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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello and welcome to JUSTICE. I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro. Thanks so much for being with us tonight.

Let’s get right to my open.

The number one problem this country faces is the volcanic cultural and societal shift that harkens the elimination of law and order in America.

We are slowly moving from the power that guarantees justice, the rights and privileges in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to chaos and anarchy on our streets, in our courts, and in our nation.

How did this happen? It happened slowly, but once rooted, it spread quickly.

In 2016, when Donald Trump ran as a law and order President, the term “law and order” was met with resentment and resistance. For me, it was the essence of a 32-year career as a prosecutor, Judge and DA. Who could be against law and order?

But the groundwork had already been laid by the leftist Marxist for the systemic dismantling of law and order. Bail was rescinded in states across this country, even with Republican governors like Chris Christie in New Jersey. The argument used to rescind bail was overcrowded jails and saving taxpayer dollars.

But the ultimate goal was to keep suspects out of jail and promote social justice, irrespective of the human cost.

The elimination of cash bail creates a turnstile free for all where the accused literally walk out of the precinct, feeling fully empowered to threaten, stalk, intimidate and terrify their victim, and yes, even emboldened enough to reoffend again. The message to the victim is obvious. The accused has greater rights and certainly more power than you.

That elimination of bail alone, a fundamental pillar of our criminal justice system was a game changing play that shifted the autonomy and the power to the criminal, a rupture and mandating that offenders return to court for trial.

We were constantly reminded that the folly created when headlines of criminals going out to reoffend after being released blared across the news. Then the leftist big city democrat mayors, like New York’s Bill de Blasio instigated unrest and rebellion because of his own personal animus towards police.

Police were demonized, leading to protests and chants like this.


CROWD: What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.


PIRRO: And that is exactly what they got. Two on duty New York City police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos sitting in a squad car were ambushed and shot in the head for the crime of wearing a police uniform. Thereafter, cops were openly harassed, ridiculed and denigrated with water, milk cartons, and various objects thrown at them to being beaten with baseball bats, two by fours, concrete bricks, Molotov cocktails, and in April, NYPD officers had bleach thrown at them by a man with Molotov cocktails and more explosives.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have your license and registration with you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hold on. Hold on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing that for?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing that for?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I kind of have to do it. Filling my water bottle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, that’s all right. You can open the door if you want. Don’t get out.


PIRRO: They were disrespected everywhere.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The speed limit is 40 and I was going 38. So why are you harassing me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are correct. I pulled you over because —

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because you’re a murderer.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I started to record because you’re a murderer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can’t be — you can’t be on your cell phone while you’re driving.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wasn’t on my phone. You scared me and made me think you were going to murder me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay, well, I’m sorry you feel that way?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, that’s not just a feeling. You’re a murderer.


PIRRO: Then came Black Lives Matter protest against police, focusing only on black lives taken at the hands of police, the taking of black lives by anyone other than a cop garners virtually no attention by this opportunistic movement.

Last summer in Democrat runs cities like Minneapolis, Washington, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and Atlanta, police were victimized, blinded, assaulted and worse.

And God forbid, a police officer say anything about Black Lives Matter or call them terrorists, they lose their job.

In Nashville, police were lured to a scene and then ambushed by a gunman. And then, in come the Soros-funded DAs who don’t deserve the title and would probably prefer being called social justice warriors since they are more concerned about the criminal than the victim.

Democrat leftist DAs like Cy Vance in Manhattan prefer to dismiss charges against arrested protesters telling his staff to enquire whether cases can be made against the very police who arrested the protesters. DAs like George Gascon in California are reviewing sentences of convicted violent felons already in prison so he can retroactively reduce their sentence.

Another Soros-funded DA beauty is Chesa Boudin reluctant to prosecute domestic violence cases. Of the last 131 police arrests for felony domestic violence, Boudin dismissed 113 and is still reviewing the others.

The man you may have heard of recently arrested for the street stabbing of two elderly Asian-American women, a man named Thompson had been arrested for stabbing someone else with a pair of scissors. That same DA, Boudin, diverted the case and never prosecuted Thompson who then went on to stab the two Asian-American women.

And it doesn’t end there. California is about to grant early release to tens of thousands of violent repeat offenders pursuant to Governor Newsom’s emergency declaration, 76,000 inmates would be released early to prey upon the residents of California, including 20,000 inmates who were serving life sentences.

