERS: Congratulations.

JONES: Congratulations.

BREAM: Thank you, everyone. And there are stories of women longing for motherhood and all kinds of issues in this book that I think will touch your moms.

WILLIAMS: Judge, we have about 30 seconds.

PIRRO: All right, don’t forget to watch my show tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m.

Eastern and repeating at midnight. We’ve got great guests. We’ve got Chief James Craig from Detroit, along with Eric Greitens running for governor, Leo, and Tomi.

WILLIAMS: Judge, we have to go.

PIRRO: We’re going to look at crime in America.

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