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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST (on camera): Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino
along with Dagen McDowell, Jessica Tarlov, Lawrence Jones, and Greg
Gutfeld. It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

It’s crime and no punishment in America’s biggest city as violent spikes
all across the country. Remember how New York City was rocked by looting
last summer while a new report says prosecutors are dropping charges for
hundreds of people who were arrested. D.A.’s are reportedly blaming a lack
of evidence and COVID-related court delays for why they didn’t prosecute.

The New York Post summing up the situation this way, let them loot. And
more brazen crimes caught on camera police naming a suspect in this
horrific video showing a man getting shot after falling into two children
on the sidewalk. Luckily no one was killed.

And out in Chicago during a Puerto Rican pride parade celebration a 24 –
year-old man was shot in the head at point-blank range and a woman in his
car was shot in the neck. At last report she was in critical condition and
the man died.

Former police chief James Craig blaming the crisis on the lack of common


GRAIG: Well, I’ve got to — let me just start by saying that our
profession is in crisis right now. And when you talk about issues like bail
reform, the courts are not using common sense, they are putting these
violent criminals back in our communities, and so that’s the common thread
we see in all of our cities.


PERINO: Lawrence, I know that you were out and about covering the George
Floyd protest last year and a lot of — and all across America, not just in
New York there was looting, but here in New York apparently if you did it,
you’re likely to be able to get off scotch free.

LAWRENCE JONES, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It’s sad. One of my first jobs is
working in the juvenile justice department and I wanted to help these young
people get off the street and make sure that they didn’t go into the court
system. But the judge was very strict. So, they always say, Lawrence, you
there as a resource to give them programs but I’ve got to give them
consequences or it’s just going to be the same thing over and over again.

This is how we train our children to know that there’s consequences for
their actions. But what we have right now with the Democrats is an
ideology. They don’t believe people should be behind bars. And I’ve been in
the criminal justice reform movement for a minute. I don’t know when they
decided to shift this narrative. It used to be equal justice under law.
Getting some of these disparities out of way whether it’s over policing or
if there was targeting in some cases. That is no longer the mission.

These D.A.’s have a mission and they believe that people should be back on
the street. Our jail system was created for people that are at risk to
society, and they don’t believe that to be the case. They believe everyone
can be reformed. What we’ve seen in these big cities is repeat offenders.
We know who these people are.

So, I guess my message to the left is, when is enough, enough? You know
what’s going to happen, eventually people are going to get fed up and
Democrats and Republicans are going to have people in there that are going
to be strong-armed, and then it’s going to swing all the far to the right
and Democrats are going to be really mad, but that’s going to come when
people get fed up with their conditions.

PERINO: Where do the business owners go to get their justice?

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Well, definitely not from the media and
not from the Democrats. Look, it used to be that crime like represent —
reflected every day existence like, you know, there will be a random theft
here or a fight in the bar over a girl. Today it reflects a rancid
neglected environment. Right? It’s like where mad man roamed the streets
and people get attacked with ice picks.

It’s like every — you hear a new weapon that happens to one of Eric Adams
volunteers, but this happens and because the left, and what’s coming out of
academia, are reinterpreting actual cartel assistance as oppression.

So when Andrew Yang at the debate says look, we really need to get these
folks off the street, into the hospitals because they’re hurting themselves
and they’re hurting others, you get some idiot like Michelle Goldberg at
the New York Times who claims that that’s somehow selfish and that it’s —

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: — like alienating. You can’t two thoughts in your head. You want
to help the homeless, you also want to help the citizens. So the real
obstacle is that the media who portrays concern for families and businesses
as a lack of compassion. In a sense, they are weaponizing compassion to
stifle speech, and then that reflects — I mean, what that reflex allows
for is no adult solution. Right?

There is no response, the only way forward is down. So, I wrote my notes I
have three — this is four reasons. One, the abandonment of its sentence,
we talked about that, prison and bail were incentives to keep your nose
clean. The twisted liberal view that somehow, it’s a moral right to leave a
distractive mentally deranged life on the streets, but then you have,
finally, the woke distraction.

Mayors and governors and bureaucracy get by with this criminal neglect by
waiving the right flag, by celebrating the right holiday, by using the
right pronoun, by supporting the right parades, somehow, that deflects from
there just degradation of the cities that they run.

