Tomi Lahren drags Chicago’s Lightfoot for ‘racist’ media exclusion: It ‘sets back true equality’

on May20
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision to bar White reporters from conducting interviews is inherently racist and backward, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren attested in a new episode of “Final Thoughts”

Lahren argued that the mayor’s call sets back the nation in achieving equality and defies Merriam Webster’s definition of diversity – “the inclusion of people of different races, cultures, etc. in a group or organization.”

“I don’t care what woke culture, social justice warriors would try to dupe us into believing. Excluding a group of people — in this case, White people — from participating in journalistic activities with the elected and taxpayer-funded mayor of all the people of Chicago is racism and racist,” she said. 


“And the fact Mayor Lightfoot is practicing this as a glass ceiling-shattering leader of a major city is atrocious and only sets back true equality — another word and concept she and many other liberals don’t seem to understand.”

The host stressed that equal treatment is not synonymous with special treatment and it is impossible to foster both.

“So to treat Black and Brown reporters differently and specially is total bull and certainly not how you advance any semblance of social, cultural, or civic good,” Lahren said.

“This country has been through hell in the last year from the pandemic to the economic shuttering to the racial division and lawlessness passed off as justice,” she continued. “When will liberals finally let us heal? When will they stop pushing this racial separation and baiting to keep this country divided? The only colors that should matter are red, white and blue.”

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