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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: January 6th was terrible and criminals have been apprehended. But let’s not delude ourselves to think it was on par with actual terrorist attacks. We know what they’re doing with that term. 

It’s all the time we have tonight. Greg Gutfeld. He takes it all from here.


CAITLYN JENNER (R), GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE FOR CALIFORNIA: I have gotten such good response from people. It’s been so much fun —


BILL HEMMER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: California is the fifth largest economy in the world.

JENNER: In the world.

HEMMER: It’s bigger than Russia and you got a lot to figure out. 


HEMMER: Thank you for your time today —


DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: — first in studio guest since COVID.


PERINO: Like in history.

JENNER: History right here. I love this.

PERINO: Thank you.

HEMMER: Nice to see you again in person.

JENNER: Yes, nice to see. And nice to see both of you.


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: What the hell? Well, that’s not the first woman Hemmer has stolen from me.

She promised that I would be first. She promised me.

TYRUS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: She’s saving you for last, Greg.

GUTFELD: Damn Wheaties box went to her head.

TYRUS: Got to work your way up, you know.

GUTFELD: All right. Well, there’s nothing funnier than watching a media cut scrambling to cover their messes. It’s like watching a cat doing somersaults in a litter box. Take CNN, the conspiracy nut network, which spent four years pushing the collusion hoax, calling anyone who disagreed with them a bigot. They flooded the media zone with impeachment theater. An anti-Trump hysteria that kept everyone busy as the coronavirus spread.

Their emotional despair over Trump pushed the most destructive man-made disaster in history it would dark corner were blossomed like a pot plant and Kat’s bedroom window. Wooh. That was a lot. And when the virus took off the media along with the WHO concluded it wasn’t a lab leak. Before they’d seriously even investigated it. They labeled it a loony conspiracy theory because like the NBA, they’d rather rip Trump than offend China.

So now what are these clowns do when that narrative has collapse? You know, I don’t think they blame Trump to you.


BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR: And for Trump, the question of the lab theory was less about finding the truth, and more about finding a scapegoat as he made racist comments deflecting from his own poor political performance, and coincided with higher rates of hate crimes against Asian-Americans.


GUTFELD: Hmm. That sounds an awful lot like a defensive dodge. Sure, yes, we were wrong, but it doesn’t matter because the guy who was right is a big meanie. But just for fun. Let’s pretend this is the one time CNN is right. 

Can’t a president be wrong in the media is still investigating legitimate story simultaneously, you follow? Even if their opinion is true about Trump, it doesn’t explain why the media didn’t do its job.

The lab leak theory was more plausible than blaming a wet market pangolin but it was portrayed like it came from Alex Jones’ dream diary. That’s on the news. That’s not on Trump. Now I don’t claim to be Edward R. Murrow. 

I’m closer to Edward Munster, in height, and we both wear black shorts. But even as a commentator, I’m way more objective than these bitter spinsters. 

And I’ll let you know when I’m talking out of my butt.

CNN can’t do that because it’s all but all the time. Look, at their lineup, it’s a whole lot of crack.

And when I say broken, I mean, they’re actually broken. The Trump era caused an entire news network to fall apart like a perfectly cooked pork shoulder, or a wet burrito. As you can tell, I’m hungry. But at least I’m not thirsty, like this fellow.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: On the right, they’re all about it. Why? Because the more this is about China being sneaky, the less it is about our leadership failing under Trump. So, the byproduct of that is what fueling hate toward innocent people of Asian descent. You know that that’s a reason why we’ve had an uptick in the assaults. But it’s all about the game.


GUTFELD: Oh my God. He really is morphing into Ron Burgundy. I can’t blame them.

TYRUS: How dare you.

GUTFELD: I know that was bad. I apologize to Ron Burgundy even though he’s a fictitious character. But again, even if Cuomo was right about Trump’s intentions, which he is and it’s still irrelevant, he should still investigate a plausible cause to the worst medical disaster since Jerrold Nadler’s tummy tuck. It’s dead. These bozos linked the calls for investigating the lab to Asian hate crime.

Sorry. Increases in crime came from a decrease in accountability following the defund the police push. No bail. Early releases due to COVID. Cities no longer prosecuting theft. Unstable characters on empty streets targeting the old and vulnerable and Cuomo thinks that has to do with Trump? How long before they tell us that Trump was on the grassy knoll in Dallas? How long before they tell us he killed Kurt Cobain?

