Wall Street Journal column blasts liberals’ focus on past White crimes instead of progress for Black Americans

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Fox News contributor Jason Riley blasted the focus by liberals on the past crimes of White Americans instead of progress for Black Americans, calling their desire for “racial catharsis” an approach that shows no evidence of facilitating upward mobility for the latter.

In a Tuesday Wall Street journal column, Riley argued the political left was more interested in Black suffering than Black accomplishment, and that the killing of Black Americans in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 mattered far less than the level of crime seen today within the Black community. 

“Properly understood, they demonstrate how much racial progress has been made in this country in a relatively short time. Yet for progressives and their friends in the media, the events are also an opportunity to push for racial preferences and bigger government,” Riley wrote of events such as the Tulsa killings and the 1965 beating of civil-rights protestors in Selma, Alabama. 


“The goal is to link today’s racial disparities to past wrongs and to play down or ignore the far more significant role that contemporary black behavior plays in social inequality,” he continued.

In the runup to President Biden’s Tuesday trip to Tulsa, his administration announced multiple initiatives to combat inequities facing minority communities, including billions of dollars for minority-owned small businesses and tax credits to promote investment into affordable housing. 

“Putting aside the dubious legality of race-based government assistance, it’s worth noting that the black residents of Tulsa 100 years ago didn’t wait around for the federal government to come to their rescue,” Riley wrote in response to Biden’s proposals. “Within two decades of the riots, homes and churches had been rebuilt, and black-owned businesses again anchored the community.”


“The political left is much more interested in black suffering than in black accomplishment, but black history is about more than victimization at the hands of whites. It’s also about what blacks have achieved notwithstanding that victimization,” he continued. 

Riley explained that “Blacks accomplished quite a lot” in the early twentieth century, before the welfare state “came to the rescue.” He added that incomes rose and poverty fell as education gaps narrowed and Blacks entered skilled professions at faster rates than post-civil-rights era. He added Tulsa’s Black residents from a century ago would be “shocked to learn” there is more intra-racial crime than white racist criminals affecting African Americans in 2021.


“The Biden administration would much rather discuss white criminal behavior in Tulsa 100 years ago than black criminal behavior in Chicago, Baltimore or St. Louis today,” Riley wrote. “Liberals focus on this history of black suffering rather than success because it helps Democrats get elected and activists raise money.”

Riley argued that America’s “racist past” shouldn’t be forgotten or sugarcoated, but that it also shouldn’t be used as a blanket explanation for today’s disparities.

“The left’s focus on the past behavior of whites, while ignoring the present behavior of blacks, might offer some people catharsis, and it might help groups like the NAACP or Black Lives Matter stay relevant,” he wrote. “But where is the evidence that such an approach facilitates black upward mobility?”

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