PERINO: You said — can I – I’m sorry, I’ll get you in one second. But you
said something I thought was so interesting. I wonder if you could expand
on it just a little bit or maybe say it again so that it sinks in to me.
It’s so interesting. The weaponization of compassion.


PERINO: That’s been going on. We talk about families who are asking like,
please help us, we know that this, the red flag laws, all of these things,
and that doesn’t ever seem to help them and then you have more crime.

GUTFELD: Yes. Exactly. If you — if you say, if we reduce crime, and that
somehow sides with Republicans, you aren’t compassionate. You aren’t
compassionate. So, what ends up happening is that eliminates even the
Democrats from coming up with a solution.

PERINO: They’re not allowed.

GUTFELD: Because you’re not allowed to.

PERINO: It’s really interesting. I want you listen to — actually we’ll go
to Jessica, this is the Atlanta mayor, she has thoughts as to why this is
all happening. Take a look here.


MAYOR KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS (D-GA): Well, I think there are a couple of
things that you have to compare. Remember in Georgia, we were opened up
before the rest of the country, even before the CDC said that it was a for
us to open. So our night clubs and our bars remain open. We have people
traveling here from across the country to party in our city.


PERINO: Jessica, is that the reason? Crime is up and it’s happening all
across the country?

JESSICA TARLOV, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Certainly not at the level of the
spikes. And Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posited something
similar a few months ago talking about this is because people are hungry.
Right? Like they need bread. People taking Nikes, it’s not like —


PERINO: They’re not exactly —

TARLOV: — they want a brad instead. Obviously, as someone who is a member
of the Democratic Party, I don’t agree with the hot take that we’re pro-
crime and that we don’t care about anything. But what I will say to the
points that were made earlier about they are becoming a pro law and order
Democratic constituency, that is what has – and we’ll see what happens
tomorrow when it’s the last day, it’s the primary day for the mayoral race.

But that’s what propelled Eric Adams to the top of the pack there and he
didn’t even get the endorsement actually at the police union. Andrew Yang
did get that. But his background in law enforcement as a New York City
police chief captain and even looking at Val Demings, someone who is the
first black females police chief in Orlando, and listening to them talk
about how we can address these issues, there is a hell of a lot of
compassion in there, but there are also smart solutions and things that a
vast of Americans agree with.

We all at this table know reform is needed. Right. That’s across-the-board
and every one of the cities certainly so that we don’t end up with another
George Floyd situation.

JONES: I think the problem is, Jessica, Democrats are in charge right now.
They can do — they can implement policies to protect people, and I find it
troubling that Democrats aren’t particularly upset that the people that
looted, that distracted from a movement that was supposed to be for
justice, are upset. These people distort their movement.

TARLOV: I totally understand that point and I lived in the high looting
neighborhood, it was scary. And I was one who participated in the protest
as well, obviously peacefully. But we did have a lot of problems under Rudy
Giuliani who was a Republican mayor here who has, you know, his police
chief had to say, actually we went too far with a lot of these tactics and
so we need to strike the right balance in this. And I think that that
requires a bipartisan —


perpetrators and siding with the businessowners wo have had their
livelihoods destroyed in low-income minority areas? How about siding with
the people who are getting punched in the face by assailants who should not
be in the street?

PERINO: Right.

MCDOWELL: Who over and over again have been arrested dozens of times.
Somebody’s nose gets broken, the perpetrator gets a desk appearance ticket
and then he’s right back on the streets and he’s attacking elderly Asian

The Democrats and liberals, part of the problem is that they are cherry
picking the lawlessness that outrages them. Last summer, mostly peaceful,
don’t worry about those businesses that are being burned down, but then the
Capitol Hill riots the world is coming to an end.

And then like now, that metropolitan mayhem, the police are the problem or
the Republicans or Donald Trump if you’re listening to James Ghulam (Ph)
Carville. Democrats think that some crime is OK and they think that some
crime is not OK. And if you look at the capitol, right after the Capitol
Hill riots Republicans came out loudly forcefully and genuinely condemn
that violence.

And the people are being prosecuted. Its 480 defendants so far, up to 550
people will be prosecuted by the attorney general and by the Justice
Department and unprecedented in scale case according to the attorney

But in the meantime, you have Cynthia — somebody like Cynthia Nixon who
ran for governor who is a left-wing socialist and it’s what Lawrence was
talking about, she is talking about, she is mad that the CVC on her corner
is locking up the laundry detergent. And it’s not just the laundry
detergent. It’s the ice cream, the beer, the razor blades, haircare
products, you name it.