Maybe Chris is deflecting blame from his brother again. But this is what happens when you have only one tool in the toolkit and you got a tool operating it. What these dopes are saying is purely based on their residual trumped arrangement. It doesn’t matter if Trump was onto something, his intent was so bad, that’s enough to ignore it. CNN wasn’t alone. Other people mock the theory only because Trump and Pompeo were onto it early.

They’re literally explaining to you how media prejudice against Trump bias their coverage. Because the more it’s China’s fault, the less they can blame Trump. Now admit Trump has said some crazy stuff. But when he was right, he was right. On the bigger stuff from the vaccines to China in the first place, to the Middle East. Hell to running for president in the first place. We all laughed at that.

He’s got a way better track record than are gloriously awful and very bitter media. So you want to talk deflection? Now we’re being told that the Biden White House shut down an inquiry into the theory that China’s bio weapon program may have played a role in unleashing this pandemic. Why? 

Well, it was launched by the Biden — I mean, the Trump administration and isn’t that reason enough? Instead, what do they want to investigate?

What really went down on January 6th? Yeah, because the media hasn’t squeezed enough feverish content out of that story. So, rather than investigate what could have killed millions of people, they want to relive January 6th for their own amusement. Which means if and when another lab experiment goes bad, who can we blame then? Well, like a portable toilet, it’s best if you don’t look into it.


GUTFELD: Let’s welcome tonight’s guest. She puts the rat in radiology, author of the new book Panic Attack, Dr. Nicole Saphier. He told his Uber driver to only make right turn. Right Turn Strategies President, Chris Barron. Not from the Spin Doctors. Her favorite vitamins are A, C and ecstasy, Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf. And he’s a mountain of a man and well worth the climb. My massive sidekick and host of “NUFF SAID” on Fox Nation, Tyrus.

Chris, I go to you first. It’s been a long time buddy. It’s been years.


GUTFELD: You still look the same. So do you.


BARRON: I don’t know why you never call anymore.

GUTFELD: It’s because I never really liked you.


GUTFELD: Let me — let’s get to the point here. Should the press eat crow or should the crows eat the press?

BARRON: I’m good with either one. So, what’s so amazing is watching Maggie Haberman on CNN this week actually admitting yet the reason why they didn’t actually follow through and investigate whether this, you know, was a lab leak was because Trump said it. So it became political and so therefore, of course, they doubted it. Of course, they railed against it. And also, why is it less racist to say that it came from a wet market in Wuhan than it is to say that it was a lab leak? I just — I don’t understand. 

KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Because everything Trump says is racist.

BARRON: Of course.


BARRON: I mean, at the end of the day, all this is always about Trump. For them, they can’t stop.

GUTFELD: And I always go back to how — Doctor, how they smeared the glorious wet markets. Like I, you know, their, their customer base just got sliced in half, much like their pangolins that they sell. I hear by the way that pangolins are delicious. They eat the scales, which is something to think about Dr. Saphier, I don’t even know where I’m going with this. Are you disturbed by the way they treated this theory as some kind of conspiracy theory?

DR. NICOLE SAPHIER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Greg, I can tell you. I was a target of that media hit campaign early summer, late spring last year when I was asked about what are the possible origins of the virus, which is why there’s an entire chapter of it in my book, because the truth is important to people. And yes, wet markets, disgusting places. You have animals, you have humans and it makes sense. That’s how a lot of local outbreaks of pathogens occur.

GUTFELD: Really.


SAPHIER: But there —

GUTFELD: So there is a — there is a plausible (INAUDIBLE)

SAPHIER: Of course, a natural spillover is plausible but also the fact that you have the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

GUTFELD: Yes. But they blocked.


SAPHIER: Ten miles away and they are the leading — the global leader of coronavirus research. They also have published that they have the most genetically similar coronavirus that’s circulating as SARS-CoV-2 right now. 

So yes, of course we’re going to ask questions but I was destroyed by the media saying I was wrong. Anti-science and everything that I was saying was just promoting conspiracy theories.

TIMPF: Yes. And the response I saw they did a sort of correction on Vox would be like, well, now that more information has emerged she’s not totally insane.



TIMPF: More information has emerged, right? But we’ve — like it’s not new that as you mentioned, that’s just so happened to happen. The outbreak started in and only in the one place where there was this lab that had been studying bats and coronaviruses for years. And it was so good at attacking humans, almost as if it had been engineered to do so. I mean, I’m not a scientist. I’m also not a doctor like you.

But like, imagine if there was like a giraffe walking around the Bronx. And he seemed really comfortable with humans and someone who’s like, oh, maybe that’s the giraffe from the meet and greet with the animals at the Bronx Zoo. Like nobody would be like you lunatic. Where did you — where did you think of that conspiracy theories, but that’s exactly what the media did. 