You heard it, life sentences.

This, where there is an increase of 30 percent in homicides in LA.

These crime spikes are occurring with the newly elected Soros-funded DAs who refuse to seek enhanced sentences for repeat violent offenders and all the while, progressive DAs and governors, they have their own security and their own protection and in a shock this week, almost half of the Federal charges brought against Portland rioters including assaults on Federal officers had been dismissed by the Feds.

The Department of Justice has actually dismissed cases where their own officers had been victimized. Multnomah County DA has declined to prosecute 70 percent of the rioters in Portland.

And then came the tectonic shift, defund the police, an effort to dismantle and disempower police departments by removing funding. Along with that came restrictions on how police could arrest and if those regulations were not met, the officer would be prosecuted. Worse, qualified immunity is being removed so that police do not have the benefit of defending their actions based on their training and department policy.

Make no mistake, removal of qualified immunity will lead to an even greater mass exodus from police departments.

So we now find ourselves to the country shifting from law and order to sheer lawlessness. As a result, gun sales are higher than ever and we are left to defend ourselves. But the problem when we do is that we’re faced with more Soros funded prosecutors happy to bring charges against us. The frustration is overwhelming. Take a listen.


MAJOR KELVIN DINGLE, OPERATION COMMANDER, MOREHOUSE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, ATLANTA, GEORGIA: I wake up every morning and kiss my family goodbye, knowing that there’s a possibility I won’t come home.

I am tired of every time I wake up in the morning, there is someone else polarizing the fact that maybe law enforcement is just not a good thing. All of us are not bad. I am not as they are.


PIRRO: There’s only one way to end. That means not being afraid, not going away quietly. They are Marxist and anarchists. They hate America and they hate us.

I didn’t spend 30 years fighting for law and order to be told it doesn’t work by some leftist lunatic. None of these police hating, flag hating, constitution hating Marxists can take over the greatest system of justice in the world.

No, no. It’s you guys who got it wrong. This is America, a place where we respect law and order the flag, the police and each other.

So folks, we’re in the fight of our lives. The choice couldn’t be clearer. The only alternative is to fight the forces that seek to tear down mankind’s greatest experience in freedom.

And that’s my open. Let me know what you think on my Facebook and Twitter #JudgeJeanine.

And if you like my opens, you’ll love my closing at the end of the show.

But first, joining me right now, Detroit Police Chief, James Craig. Good evening, Chief.

CHIEF JAMES CRAIG, DETROIT CITY POLICE: Hey, how are you doing, Judge Jeanine? Glad to be on your show.

PIRRO: Well, we’re thrilled to have you on, Chief. I mean, I have tremendous, tremendous admiration for you, Chief. I must tell you that when we hear about Portland burning and the big cities burning, Atlanta burning and police precincts burning, for some reason, your department, your city, we don’t hear about police precincts burning in Detroit.

What do you know that the rest of the Chiefs haven’t quite figured out?

CRAIG: Well, first and foremost, it is called courage. It’s called standing up and supporting the great cops who do great work each and every day.

It is so unfortunate, now Judge Jeanine that nobody is standing up. And I hate to say it, but many of my colleagues who sit in my seat, they’re quiet. It’s no wonder that New York has had a 75 percent increase — increase — in their attrition rate, retirements, resignations, and then they take away qualified immunity, as you pointed out.

But then you have people sit in seats of influence. I didn’t say leadership, Judge Jeanine, influence, like LeBron, what does he say? “You’re next.”

What about Maxine Waters?


CRAIG: An elected — I won’t say leader — a person of influence. I remember back when I was in Los Angeles dealing with Rodney King, and then Rashida Tlaib here in the State of Michigan.

These toxic words that do nothing but undermine the work the men and women do and work so hard.

Look, I’m not an advocate for bad police. I’ve demonstrated time and again, I hold bad police accountable, but the vast majority of our men and women do it right.

And let’s talk about the Oscars recently.

PIRRO: Okay, but Chief, I want to ask you this, you don’t have the problems that we’re hearing about in other big cities. There is something that you are doing with the community that is calming the community down — your community is not out of control. Am I wrong?