She said so many families can’t make ends meet right now, I can’t imagine
thinking that the way to solve the problem is people stealing basic
necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them. They think that this
is an attack on the poor by the — that’s the solution is to allow people
to steal.

Instead, what happens is all these businesses wind up shutting down and
these neighborhoods become vast wastelands.


MCDOWELL: So, if the family needs diapers, at the last minute, that store
isn’t going to be there any longer. Just like Walgreens was closing stores
out in San Francisco.

PERINO: And they blame — and they blamed Walgreens.


MCDOWELL: They blamed Walgreens.

TARLOV; I definitely —


MCDOWELL: Criminalization of poverty in a city that has the biggest social
safety network in the entire city. I mean, country.

PERINO: Last — quick last word?

TARLOV: So, I was not a Cynthia Nixon backer, but just to push back a
little about the January 6 insurrection. There are still congresspeople in
the Republican Party who say that they were a bunch of tourists walking
through there and then voted to not certify he election —


MCDOWELL: Nobody in leadership — nobody in leadership and nobody on TV
who is a conservative —


TARLOV: Well, no one on TV?

MCDOWELL: — not at this table.

TARLOV: Not Louie Gohmert?

MCDOWELL: Not at this table. Where is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bit mad
about her constituents basically being robbed.

JONES: The bottom line —

MCDOWELL: And people are not prosecuted.

JONES: The bottom line, I know guys we’ve got to go. the bottom line is
those people are being prosecuted. They are going through the criminal
justice system.

MCDOWELL: That’s what I insist. Right.


JONES: This is not happening where people get to decide to do this.

MCDOWELL: Five hundred fifty people are going to be prosecuted by Merrick

PERINO: If you have a political will, there is a way. And then people say
that there is a two-tier justice system and they’re mad. But we’re not mad,
we’re going to keep going.

Up next, Republicans slamming the White House and accusing President Biden
of going way too soft on China.


GUTFELD (on camera): The White House undergoing pressure to hold China
accountable for the COVID pandemic but it doesn’t look like that’s going to


going to issue threats or ultimatums. What we’re going to do is continue to
rally support in the international community. And if it turns out that
China refuses to live up to its international obligations we will have to
consider our responses at that point.


GUTFELD (on camera): Dr. Fauci is trying to go on offense claiming once
again the attacks on him are attacks on science.


DISEASES: It is essential as a scientist that you evolve your opinion and
your recommendations based on the data as it evolves. And that’s the reason
why I say people who then criticize me about that are actually criticizing
science. I put very little weight in the adulation and very little weight
into the craziness of condemning me.


GUTFELD (on camera): You’re crazy if you condemn him. OK, fair enough. But
Lawrence, he reminds, he’s got to read the waiting room, right? No one is
there to see him anymore, he’s like that 1981 issue of highlights that
still in Dr. Siegel’s office. You know, it served — it served a purpose a
while ago, but now it’s just rotting in a corner. It’s like the AA — AARP
magazines. Those are (Inaudible) magazines. OK?

JONES: Can I defend Fauci without defending Fauci?

GUTFELD: Of course. Scratchy Fauci.


TARLOV: You should go full attack.

JONES: Part of the reason why Fauci is acting this way and we’re like,
this is strange, right?


JONES: But we put him on a pedestal. I mean, the media, people in public
life all went to this guy. So, it’s kind of shocking to him that we’re
reaching this point. I think the most telling thing though, is not just
Fauci was a national security advisor saying that we are going to give them
the opportunity.

China has been given the opportunity. There is no more time for
opportunity. How do we move it forward? First of all, we’re not going to
get the truth when it comes to China anymore. That’s not happening.

GUTFELD: Yes, that’s true.

JONES: We should give up on that front. What we should care about is the
people that are in government that had a role in this in the virology lab.
That’s what we got to get to the bottom of because we don’t want that to
happen again.

Number three, we got to have an actual conversation about putting some
pressure on China in the right way. It’s an all or nothin gthing.


JONEs: Us getting by and acting like we’ve got to just pull the Band-Aid
off, and we need our allies to do that as well. The problem is that it’s
going to cost us and no one wants to pay the cost for it. Because you make
it in America, there is a premium associated, if you make it in another
country —


JONES: — there is a premium associated. So, that’s where the real
conversation is. No one really wants to have that conversation because
that’s going to cost us.