Except they also added racist.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. No. I was going to say it’s kind of like imagine in a tiny small town. There’s an — a fireworks explosion, right? And they go, where could it be? Let’s not go to the fireworks factory. 

BARRON: Absolutely not there.

GUTFELD: (INAUDIBLE) to the fire. You know, I think it happened at the convent? You know those nuns like go hoard their barrel bombs and bottle rockets under their habits. Their nasty habits. Their nasty habits, Tyrus. 

What is wrong with me?

TYRUS: You know.

GUTFELD: What is wrong?

TYRUS: OK. First of all —

GUTFELD: By the way you met — you talked to Caitlyn today. What — did she ask about me?

TYRUS: First of all, just so you know, I big leagued her.

GUTFELD: Did you?

TYRUS: I big leagued her. I was like, excuse me. Olympian, pardon me. And she was like, hey, Tyrus, I’m a huge fan. Who’s that guy that cohost with you sometimes? Hammer? No, no. Gutfled? Yes. Gutfeld. How is he? I said he’s fine. Yeah. Why are you ducking the show? Are you scared? And she said, yes. She’s nervous. So she’s going, you know, she’s going to start on the ground up. You know how it works?


TYRUS: You want to get on the Big Show. You start at Hannity. You get an American in this room? 


TYRUS: Then maybe you do a waters world?


TYRUS: And at some point, you get a call from our guy. 


TYRUS: Who says you made it.


TYRUS: And then you come on. I mean, that’s how it works. I know she wanted preferential treatment because of the Olympian and run for governor but in the GUTFELD Show we don’t play that.

GUTFELD: No, we don’t.


TYRUS: I just don’t walk all up in here and just —

GUTFELD: No. I like that our show intimidates the world’s greatest athlete.


GUTFELD: Like she — I think she won some Olympic medals.

TYRUS: Yes. But, you know, it’s now. It’s what’s going on right now. And as far as medals and awards going, although we — for some reason don’t qualify for anything. Our numbers are there.


TYRUS: He got all kinds of Emmys and stuff, maybe even an Oscar for me smiling and a lot of your jokes. But the whole point of this whole thing was, Kat and I usually agree with everything. No new information was discovered back.

BARRON: Exactly.


TYRUS: It’s just —


TYRUS: He was right. And breaking — as I was walking through the hotel, that breaking news that Biden — President Biden, in his wisdom has decided he give you 90 days to figure this out. 

GUTFELD: Right. That’s true.

TYRUS: So, even though he will not admit that the former administration was correct. And there are assumptions and we need to investigate it full regalia before he’ll say well investigated really good after soup. Then he says 90 days, which is a small victory.

SAPHIER: But let’s be — let’s be serious at this point. Any evidence that would have been there is gone, whether it was destroyed or is just gone.


SAPHIER: They’re not going to come to a conclusion.

TYRUS: The same clumsy guy was probably going to do it again. Who knows? 

Like, you know, it’s that first year intern that got him because of his uncle.


TYRUS: You know, and he’s mixed ops.

GUTFELD: Or it’s like — or it’s — or it’s the nephew that you didn’t like, OK.


TYRUS: — to see here.

GUTFELD: Yes. It’s like a — it’s a nephew you don’t like and you’re going to go work at the animal viral leak lab. And then you’re going to have a weird superpower. All right. Up next. Will COVID fears sports? Olympic sports. Well, we run that. And later, Tyra says some huge news. Stick around.


GUTFELD: Bad news for fans of Greco-Roman team canoeing. A major Japanese newspaper has called for the 2020 Olympics to be canceled due to rising COVID cases. Heartbreaking news for athletes who’ve spent the past four years preparing to beat their drug tests. Officials claimed the games could be held safely with thousands of athletes entering Japan along with judges, sponsors, media and of course Mothra.



GUTFELD: Wouldn’t be the same without Mothra. He always has a backstage pass. But the U.S. State Department has issued a level four do not travel advisory. Their strictest warning. It’s just under level five which is only issued if Godzilla arrives with his son Corey.


GUTFELD: Corey looks a lot like Frank Luntz. Just might. Anyway, if the games fall through, it would be the first Olympics cancellation since World War II. That’s the second world war, Kat. Meanwhile, back in Chicago, a Mexican restaurant is offering an unrestricted vaccinated-only section to work around COVID guidelines. Patients with proof will be issued neon pink wristbands and allowed to mingle like pre-pandemic human beings.

The rest face distancing rules and partitions just like cattle at the stockyards. Does any of this work? Even the CDC admits indoor transmission rates are low, whether you’re six feet or 60-feet away, but it does give people a way to feel smarter, better and cleaner than the unwashed masses. 