CRAIG: You are absolutely right. They’re not out of control and you know why? Because the Detroit community, well, first of all, you can’t wait for something bad to happen and try to build relationships in the community. You just can’t do it.

When I got here eight years ago, it was important that we institutionalized the fabric of our department that we partner with the community, and not just the people who live here and not just Detroit residents, Metro, I’m talking about our community activists.

So what we saw last year as you know, Judge Jeanine, we saw people, outside agitators who were promoting violence and unfortunately, in those communities, police departments didn’t have a real good relationship.

It saddened me to watch my own home of Los Angeles burn. I saw what was going on in my neighboring city, Chicago, places that I love. But we have strong relationships here in Detroit.

PIRRO: Okay, but let me ask you one thing, just a few hours ago in New York State, in Times Square, we had three people shot, a four-year-old, a tourist and another woman shot in Time Square in New York City.

What is New York City doing? I mean, you know, the Mayor hates the police in New York, he does. But you obviously are able to have a good relationship with the community, with the force, and I guess the forces above you.

CRAIG: I’ve got to tell you, one thing that our officers have said constantly, we stay, we go out and run to danger because we know leadership in this police department is going to support us.

I was in Chicago a week ago, Judge Jeanine, a week ago and you know what the cops told me? There is no support and believe this or not, now, they are peddling some ridiculous policy that police officers if they have to engage in a foot pursuit, they have to get supervisory approval first.

So, I guess if a murder suspect is running from the police, call the Sergeant.

PIRRO: You have to stop. Yes, crazy. All right. I’m Chief James Craig, I know that there are bigger things in your future. There is no question because you have the gifts of having all of the City of Detroit not suffering what the other big cities are.

Thank you so much, Chief Craig, for being with us.

And still ahead, Eric Greitens, Leo Terrell, and Tomi Lahren.

But next, new data shows Biden’s border crisis is still getting worse. So what are states doing to force the government to act? The man leading the charge is Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. He joins me next, so don’t go away.


PIRRO: As if we needed more evidence of an open border. I.C.E. deportations fell to a record low in April despite border apprehensions staying near a 20-year high. So, if they’re not being kicked out, that means they’re staying here.

This all happening as Biden bows to those on the far left by increasing the refugee cap to 62,500, four times what it was last year.

Joining me now on how his state is fighting back, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Good evening Attorney General.

MARK BRNOVICH, ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERA: Judge. Thank you for having me.

PIRRO: Well, it’s good to have you. It seems that the Biden administration is doing their best to kind of play a shell game. On the one hand, you know, the I.C.E. deportations is, you know, down. People coming in is up. Then they raise the refugee cap, because the far left went bananas, and now they’re showing pictures of the facilities that are basically empty when even Henry Cuellar, the Congressman, I guess, it was in a tweet says, you know, it’s a shell game, they’re basically playing with images of empty Border Patrol facilities that they move the people next door. What is going on in Arizona?

BRNOVICH: Well, Judge, you know it is bad when a member of Joe Biden’s own party is basically accusing him of hiding the truth and not being transparent.

Second thing, and this is really important to note is that even with the raising of the refugee cap, that’s clearly a signal by the Biden administration to the far left. But what I would urge everyone, what I would submit to you is the real concern is two million — two million is the estimated number of people who illegally crossed our border just this year. That’s like the entire State of Nebraska coming into our country in just one year.

Secondly, and you alluded to this, Judge, that number, they have dramatically fallen even during the COVID — even during COVID, the Trump administration was still consistently deporting about 6,000 people a month. This year in this country, it was less, it was about 3,700 in March and less than 3,000 April.

So we’ve seen this dramatic decline and what that means is that people that have been convicted of crimes are not being picked up by I.C.E., not being processed for deportation. So we know — and our discovery has shown assaults, murders, arsons, very serious crimes, these people are not being deported.

And so there are approximately 1.2 million people with pending deportation orders.

We have sued the Biden administration. We have three lawsuits, and we want him to enforce the law and stop endangering everyday hardworking American taxpayers.

PIRRO: Well, what is going to happen with those lawsuits? I mean, do you expect anything to come with the lawsuits? I mean, are you still in the motion stage? What’s going on with them?

BRNOVICH: Well, Judge, I’m actually married to a Federal Judge and I’ve learned — so I learned a long time ago not to predict what a Judge is going to do.

