Leo Terrell slams Chicago’s Lightfoot for implementing systemic racism: She’s ‘racist regardless of her color’

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision to conduct media interviews based on race is a straightforward example of pushing systemic racism, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell told “Hannity” on Wednesday.

LEO TERREL: Lori Lightfoot is a racist, not a covert racist, an overt racist. The reason why she gets away with it is because she is Black and she got that ‘D’ in front of her name. You know — you want to know what systemic discrimination is, systemic racism? When the mayor of a city institutes a policy, this is systemic racism but she gets away with it… We got to stop this because this race car is being used exclusively by Democrats because they are minorities… Lori Lightfoot, I want everyone to hear this, is a racist regardless of her color. And she is implementing systemic racism in the city of Chicago. Sue her.

Radio host Larry Elder argued it’s evident that Lightfoot is only digging up controversy with her discriminatory decision to divert attention from the real issue at hand – the fact that the city of Chicago is struggling to stay afloat.

LARRY ELDER: It’s an absurd thing that the mayor is asking and it’s all designed to divert attention from the problems in their city. The city’s finances are in the toilet. Their unfunded pension liability contribution is one of the largest growing items on their budget. You’ve got violent crime up year to year, homicides up year to year. The city is a third Black, a third White and a third Hispanic. You have between 70 and 80% of the homicides are Black on Black, and the majority of those are unsolved. The school system is horrific. 39% of Chicago public school teachers with school-age kids put their own kids in private school. That is four times higher than the national average. 

So the mayor has a lot of problems to deal with and I think that yelling and in demanding that a reporter be a certain kind of race is one of the least of her concerns, all designed to divert attention from the disaster that is known as Chicago.


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