GUTFELD: Yes. Also, Jessica, to that point, LeBron James can have a
discussion about certain things that are happening in America, but because
of this cost and this investment, he can’t have that discussion in China
which makes him look like a filthy hypocrite, Jessica. Why are you so pro-

TARLOV: Well, I actually didn’t see that twist coming. But now we’re here.
So, a few weeks ago, we were talking about how could we actually exercise
some pressure on China that would be effective. And I — money is it.
Right? That’s all that we care about. I mean, we continue to cook push back
on the South China Sea, that’s something we had going on obviously for
years, but it’s got to be money and then if it’s got to be money it’s got
to be these private corporations —


TARLOV: — that still producers. So, we’re looking at Nike, we’re looking
at Apple, we’re looking at the athletes that represent them, et cetera. And
I think that that is probably where we’re going to end up after we get
through this latest round of the WHO report.

Now, part of the blessing and the curse of working in coalitions which we
are with the rest of the western Democratic world is that you can’t step
out of line with what Macron is (Inaudible) and Merkel, right, because we
want to be united at front here against China beaus it killed all of us.
Right. It took 600,000 lives from us. It took, I don’t know the exact
number but we lost U.K. lives, French, German, everyone.

And so, you have to temper your response with what your allies are
comfortable with. I mean, that’s part of participating in a lot of


GUTFELD: That’s why we shouldn’t participate.

TARLOV: I’m not going to that —

GUTFELD: You should go it alone part.

TARLOV: Yes, that was a beautiful G7 he led there.

GUTFELD: It was. It was. You know, you are such a globalist, Jessica. It
makes me sick to my stomach.

TARLOV: So dirty.

GUTFELD: Dagen. Dagen, what — I mean, that’s a fair point. I mean, what
can be done at this point when everything any evidence has been tossed
away, and we’re, you know, we’re involved with the lab as well, so what do
we do?

MCDOWELL: Right. And did American money go to basically unleash a virus
that killed four million people around the globe? It is on the private
corporations. It’s not just the companies that make goods in China, it is
all of the global multinational space in the United States that viewed
China as kind of the golden goose.

And they will literally do anything to curry favor with the communist party
of China other than maybe send them banana bread and gift certificates to
bass pro shops. But you saw what the NBA did.


MCDOWELL: The NBA backtracked, all of Hollywood does that. They constantly
edit films to make sure that they’re OK with the communist party. Who was
it, John Cena —


TARLOV: Right. On the Fast and the Furious.

MCDOWELL: — backtrack the comments that he made right on Taiwan. Just one
quick thing, I think money – China plays on upon our greed, and money, it’s
not just the G7 that will take and corporate — private corporations, it
really will require dozens of countries.

I just want to point really quickly to Imran Khan, the prime minister of
Pakistan that we did an interview with a Jonathan Swan in Axios. And he
literally said he would not condemn China’s treatment of the Uyghurs. And
Jonathan Swan said, but it’s genocide, it’s forced assimilation, it’s
sterilization. And he said, we have private conversations. China has been
one of our greatest friends in difficult times when we were struggling
economically. That tells you everything that you need to know.

JONES: Money.

MCDOWELL: They — somebody who complains about Islamophobia will not
condemn China’s persecution of Muslims in that country.



PERINO: I just notice that China is the biggest troll in the world. You
know what they announced yesterday?


PERINO: That the Wuhan Institute of Virology is deserving of the Nobel


GUTFELD: And it’s basically like they are just going to like own it. So
why are we waiting like having this conversation. And I think that for
Biden, remember he said I’ll give you 90 days —


PERINO: — until the community come back to me. They got to be thinking
about what happens on the 91st day.


PERINO: Because if it comes back and it is either inconclusive or it lead
you to believe that it did start in the lab or, you know, it was an
accident or on purpose, then you have to do something.


PERINO: And that’s the next —


JONES: You know what it is, though, Greg, really quickly? It’s time. The
attention span of the American public. The conversation has shifted to
reopening. Right?


JONES: And so, we forget about what took place, what got us here.

GUTFELD: Exactly. And China was protected for months with the media, the
entertainment industry labeling any criticism of China to be racist.

PERINO: Dan Rather. Dan Rather went after Jon Stewart this weekend.


PERINO: And he was basically saying you are attacking the very ideal of
science to Jon Stewart.