Bottom line, whether you’re vaxxed not everyone in Chicago puts their pants on the same way. Crouch down dodging gunfire.

So, how do you feel about the separation thing, this vaccine segregation Doc?

SAPHIER: To be honest, I hate it. I think it is just breeding another form of discrimination. And again, I don’t understand why people continue to neglect the fact that there is a large amount of natural immunity.


SAPHIER: It’s because you acknowledge natural immunity, it doesn’t mean you’re anti-Vax, it means you actually are following the science. And we have just as much data as showing natural immunity can be just as strong as the vaccine induced. So you’re going to have people with their little pink wristbands, like they’re in a nightclub, 21 years old, again, because they have a vaccine. Remember, the vaccines aren’t 100 percent either.


SAPHIER: So you can have someone in that group who actually the vaccine didn’t work on. And yet you can have those with natural immunity, who are being discriminated against, we’re probably safer than them. It’s ridiculous at this point.

BARRON: The left is looking for the next mask, they’re looking for the next virtue signal.

SAPHIER: They haven’t let go — let go of the mask.

BARRON: They don’t want to but I’m saying like that will give them something else they can hold on to show that they’re better and smarter than the dirty unwashed masses out there. I mean, look, the CDC has said that if you’re fully vaccinated, then you’re safe. So who cares? 


BARRON: So you should feel comfortable going and eating surrounded by people who haven’t been vaccinated. They’re the ones who are at risk. Why would you have to segregate people out? Except those people want to feel better than others?


GUTFELD: By the way. You know what you could do, it’s just like, you know, when you buy those beware the dog signs, you could just go buy the little bracelet. Right? That’s like — that’s how I get into clubs. Well, some clubs.

TYRUS: I’m not playing so I’m not going.

GUTFELD: Tyrus, there’s a club that where you only wear a bracelet.

TYRUS: There is a club right here. You want this club or you want that club?

GUTFELD: It’s a — I have a theory. You’re going to like this theory, OK?

TYRUS: Are you sure?

GUTFELD: Yes. I think that no — I think that we should allow the mystery of whether you’re vaccinated or not to permeate in restaurants because that will cause waiters to spend less time at each table because the spread is directly related to the amount of time you spend with somebody. It’s like

15 minutes leads to transmission or something like that. But if the waiter doesn’t know, Tyrus, then they have to take your order faster and move to the next table.

So you actually increase the productivity of the restaurant help. What do you make of that? I keep up with that this morning in the shower.

TIMPF: I’m just —

GUTFELD: So I come back to you?

TYRUS: Yes, man. Because I can’t — just — you’re climbing mountains, you’re showering, you know, my sleep pattern.


GUTFELD: I like to plant images in Tyrus’ head.


TYRUS: I’m back (INAUDIBLE) I fought through it. Break through. I’m proud of myself. Listen, this is the ploy that the Democratic Party is going to run the entire time because a lot of the reasons why they got such a huge up in votes was because they convinced that they were going to be the party that fixes this and cures this. And they had all the answers. And it was hugs and smiles and inflammation and no stuff. So, in your 100 days, it’s gone. You’re in trouble.


TYRUS: So of course you need a bracelet to separate and then it will be — then you need a special hat.


TYRUS: You know, it’s going to continue. Then there’s the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and then let’s not forget those half vaccinators run off.


TYRUS: Shutters. They went in for the shot and then sons of bitches just ran off in the world. Dangerous, we got to find them.


TYRUS: We got to mark them and the reason why they didn’t get the second shot, you wonder why? They’re racist (INAUDIBLE) was a person of color and they were like, oh, hell no. You didn’t give me too. So we have to focus on that. I can make this stuff up for as long as you want. But I am not allowed to work for the CDC. Like scares me is the people who are working for the CDC are making up stuff like, bracelets and special sections.

You get the vaccine, you still got to wear a mask or don’t or whatever. How are we doing this week? Bad? No masks. Do a little better? Oh, we need mouth guards. It’s going to be the whole thing because that’s the only way they’re going to see reelection.

GUTFELD: Can I — last word to you, Kat. I just want to know — we haven’t talked about the Olympics. I find the Olympics very repetitive.


GUTFELD: Not visually appealing. The Olympic activities in the Summer Olympics are usually the weak sports. Let’s face it track. Track is weak.


BARRON: There’s no — there’s no — there’s no hockey, so no one came around.

GUTFELD: That’s right. I meant what I said that. The track is very hard, Kat.