PIRRO: Hopefully, not the one who is handling the case.

BRNOVICH: Of course not. Of course not. No, but in all seriousness, we have a hearing set for later this month.

Well, part of what these lawsuits why they are so important is not only to hold the Biden administration accountable, but we’ve literally uncovered discovery. This is available on our website.

We now have some internal e-mails, we are the first AG — any government office that has gotten this internal e-mails showing that I.C.E. themselves —

PIRRO: What did they say?

BRNOVICH: I.C.E. themselves predicted there would be a 50 percent decline in deportations. I.C.E. themselves, they got an e-mail — they decided to unilaterally stop these deportations under their interim guidance policy knowing that that would mean that some people with felonies would be released into our communities. They show that there’s not a resource issue, right.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Judge. I mean, what it shows is there is a systematic effort for whatever reason, empower the cartels and endanger Americans.

PIRRO: Yes, and you know, that is crazy. Attorney General Mark Brnovich. We are seeing it the criminal justice system, now we’re seeing it in the deportation and the criminals are running rampant. Crazy.

Anyway, thank you very much.

And next, new developments on how the George Soros funded DA Empire across America could just start to be crumbling.

Former Governor of Missouri Eric Greitens joins me with more details, don’t go anywhere.



Demand dropping across the nation as health officials fear the nation will not reach herd immunity. Several states have begun turning down vaccine doses with Wisconsin officials asking for just eight percent of the allotment set aside by the Federal government. Experts say the demand is dropping in large part because of vaccine hesitancy among the remaining population.

And one of the largest pipelines on the East Coast has stopped all operations. This, after a ransomware attack left Colonial Pipeline crippled. The cyber breach occurred sometime yesterday afternoon with one senator indicating the attack came from overseas.

This particular pipeline is critical to the nation’s infrastructure as it carries over 45 percent of the East Coast fuel supply.

I’m Ashley Strohmier. Now back to JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE. For all of your headlines, log on to foxnews.com.

PIRRO: Could the George Soros funded DA Empire across America soon be crumbling? New reports this week that St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner is now facing a disciplinary review that could result in the loss of her law license.

An investigation has found there is probably cause Gardner committed professional misconduct during her investigation of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Missouri Senate candidate and the former Governor of Missouri himself, Eric Greitens joins me now to respond to these developments.

All right, right now we’ve got another George Soros funded prosecutor who is in a bit of hot water as a result of her investigation and her hiring an investigator to investigate you. Why don’t you tell us what the background is and what she is accused of?

ERIC GREITENS (R), FORMER MISSOURI GOVERNOR: Yes, so, Judge what happened here is real simple. As Governor, I stood up for the people of Missouri. I backed our law enforcement officers and when Antifa came to Missouri, we defeated them and then I was attacked by a George Soros funded prosecutor.

And when we say George Soros funded, she received over 70 percent of her funding directly from George Soros. She went after me. She created a false case and as you mentioned, Judge, her lead investigator a handpicked F.B.I. agent who she picked has been charged with seven felonies for perjury, and evidence tampering for creating a false case against me.

And she has now been caught making 79 false statements to the court, to judges, to her own prosecution team, to the investigator, all of these lies in order to attack me.

PIRRO: Regarding your case? Wait a minute.

GREITENS: Regarding my case, these were all regarding my case.

PIRRO: Regarding your case. All right, now this special prosecutor, I believe who was indicted for several felonies. He is not a member of her office. She went out and got him in to investigate you. So, she didn’t use her regular office. That’s correct.

GREITENS: Yes, that is such an important point, Judge. She didn’t use the police. She didn’t use her own investigators.

She went out and got a former F.B.I. agent who she brought in who reported only to her and he has now been charged for seven felonies, perjury and evidence tampering for creating a false case against me. And again, we need to see justice here, just like you said, Judge. Hopefully, it begins here in St. Louis, but we need it throughout the country.

PIRRO: Let me ask you a question. How did this case — how did she end up being investigated for professional misconduct and she may even lose her law license? And how did he end up being indicted? Who indicted him? The investigator.

GREITENS: Well, we kept the fight — we kept the fight up, Judge. Look, we know there’s this big wave of leftist lies. We saw it with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, you saw it with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, but we kept fighting and eventually a special prosecutor charged that F.B.I. agent with those seven felonies and the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Council, the independent reviewer has found these 79 false statements.

