Georgia Democrat activist Stacey Abrams to publish 2 more political thrillers

on May20
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Former Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams, D-Fulton, will publish two more political thrillers to accompany her recent book “While Justice Sleeps,” her publisher said Thursday.

New York City-based Doubleday announced that Abrams, who has been thrust into the center of Georgia politics after being party to a controversial consent decree with Gov. Brian Kemp regarding the canvassing of the 2020 election, will continue her other career as a novelist.

“While Justice Sleeps,” which follows law clerk Avery Keene, was released last week and is already at the top of the New York Times’ Best-Sellers list.

In a statement, Abrams said she is “thrilled to continue the story of Avery Keene.”

“Avery began her adventures in ‘While Justice Sleeps,’ and now we can follow her as she discovers what’s next for her and those she loves in the years ahead.”

Meanwhile, NBC-Universal Studios has optioned the rights for a television series based on “While Justice Sleeps,” with Abrams serving as the producer.

Prior to being a high-profile figure in Atlanta and Georgia politics, Abrams wrote several other novels around the turn of the 21st Century under the penname “Selena Montgomery.”

Abrams also previously ran unsuccessfully for governor in Georgia in 2018, but notably did not formally concede to the current officeholder Brian Kemp.

Earlier this week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Kemp could expect a rematch with Abrams in 2022, and that the Republican plans to harness Abrams’ strategy and “nationalize” the election issues-wise, using President Biden’s multiple crises and far-left lurch policywise — as Abrams and her party had used Donald Trump’s controversial personality to drum up support in their case.


Abrams has been ripping Kemp as of late for signing a voting rights bill that expanded some balloting periods among other election initiatives, with the Democrat comparing it to the Southern Democrats’ “Jim Crow” laws of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

For his part, Trump has blasted both Kemp and Abrams for their recent political actions, adding in a May 5 statement that Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., “blew two Senate seats that should have never been lost” giving Abrams’ preferred candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael G. Warnock the win – while previously hammering Kemp for signing Abrams’ consent decree in 2020.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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