GUTFELD: Are you going to miss Olympics if they don’t have them?





TIMPF: Look, I think it — I feel very bad for everybody who trained so hard and, you know, from what I’ve heard about, you know, gymnast for example, that’s not exactly something you can do well into your 40s.

GUTFELD: Yes. That’s true.

TIMPF: They told me that when I sign up for classes.

GUTFELD: You got a — you got one year left.

TIMPF: That’s true. I am. I’m — yes. I’m always significantly older than I really am in your eyes. But I’m not going to miss them. 


TIMPF: Because I’d rather watch —


GUTFELD: So, you know what —

TIMPF: There’s no murder in them. It’s not interesting.

GUTFELD: So direct your hate mail to Kat who obviously is a patriot patriotic enough to support our American athletes.

TIMPF: All right, I hate America. OK.

GUTFELD: You hate America, and you love murder.


GUTFELD: Which is disgusting. Up next, comedy advice from a famous set was about as funny as death.


GUTFELD: Is he battling to the mob to keep his acting job? Actor Seth Rogen, if that’s his real name, says he doesn’t understand comedians who complain about cancel culture. It’s a topic of a new 47 part series that I’m calling —


GUTFELD: Terrible impression. Seth Rogen privilege is the only segment on T.V. that looks at how an obedient leftist can say canceled culture doesn’t exist because he’s an obedient leftist. That I’m your host, Tilda Swinton. 

So, during an interview on “Good Morning, Britain,” they have mornings in Britain? He was asked about moments from his past films that may now be considered offensive, he noted that some stuff hasn’t aged well, which is fine. 

But then he got on his high horse and went after comedians who take issue with being bashed for old material saying, “When I see, see comedians complaining about this kind of thing, I don’t understand what they’re complaining about.” And he also added this, 


SETH ROGEN, COMEDIAN: Saying terrible things as bad. So, if you said something terrible, then that’s something you should confront in some way, shape or form. I don’t think that’s cancel culture. That’s you saying something terrible if that’s what you’ve done.


GUTFELD: He makes a great point. Why shouldn’t people with no sense of humor in the present take jokes from the past seriously? Art is best when people are terrified. Look at all those great comedians that came from the Soviet Union or Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea. But hey, it’s not like Seth has anything to worry about. Just ask his friend, James Franco, who he sold down the river, Kat, the moment there was trouble.

TIMPF: This — he was disingenuous here. Not only was he wrong, obviously, he’s wrong. Because as you said, people need to be feel free to joke about anything even if it’s tough, because tough stuff you need laughter the most. But it was also so disingenuous for him to say, look, I don’t know what the big deal is. 

You know, if you if you made a joke that aged terribly, just say that. 

Like, as if everyone mad about it, we’ll just go, oh, OK, that’s fine. I you know, no, don’t worry about it, buddy. It’s not that simple. The people who are pissed about it, they stay in, they ruin people’s careers, their lives. He made it seem like it’s that simple. He knows it’s not.

GUTFELD: I know, though, it was a weird kind of skirting of the issue Tyrus. There’s another thing he did that bothers me. It’s when the argument is it’s, it’s basically never been a problem for me kind of argument. So, it’s like, it’s like it, but it will be, but it’s not right now.

TYRUS: Well, let’s, let’s also, he’s not really in the game anymore. Like, that is his type of comedy and humor. We enjoyed. I enjoyed. I thought his movies were clever and fun. And, and it wasn’t serious. And yes, it’s a lot of it made the show the worst side of guys sometimes right? When we could all laugh at it, you know. But we — and then he gets to a point now where he says those things, but he’s not taking those chances and risks anymore. 

And that’s it. Here’s a prime example, “Saturday Night Live,” which is pretty much unwatchable these days. The best segment they have with the biggest laughs they had is when the two comedians mate wrote each other’s jokes. And the of course the white guy was made look racist by the black guy and etc. But you laughed your ass off, and it was just comedy. It wasn’t. No one was like, Oh, sure. How could you say that spell Superman, black Superman with S-T-E-A-L — you know, like, everyone laughs. Like, I get it “Man of Steel” instead of steal, got it? 

GUTFELD: Got it.

TYRUS: Good education. But the point is, is like it was OK, everyone laughed. So for him to sit there be like, yes, it’s not a big deal. If he started having to write checks, or some of his earlier movies, because it offended somebody or gave them the Mick love and confused me on how to get alcohol as an adult. And I’m forever sad. I mean, people will pull that crap. He’s, you know, he’s out the game.

GUTFELD: That’s actually true. It’s easy for him because he’s so far removed, Chris. I mean, if it was about the time it was happening, when observe and report was out, he would be feeling differently.