GUTFELD: Dan rather. Why is he still around? Go away.

Up next, if you think the crisis at the border is bad, President Biden is
about to open the floodgates.


JONES (on camera): Welcome back. The record smashing the surge of illegal
immigration at our southern border. As new video smuggler ferrying at the
least 60 migrants into the U.S. And President Biden is about to make it

The White House is reporting to set and get rid of a COVID rule called
title 42 that let border patrol turned away migrant families due to public
health concerns.

So, Dana, even if they believe in this, right, is this the right time to do
it from a communication standpoint?

PERINO: Well, maybe we ought to call the good doctor and see if that is
the truth. I mean, does the science tell us? The science tells us that
we’re not at President Biden’s goal of 70 percent vaccinated although he’s
attempting to get 70 percent at least one shot by July 1st. Getting close
in some places now and close than others.

If you add a bunch of people who don’t have — do you think they got
vaccine on their walk up through Mexico? No, they didn’t. So, that’s one,
that’s not going to help. I don’t understand why the administration
continues to take the easiest things off the table that could help them.
One was the remain in Mexico policy. But the other one is this one.

Who is going to complain? Like is AOC going to complain that you are
denying people to come in because of a public health emergency? Really? So,
you have to conclude that may be that they want to do this, I guess. I
mean, this is going to swamp the border patrol, they don’t have enough
resources as it is.

But also, remember when Kamala Harris just two weeks she was in Guatemala
and she said, do not come here.


PERINO: Well, this is just another thing of like, well, they don’t really
mean it. Now we can possibly go if we take our children, they’re not going
to separate us, we’re going to be able to be together and COVID is not a
concern anymore.

JONES: So, Jessica, is it the ideology that is leading the way like, just
open borders, come all, come all. I mean, at this time it’s like, Dana is
right. The winds are there and they are refusing to take these winds. Like
why remove this?

TARLOV: I love an easy win. That’s part of my day job. It’s just like, you
know, you think crime is bad? Guess what, I think crime is bad too.

JONES: Right.

TARLOV: I totally get that. And we don’t know yet what they’re going to do
about this law. So, the White House has not said yet. It’s actually a CDC
decision. So, we’ll see what those folks come up with.

But there are easy wins here. And frankly, that’s how Democrats win
elections, especially in border states. There are a lot of Democrats who
are elected along the border because they’re tough on these issues and
compassionate. And it’s the same formula —

JONES: But you know that — you know that’s change in like, on the border.
There are Republicans net are now winning these districts that they didn’t
win before. I’m not talking about national races, but local races which —

TARLOV: Totally. I mean, look at what happened in Texas.

JONES: Correct.

TARLOV: There’s a full shellacking for us. And we thought that we were
going to take back the State House and all of that. So, I’m not saying that
we are the overwhelming representation, but that people are looking for
smart, compassionate solutions to what everybody agrees is a border crisis.
And this is something that like Bill Clinton did so well, right? He
identified that there are this demographic, national security moms, right,
that women are going to go out and are going to vote on this issue. And
that’s what we need to do again.

And we need to come up with smart solutions for those people so that we can
be concerned and compassionate at the same time.

JONES: Dagen, Joe Biden did it as well. But it seemed to change. What

MCDOWELL: Nothing is going to change. Their policy is and they won’t say it
is wide open borders, as you said. The trip down to South of the Border by
Vice President Harris, that was just to make it seem like they care about
people suffering when they have no intention of making any changes.

And when they get rid of — allow these families to come in and get rid of
title 42, here’s the messaging that you’re going to hear from the White
House. Mexico has the second-highest observed case fatality ratio behind
Peru. This is this is humanitarian. We need to open our borders and let
these people and so they can be vaccinated here in the United States. That
would be the argument when they have no — they’re just going to bring as
many illegal immigrants into this country as possible. That’s been the goal
all along.

JONES: Greg?

GUTFELD: You know, Dana asked the question, who and why are they taking
these sensible solutions off the table? It’s due to a concept that I like
to call the weaponization of compassion.

PERINO: Oh, it’s confusing.

GUTFELD: Yes, it is that every single —

JONES: You talked about it in one show.