PIRRO: So, it didn’t come from her office. All right, so it did not come out of —

GREITENS: No, of course, it did not come her office.

PIRRO: She is the same woman — yes, that’s why I’m trying to figure out where it came from.

Now, she is the same woman who is prosecuting the McCloskeys for defending themselves when the protesters tore down a gate and came on their property and saying, “We are going to kill you. We’re going to live here.” Correct?

GREITENS: That’s right. She is attacking the McCloskeys. She has also attacked police officers across the City of St. Louis. And as a result of her attacks on the police, we are seeing the murder rates skyrocket in St. Louis. You’ve got dead children, children who are being shot. These statistics are amazing and we’ve got to remember, every single one of these crimes involves a life as you talk about, Judge that affects an entire family forever.

When George Soros funded prosecutors run rampant, it leads to people losing their lives and the destruction of some of our finest cities.

PIRRO: No question, Eric Greitens, thanks so much for being with us this evening.

And still ahead, my closing statement on the day of reckoning soon facing California’s embattled Governor Gavin Newsom. You’ve got to see this one.

But next, Americans are fighting back against mask mandates from coast to coast. Leo Terrell and Tomi Lahren are back and ready to respond.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You will listen to us.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nope, we’ve had our citizen participation.

CROWD: No more masks. No more masks. No more masks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I move that we adjourn this meeting.


PIRRO: Those were vocal parents protesting a mask mandate at a school board meeting this week in Utah. Like so many of us, they simply want commonsense restored in America, but with leaders like President Joe Biden who despite being vaccinated still fumbles and bumbles around for his mask during every public appearance he makes, or like his cohort Vice President Kamala Harris, who despite being vaccinated, kisses her husband through a mask, it is tough to find any commonsense in Washington these days. Thanks to the clueless administration.

And joining me now to sound off, FOX News contributor, Leo Terrell, FOX Nation host, Tomi Lahren.

Welcome back to both of you. All right now, Leo, I’ve got to go to you. I went to Tomi last time first. Leo, you know, the parents say something and then they say we’ve had our citizen participation. It’s over. Did your blood start boiling?

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: You know, I am so angry. You know, Judge, I was a former school teacher, I still have my teacher’s license. And you know, it’s just horrible throughout the entire country.

Parents are upset with the lies being told about the pandemic, especially the use of a mask at schools, the safest place in America. The schools — the schools are safe, the kids are safe, and yet the mask is a form of control.

The Democrats do not want the mask to go away that’s why Joe Biden is fumbling around with the mask. That’s why Kamala Harris is kissing her husband with a mask. They’ve been vaccinated.

You know why? It’s a form of control and they want to scare the American public. The American public has figured it out. They’re not afraid of the pandemic anymore. They’re vaccinated and of all places, the schools, they are the safest place. Take those masks off. Stop the control.

PIRRO: All right, Tomi, you were nodding your head as I was. Go ahead.

TOMI LAHREN, FOX NATION HOST: Yes, and I just want to say, you know, we live in the United States of America, and there is no end to our citizen participation. So I’ll say that first, this whole United States is our free speech zone and we’re going to have it and we’re going to speak out.

But just as Leo said, you know, the masks have become a control mechanism. I think that liberals take special joy in seeing people cover their face, lose their identity. And I also want to say this, we need to lift all the mask mandates.

If private businesses want to have a mask mandate, that is fine. And we, as the American people decide if we want to be patrons of those businesses or not, but I’ll tell you this, Judge, I have a feeling once these mask mandates are lifted in these localities and the Federal mask mandate, the American people will show where they want to go and I have a feeling it’s going to be places that are maskless, that believe in patriotism, that believe in self-reliance, and that believe in the independence and the American spirit, and we will not have our masks anymore. We will free the face.

PIRRO: Well, there’s no question about it. But you know, I’ve got to ask you one question, Leo. You know, the other day, I think it was last week, Joe Biden, he is at the lectern and comes back. He is looking for his mask. He is all, you know, anxious, like, “Where’s my mask,” and then he says, “I’m going to get in trouble.”

Then later in the week, this week, he comes back to the lectern to take a question. He says, “Oh, I’m going to get in trouble.” Who’s he going to get in trouble with? What’s with him? Who is back in the White House getting him trouble?