CHRIS BARRON, P.R. AND COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST: Oh, absolutely. And probably this is all about one thing, James Franco. 


BARRON: He gave an interview a couple weeks ago, where he was asked about James Franco. And he said, I don’t have any plans to work with him in the future, currently, right, trying to get around having to answer anything about all the stuff that James Frank has been accused of. And he got raked over the coals in left wing media for not coming out and attacking. 


BARRON: So, he’s afraid they’re coming for him next. So this is like the hostage tape, you know? This is like, please don’t shoot me. Please don’t come for me next. And it’s pathetic. By the way. You’ve got people out there like Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, who are actually funny, who are pushing back against this ridiculous cancel culture. And then you’ve got Seth Rogen, who’s willing to sacrifice him for his friends and sacrifices, his art if it means he continues to cash check.

GUTFELD: Yes, Seth Rogen. 

BARRON: Oh, God. 

GUTFELD: Are you ever worried that you might get canceled because you showed up? You’re a doctor and then you show up on Fox you getting crap for that?

SAPHIER: Of course I do. I mean, I feel like I’ve walked on a very narrow tightrope for the last 15 months. And luckily, you know, I speak everything that I say maybe my opinion may go against the grain, but everything I say is backed up by facts. I’m not just like, Hey, you know what? like Dr. 

Fauci will say, well, it’s my gut feeling, here we go today. No, it’s because I’m reading and you know, I also read the data and I’m not cherry picking it like what’s happening with the current recommendations. And you know, when it comes to all of this and Seth Rogen it’s great now because he’s behind the camera, so he doesn’t have to go out there. But by him saying this, he’s kind of just like kowtow into the wokeness.


SAPHIER: By just saying again, they’re allowing people to be afraid of what they’re going to say. I mean, laughter is cheap medicine if we’re going to get away from comedy and comedic movies and everything else and people are going to be so paralyzed in fear from offending people. I mean, that’s just going to be a very sad moving forward

GUTFELD: Yes, he literally he picked a side, he picked a side and it’s not, it’s not the side he should have picked. 

BARRON: No and young — he’s already made it. He’s a made man. 

GUTFELD: He should have been thinking about the young comics that are broke that are like that are making it like no, but he’s like dude, I live in, I live in a great house in Malibu wherever, this is not my problem. All right. Up next, if there is a way to riot, blue cities will cry.


GUTFELD: Portland burns as peaceful protesting returns. Is that a liberal run locale or a deep circle in hell? It’s getting hard to tell. Yes, the city of roses keep smelling like smoke because their leaders are an absolute joke. Boy, this is like a long poem. Portland cops declared a riot last night as they arrested people for smashing windows, lighting fires, and throwing frozen water bottles, eggs and even metal road spikes and officers to mark the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. 

Although, it also coincided with their previously scheduled nightly riot. 

All done peacefully, of course by peaceful activists who were peacefully active. Did I mentioned it was peaceful? Police say about 200 people gathered outside the Monoma County Justice Center. Some sprayed graffiti, some shouted burn it down, some littered dumpster on fire. Why are they always so mad at dumpsters? 

They made quite a mess or is MSNBC called it a brilliant piece of performance art that should be nominated for Nobel Prize. The crowd later marched to City Hall and smashed some of its windows or as CNN is reporting they kindly volunteered to renovate the building to increase airflow and make it more COVID safe. Stick around for when they rip the doors off to make it handicap accessible. All right, Tyrus, why don’t you think this happens, where you live? Why is it Portland?

TYRUS: Because big man walks with big gun, because we, we get it. 

Unfortunately, and we don’t — we call things what they are in the adult world. There’s nothing protest or peaceful about this. This is riot to loot. This makes zero sense. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of George Floyd.

We saw progress. We saw a police officer being held accountable. So, on the anniversary, you would celebrate: one, his life if, if it was important to you. And two, that we saw that we saw a major moment in justice in this country. So, why burn it down when we got what we wanted? We wanted accountability. 

We wanted a fair trial. We didn’t want the jurors to give the benefit of the doubt just because there were a law officer. Literally, you got everything you asked for. And then you still try to burn it down. The system doesn’t work. Police officers in jail forever. Like, got it. 

But that’s not what it’s about, yes, it has nothing to do with George Floyd. Sounds nice when they report it. It sounds nice when we have to say peaceful protests — no, these are thugs and looters who are looking for an excuse to burn things down because they don’t want to work, and they’re allowed — they’ve been allowed to do it.