GUTFELD: Yes, I’m going to use it every single day. If you look at like,
remain in Mexico, or title 42, or at anything that seems constructive, all
you have to do is turn it a certain way and say it’s lacking in compassion.
It’s what Dagen just said about how they will spin this. So, it makes you
wonder whether or not they really want a solution or not. The question then
is we’ve been doing this story like three times a week for like four
months, right? Is there any persuasion going on between these two camps,

It seems like it’s the never-ending game of rhetorical ping pong. There was
one moment of persuasion that leaped beyond this two — these two idea of
prison, of compassion, and process that we seem to be locked into. And we
all know we’re locked into it and that was the wall that was symbolically
and practically perfect persuasion solution. Because you put it up there,
it actually blocks traffic and it sends a message at the same time. And the
message was seek legal recourse if you want to enter America, you can’t do
it this way.

That was like the best way to do this. But because it was Trump and it was
a — you can’t — every solution now is always going to be, but Trump,
right? Remain in Mexico, but Trump. Title 42, but Trump. So now, there’s no
way again, no way to go but down. There’s only one solution and that is
like, we can’t do anything about it because we’re evil.

PERINO: Just to make one point. So, we have been doing it and actually, if
you see the polls that came out Friday, the one issue where Biden is way
underwater, like he’s like, in the 30s in terms of approval on the border,
and that’s just because people don’t — if you’re being polled as a
Democrat, you don’t want to say anything negative about him.

So, they’re also starting to take some — on some water on crime. What are
they announced this week? On Wednesday, Biden and Harris will be at the
White House and they’re going to do a big thing in the afternoon about how
they are addressing crime all across America. But they won’t deal with this


PERINO: Like, the one issue that’s dragging them down overall and it’s —
it is a mystery.

GUTFELD: It is a mystery, Dana.

JONES: Well, we’ll see when it changes which is —

GUTFELD: Until then, we’re going to do these topics every day.

JONES: Up next — up next —

PERINO: We’ll get into the 20.

JONES: Up next, the media and the mayor being slammed after jumping to
conclusions on a deadly crash event at a Pride event. We’ll talk about


MCDOWELL: The Democratic mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida getting called
out for rushing to judgment about a deadly crash at a Pride Parade event
this weekend. Instead of just waiting for all the facts to come in, the
mayor jumped to this conclusion.


terrorist attack on the LGBT community. This is disgusting. We will not
stand for this. This is not going to happen in my city or any city.


MCDOWELL: Well, the mayor was forced to backtrack after police said it
appeared the tragedy was an accident.


TRANTALIS: I regret the fact that I said it was a terrorist attack because
we found out that it was not. But I don’t regret my feelings. I don’t
regret that I fell terrorized.


PERINO: Oh, please.

MCDOWELL: Greg, when the mayor said that the venomous twidiots (PH)
immediately spread it around and it quickly turned into a homophobic attack
that was caused by Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, and I’m not I’m
not joking.

GUTFELD: So, wait, that’s not true? Oh, there go my talking points. The guy
should have just stopped before he said but. Why? I mean, look, we’ve all
been suckered in by our own cognitive biases. When you see a story online,
and you just go — and you go this — he was — his cognitive biases led to
wishful thinking representing his fact.

The mayor did not know that attack was an attack, but he wanted it to be an
attack. And that was all — that was all that mattered. He surrounds
himself with news sources that indulges bias. Again, all of us, you know,
we can be — we can say that this happens to us. But the problem in our
current climate right now is that social media rewards those who assume the
worst intention. Like, imagine if everybody on Twitter imagined the best

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: There would be no Twitter. It would be gone. There would be no
trends. But in order to — he assumed the very worst, that there’s this
massive like, I don’t know, underground homophobic movement that sending
cars into — you know, meanwhile, the story that’s not being discussed, we
mentioned in the A block was the Puerto Rican parade in which, you know, a
Puerto Rican couple was pulled out by a mob and shot to death. One is —
both was shot, but one is dead. Imagine if these situations were reversed.

MCDOWELL: Yes. Why couldn’t the mayor just wait?

PERINO: Well, I think he was looking for his 15 minutes of fame.


PERINO: And maybe it was his instinct, right, in terms of the bias, right?
He’s like, oh, gosh, here we go. It’s going to be a terrorist attack. It’s
on my watch. I’m the mayor. Instead of like — basically, he had a reckless
disregard for the public’s trust. And also, you have to ask if somebody who
is an elected official, if their first thought is innocent until proven
guilty, if that’s not your first thought, then you may be in the wrong line
of work as we’ve heard use the phrase. As we’ve heard this a couple weeks.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

MCDOWELL: And to Greg’s point, Jessica, part of the problem is these lies,
or false narratives, whatever you want to call them, they live on forever.
I will look — and this is a Glenn Greenwald article that he wrote. The
Pulse nightclub shooting happened about five years ago. And that
politicians and activists every year talk about that it was an anti-LGBTQ
hatred. It was a hate crime. That is not true.