TERRELL: Joe Biden, Judge, is more afraid of the left than he is to the right. He is afraid of the socialists. He’s an empty suit.

Listen, I want to be very honest. I’m being very candid. Everything that comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth is controlled by the socialists, by the left. He’s not — now, those are not his opinions. What you are hearing from Joe Biden are the opinions of the socialists, the extreme left. He is an empty suit, Judge.

PIRRO: Thirty seconds. Go ahead, Tomi.

LAHREN: No, he absolutely is and Leo is exactly right. I mean, at first, I thought maybe he was thinking that Nancy Pelosi was going to be angry with him. Maybe Kamala was going to be angry.

At the end of the day, as Leo said, he has to push the leftist agenda. He is terrified.

I don’t know who’s going to put him in timeout. Who’s going to lock him back in that basement again, but he is terrified. He’s just like, please, let me come out of the basement. Let me be around the American people.


LAHREN: And with my mask, that’s fine.

PIRRO: It was twice last week.

LAHREN: Let me out of the basement.

PIRRO: Okay. All right, Tomi and Leo. Stay right there. Next up, the squad is calling to defund the police. But meanwhile, AOC wants to fund a Climate Corps that could cost taxpayers up to $10 billion — with a B — dollars. Tomi and Leo are back with reaction.


PIRRO: Welcome back to JUSTICE. Radical Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to hire 1.5 million new Federal employees to start a Climate Corps Program that would cost American taxpayers $10 billion. But let’s be real, it’s simply a plan for AOC to promote her Green New Deal, recruit millions of new members of her left-wing squad.

Back with reaction, Leo and Tomi are back to react. All right, Tomi, what is what is AOC doing? What’s up her sleeve?

LAHREN: Yes, we think the mask police is bad. Wait until we have the Karen Corps that’s going to go around mandating her climate change agenda. That is the religion of climate change. We know the religion that most people on the left really seem to enjoy.

At the end of the day, though, this is just another way to appeal to the emotions of people that care about the environment, that legitimately care about the environment. But this is how they push their big government agenda. They go to people that truly do care about environmental concerns and climate change and they make them believe that bigger government is the way we’re going to save the planet and that’s how they bring in this agenda.

They appeal to low information viewers and voters to push more big government and then call it some kind of a climate core. I bet Greta Thunberg is very excited about it. As for us free Americans, we will take our regular police. She can keep her Climate Corps.

PIRRO: All right, Leo, what say you?

TERRELL: And I think, Judge — and I’ll tell you, Judge, this 1.5 million new employees. These are Federal employees. These are union employees. These are future Democratic employees and voters. That’s all they want. And here’s the thing about it. You’re creating a Climate Corps, you’re creating this Green New Deal, and you’ve taken away jobs.

Name me one single Green New Deal job that AOC or Joe Biden have created so far. They’ve taken away jobs. They have destroyed the economy. And we had the lowest employment rates or surge in this month 200,000 new jobs — low. It’s been a disaster this month.

PIRRO: It’s like those shovel ready jobs. I never met anyone who had a shovel ready job. Okay, you’ve got to listen to this one. This is a sound for black birthing people for Mother’s Day.


REP. CORI BUSH (D-MO): I am committed to doing the absolute most to protect black mothers to protect black babies to protect black birthing people. And —


PIRRO: Okay, black birthing people. I guess we’re not mothers anymore. We’re birthing people. What do you think of that, Tomi on the eve of Mother’s Day?

LAHREN: Listen, Judge.

PIRRO: What do you say, Happy Birthing Lady?

LAHREN: It is so ridiculous. Yes, they really want to take away — I thought that the left was all about women’s rights and female empowerment. Now, they want to take away the accolade of childbirth from us, too?

But you know what, I’m glad that you reminded me of this because I have to wish my birthing person, a happy special day tomorrow. I happen to call her mother, but I’ll remind her tomorrow that she is just my birthing person.

Take away the accolades from the women. My goodness, downright sexist.

PIRRO: What a shock. And that woman in Congress, Cori Bush from — she is from Missouri, Leo, go ahead.