GUTFELD: That’s the thing. It’s the lack of accountability. Like if I were young, and I knew that I could go out every night and just (BLEEP) up, I don’t know what young Greg Gutfeld would do. But I don’t think you’d be sitting at home. 

BARRON: No, no, absolutely not, and neither would young Chris Barron. By the way, why don’t we just give them what they want? They want they want anarchy. I’m willing to give up the border wall, if we build a wall around or Portland and just say have at it. We’re done. Police are out. You want this? You’ve got it. 

GUTFELD: Yes, that would be nice. 

TYRUS: That would last one week. 


GUTFELD: Unless we decide to film it Dr. Saphier and turn it into a TV show. Instead of Olympics, it’s called like Antifa versus society.

SAPHIER: They had one it was called Portlandia. It’s just now like, it looks like sons of Anarchy. So, you can just revamp Portlandia to give a realistic portrayal of what it is. But it’s this state of chaos mixed with this homeless epidemic and they’re getting huge federal funds to fix it. 

So, where’s that going?

GUTFELD: Yes, that’s true. You know, Kat, I believe that this is a cause of like an outsized self-esteem movement, meeting this lack of accountability. 

So, you have people who believe they can do whatever they want just destroying things because they can’t themselves achieve anything of merit. 

What do you say to that theory, Ms. Timpf, if that’s your real name? 

TIMPF: It is. 


TIMPF: I also — yes, I agree. I also think that it’s awesome. How the mayor was just so concerned about making all these concessions to them. 

Like, listen, I know you’re coming from they all just started screaming. 

Like, it’s not that complicated, like what do they want? What do they want? 

They have what they want, what they want is to set things on fire.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Exactly. It’s like, the mayor and all these Democrats thought it was going to end with Trump. In Tyrus’ point, it had nothing to do with Trump. It never had. It’s like they fed the crocodile and now the crocodiles even hungrier it wants to eat everybody.

TYRUS: And you sprinkle a little social justice virtue and they’re doing it for the good fight. We won the fight. We knocked him out in the first round. Imagine if I was, hey, it’s Martin Luther King Day, I’m going to burn down the building.

GUTFELD: What the hell? All right, it’s not going to happen on national Greg Gutfeld Day. Still to come, jerks on a plane are causing the pain. The latest flight fights next.


GUTFELD: She came to fight on a 90-minute flight. But it was swinging fists put her on a no fly list. Southwest Airlines may have stopped serving nuts, but they’re still selling them tickets. Southwest Airlines Flight attendant recently got two teeth knocked out by a female passenger. This would never happened on the bust where the crew is already toothless. Dr. Saphier, I never should have used your joke.

The bloody encounter happened aboard a San Diego bound flight from Sacramento. Witnesses say, the woman became enraged after she was asked to keep her seatbelt fastened while the plane was still moving. After landing, she turned violent pummeling the flight attendant before being taken into police custody. And she’s also being stripped of her frequent fighter miles. A stupid joke. And yes, she was wearing leopard print leggings, the worst thing, so now asking people to wear a seatbelt is statistically more dangerous than flying. 

Nearly, 500 so-called passenger misconduct incidents have been reported on Southwest flights in the past month alone. I guess cities aren’t the only place criminals are taking advantage of no cops. What is it about flying that brings out the worst in people? Like so much high altitude gas. 

Someone could make a killing if they put all these airplane fights into one video. Luckily, we already did.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you ready to take a nonstop flight to do like seeing shoving, punching, scratching, biting and hair pulling? Then you need fight flights volume 4. It’s the ultimate mixtape of all your favorite mile-high rumbles. See all the battles that were too hot for land. All your favorite frequent fighters are here including the guy who hops the armrest, lady who tries to get off the plane before everyone else, confused Ambien man and attack teams euro, and arguing couple. 

So fasten your seat belts because the only connections you’ll see on this tape are to-the-face. Order now we’ll throw in the bonus video the best of screaming toddlers. It’s fight flight volume 4. Order now.


GUTFELD: Yes. Doctor, a two-part medical question, what do you think could be causing this increase in defining, is it a mixture of say, alcohol or pharmaceuticals and altitude? And part two, what is with the increase in flatulence on planes? I’m asking for a friend.

SAPHIER: Greg, that is a personal question, and I’m not going to answer that. Because that’s just, say, you think and not a society —

GUTFELD: People at home know what I’m talking about. 

