Law enforcement is ‘profession in crisis’ as Chicago bans foot pursuits: James Craig

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Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who retired Tuesday, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that law enforcement is a “profession in crisis,” now underlined by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s order that her department cease most instances of apprehending crime suspects through foot pursuits.

As host Tucker Carlson noted, the press has largely dismissed Lightfoot’s order as affecting mainly “minor traffic violations,” but noted to Craig that it includes micromanaging split-second decisions by a cop, as to whether there are too many obstacles, the suspect is or isn’t injured or the magnitude of an already serious crime.

“If a woman mugged and she’s got less than $400 bucks on her purse, police can’t chase the mugger, what you think that will do to Chicago or any city?” Carlson asked Craig, who later called the order “ridiculous” and “absurd.”

“I’ve been in this business 44 years. I can’t tell you how many individuals I’ve chased on foot to stop a violent crime,” Craig said. “And now they want to micromanage when you can chase?”

Craig said many city governments are shifting their purview toward protecting criminals rather than victims.

“Judges are embracing bail reform and not using common sense – What about the victims?” Craig asked. “Who is talking to the victims? Not one person. It’s sad. Our profession is in a crisis.”

He noted that many of the police reform measures are explicitly intended to help lessen inequities in minority communities but pointed out that many of the suspects police pursue on foot have committed a crime in those exact neighborhoods.

“What about the people that live in vulnerable communities who happen to be mostly persons of color? It’s shameful,” he said. “It is shameful and got to tell you, you’re in Detroit, they want us to do our job.”

Craig applauded Detroit city leadership, which during his tenure has been under Democratic Mayors Dave Bing and Michael Duggan, for allowing his department to enforce the law fairly toward all Detroiters.

He told Carlson that many of the residents of the communities these new anti-police actions are geared toward aren’t actually happy with the decision or its results.


“They think it’s ridiculous. They want you to do your job. When I got appointed to chief eight years ago, you know, people were sick and tired of crime and that police were demoralized and so we went in and very effectively and assertively took back our streets,” he said.

He further told Carlson that he was in Chicago recently and that some of the officers there told him he wished he was their chief.

“I said that’s nice but your mayor would probably fire me within 5 minutes,” Craig remarked.

Craig has recently expressed interest in running against Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2022. Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser called Craig a “fine [potential] candidate”.


Craig has said he is “evaluating” the option, adding that he has been a conservative Republican for at least 10 years—but underlined that as chief of police, he served every Detroiter regardless of political persuasion.

Craig’s now-former boss, Duggan, praised the chief as a leader who brought “professionalism” to the force and the city, but added that he will be supporting Whitmer’s reelection—calling her “the best partner” Lansing has offered Detroit in many years.

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