TERRELL: She’s trying to — not only is she diminishing motherhood, it is an attempt to destroy family, to all of a sudden identify or to eliminate the term “mother” and birthing is ridiculous. I’ll tell you one thing about this woman. I don’t know if it is her or Tlaib, they are the most racist Congress people I’ve ever heard. Everything is racist.

Trees are racist. Groceries are racist. Buildings are racist. They don’t give you any fact, it i’s just racist, racist, racist. It’s ridiculous. Totally.

PIRRO: You know, Leo, I’m laughing but at the same time, you know if you don’t look a certain way, you’re obviously racist. I mean, there’s no safe space and we are looking for it.

TERRELL: Yes, everything. The sidewalks are racist. Stoplights are racist, everything is racist. It’s amazing.

LAHREN: Infrastructure is also racist. Mother’s Day racist. The low hanging fruit is the race card. But, at the of the day, Judge, I think we should just laugh at it, because they’re so ridiculous at this point. Let’s just laugh at them. They are silly. They are now using the term birthing person. I mean, at the end of the day, I think we just have got to laugh them out of the building.

PIRRO: All right, we do. I’m with you, Tomi. I’m with you, Leo. And you know what I always laugh with you guys. I love you. Thanks a lot.

TERRELL: Thank you.

PIRRO: Next, California’s policies have led to crisis after crisis, and now the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom looks close to being a done deal. I have a message for Mr. Newsom. My closing is next.


PIRRO: Finally tonight, don’t you hate it when people lie to you? Take a listen to Governor Gavin Newsom’s response to the effort to recall him as Governor of California.


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM (D-CA): Look, I understand why people would sign something. I mean, the stress and fear the anxiety we all faced in the last year. We all faced it. You did. I did. We all did.


PIRRO: What’s with the “we”? “We all faced last year. We all did. You did and I did.”

You sanctimonious lying political operative. The only thing that you and the people of California have in common is your zip code. You want to know why people are calling you — because you’re an autocratic, dictatorial, egocentric, lying, condescending, self-absorbed, self-righteous, sanctimonious, smarmy pig.

In fact, you were the reason people are moving out of California in record numbers even to the point of losing a congressional seat.

We shared the stress, the fear, the anxiety. No, we didn’t. You locked down, killed businesses, killed livelihoods, closed schools and deprived children of an education, which is their constitutional right and took away their way of life.

The toll on small business owners is beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. The toll on our children not allowed to go to school from kindergarten through college puts them behind China and the rest of the world in the global competition.

Lockdowns are for everyone, but not for you as you and your friends celebrate the birthday of a Sacramento lobbyist, no less, schmoozing, maskless at one of the most expensive restaurants in the state, inside no less. And at the same time in November of 2020, telling residents to stay home. They can’t go out amid fears of an outbreak.

And you’re greedy, too. You order wineries in 19 counties to close, but your own winery and tasting room, well, they’ll remain open. Pray tell, why didn’t you at least bother to talk to governors like Ron DeSantis whose State of Florida remained open to at least gain some insight into what you might be doing wrong?

And don’t you tell me you were listening to the science because if the science says we can’t eat outdoors, or have more than six people for Thanksgiving, then it sure as hell doesn’t allow you and a bunch of your friends at the same time to eat dinner at the French Laundry with a let them eat cake attitude.

Now, I’m not even going to get into the fact that Californians are disgusted with your laws that favor illegals over U.S. citizens or the fact that you have the highest taxes in the nation or the highest homeless rates and that you’re a sanctuary state to boot.

You fail to enforce immigration laws. People can’t even get through to the unemployment center phone lines when you promised a year ago it was a top priority. Some priority, Gavin, you paid billions and billions in fraudulent claims, while not even allowing the law-abiding taxpaying little guy to open his business and make a living.

So Gavin, you may think this recall is a quote, “sideshow and a joke.” No, you’re the sideshow and you’re the joke. Now, it’s your turn to eat cake. Feel free to go to the French Laundry. Eat as much cake as you want and have your lobbyists friends pay for it because California doesn’t want you anymore.

And that’s my closing. Don’t forget to set your DVR so you never miss a show.

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And don’t forget to check me out at cameo.com/judgejeanine.

Thanks so much for watching, I’m Jeanine Pirro advocating for truth, justice and the American way.

And Happy Mother’s Day everybody. I miss you mom.

I’ll see you next week.


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