SAPHIER: You know, I’m actually I’m getting frustrated here because people are getting a little bit more unruly on airplanes. And yes, and you stick a bunch of people, strangers together with alcohol, 30,000 feet above the ground, things get a little crazy. But I’m going to put this a little bit on the airlines in the sense that they were very eager in the beginning of the pandemic right to, to say hey, you know what, we have the best filtration system and it’s still safe to fly. Why don’t they lead us out of the pandemic now and say we’re going to be the first confined area to say it is safe to remove your mask. 


SAPHIER: We’re going to say how to do this and I can tell you I think that if you remove those face masks off of people, you’re going to see a lot less hostility because I don’t know people have been traveling. It is really difficult to have the mask on for that long. And obviously violence is never an answer people.

GUTFELD: Are you sure? 

SAPHIER: I think, I truly think removing the face mask would be an amazing step forward for the industry.

GUTFELD: Well, we do. We learn that the mask, the mask — we learned that the mask did not stop the fist. So, it’s clear, Kat, that masks don’t work. 

Is the answer, Kat, more alcohol not less? 

TIMPF: Yes, always. That’s what I tell my staff. 

GUTFELD: Except for dry.

TIMPF: I just flew for the first time since the pandemic this past weekend. 

And I’m not going to lie, it’s worse. Like it’s bad. Like the mask thing, yes, it sucks. Also, the airport employees were rude and unhelpful to a whole new level. I had a, I asked a woman for help, and she told me to wait because she had to take some selfies first. 

And then I understand sit there and watch her take like 11 selfies before she would help me. But the thing is, and violence is usually not the answer, but it’s never the answer on in airports or airplanes because they have all the power you have none. Like there’s other places it’s the customer is always right. On an airplane or an airport, it is if the customer is wrong, it’s a federal crime.

GUTFELD: Imagine if the mayor of Oregon had as much balls as some of these flight attendants say like, you can’t do this. Tyrus, you’d fly a lot — 

TYRUS: Yes, because you forced me to. Every time I say remote, not on my show, click. So, yes, I do travel. I traveled throughout the pandemic unscathed. Listen, this is a very simple thing. When I, when I was a child, and I was flown with whatever step parent was around, it was very simple. 

This is expensive, act accordingly. The problem was is that the airlines made plane tickets cheap now. We always see the fights on Southwest and the

SAPHIER: They’re always sitting in the middle seat. 

TYRUS: What’s the other one that —

TIMPF: Spirit.

TYRUS: Spirit. You always see the fights on there, right? We need to and I hate things I find a lot but you need to start raising the prices of tickets again. Because when people pay for something, they act right. When they get it for next to nothing, they act a fool, they act stupid, there’s never an excuse to hit someone who could potentially save your life. You, you like it when they bring you your pretzels and your drinks, but that’s the person that’s going to help your goofy ass get off that plane if it goes down, and you just hit her in the mouth. 

The saddest part was the guys who made videos talking about what they were going to do. Well, I was about to get up and say something. But then she hit her, and I was like, whoo, well, where are you at bro? Like I wouldn’t allow someone to punch the damn attendant or even answer that point. Like, it’s just — the problem is no accountability and cheap tickets, get cheap people who do bad things.

GUTFELD: And when something is pricey, remember people would get dressed up. I often get, you know when I go to the buffet at Bob Evans, I put on a coat and tie, Chris. 

TYRUS: He does. 

GUTFELD: Because it’s you know, it’s not cheap, Bob Evans.

BARRON: I’ll see what the real problem is, is that people have been caged up for 15 months. You’ve been cage — 

GUTFELD: Not a problem for me. 

BARRON: I’m proud for you. That’s just, again, that’s personal. But now, people are finally getting out. Airlines have made flying, unbelievably uncomfortable to begin with. They made all the seats smaller. There’s no leg room. 

GUTFELD: Not a problem for me.

BARRON: You don’t get any snacks anymore. You get nothing. You got to put on the mask. People, it is a toxic environment flying right now. People are a little crazy. And violence is almost never the answer. 

GUTFELD: Violence is never the answer except when it’s me. Kidding. Up next, Tyrus has a huge announcement.


GUTFELD: All right, Tyrus.

TYRUS: OK, this is difficult for me. I know. I’m coming out. I’m telling you something you need to know. I’m Bigfoot, you guys. It was me. And you can learn all about my struggles of living in forest across America terrorizing campers in my new book “Just Tyrus,” pre-sales are up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. December 14.

GUTFELD: When is it?

TYRUS: It drops December 14th, but you can order it now on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. 

GUTFELD: Set your DVRs every night. Never miss an episode. Thank you to Dr. 

Saphier, Chris Barron, Kat, Tyrus, our studio audience. “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” 

with evil Shannon Bream is next. I’m Greg Gutfeld.

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