And you had U.S. senators have kind of — Tammy Duckworth, Senator
Duckworth was the worst. But that’s not what happened. Omar Mateen was
motivated by rage over President Obama’s bombing campaigns in Syria, Iraq,
and Afghanistan, and it’s in the 911 call. There are court transcripts
about it.

But literally, U.S. senators every year are tweeting about it was this hate
crime. And he picked it at random and didn’t know that it was a gay
nightclub. But again, the lie lives on. And it dishonors the victims,

TARLOV: Well, I’m not sure. And many of the parents of the Pulse night club
shooting victims don’t feel that way because it was still a large amount —
there was 49 people that were killed, and they were members of the LGBTQ-
plus community.

MCDOWELL: Yes, but that’s not —

TARLOV: And that means — it doesn’t — I understand the difference between
motivation and results. But the result was 49 people are dead. And I
believe a majority — I don’t want to say everyone was a member of this
particular community. And the same would be true if someone walked into a
Black church and shot it up because they’re mad about what’s happening down
the road —

JONES: Yes, but he did it with the intent though.

TARLOV: I understand.

JONES: It’s important. Look, I’m going to just say this. The first thing
they teach you in police training or in academy, the hardest thing is
notifying the victim, right, because they want to know why and who did it.
Even if you have some type of evidence, you’re told not to do it because
you contain investigation and you just don’t know. You can cause other
people to be hurt.

I guess politicians have the luxury of just putting out misinformation out
there. It’s hurtful. It’s bad for the victims. It’s bad for the community.
It’s bad for the justice system. He should know better.

TARLOV: Can I just add to that? This was the point that I — that I wanted
to make at first about the social media issue. There is so much pressure on
people in positions of power to have the answer so quickly. Like, we all
sit here waiting for a press — I know. I just wanted to add to it and
agree with someone not from the same party as me that we’re screaming,
well, I want to make sure that I can talk about this one. Is someone going
to come out and give us a press conference? And then, when they say we’re
still following the facts, were all angry and pissed off about it because
we don’t have answers about this. And these things are complicated.

But for a tiny bit of defense of the mayor, and would have, I think, raised
this as an issue, that we are seeing spike in crimes against LGBTQ-plus
Americans, most specifically transgender Americans. And if you want to have
a conversation about that, I think would been welcomed, but he should never
have had a but on that issue.

GUTFELD: Yes, that was a terrible —

JONES: That wasn’t the platform — that wasn’t the platform to do that.

GUTFELD: Because what the — that’s that false argument in that it didn’t
happen here, but it happens over here. That’s the defense that was used for
fake hate crimes. Well, OK, this one didn’t work out, but you know what’s
happening over there.

PERINO: Jussie Smollett.

GUTFELD: But then when you go — yes, the Smollett thing was like, that may
not be true but it’s true somewhere else. You can’t do that because it —

JONES: It muddies the water.


MCDOWELL: Right. And also, senators are using the Pulse nightclub shooting
year after year with a false narrative for their own political game.
There’s nothing more disgusting than that. “THE FASTEST” is up next.


TARLOV: Welcome back. It’s time for “THE FASTEST.” First up, passengers are
furious after being stranded all over the country. That’s because American
Airlines canceled more than 300 flights this weekend thanks to staffing and
maintenance issues. And the problem could get worse this summer because of
a pilot shortage.

Dagen, I’m going to go over to you. You know the most about what’s
happening here.

MCDOWELL: Because I’m a loser and a nerd and I just cram facts into my
head. Part of the problem is that they — the furloughed pilots need
retraining. But American’s slogan should be, making you hate us even more
than you already do. Because all these airlines got bailed out by U.S.
taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. And guess what, it was like six
figures per employee and they can’t get their act together, screwing us
over at every term. Fly Delta.

JONES: That’s right.

TARLOV: You’re an American Airlines frequent flyer and a bad — a mad one
at that.

JONES: Sometimes, you know, you’re forced — I prefer Delta, but sometimes
you’re forced to take American just because of travel. You need to go do a
report real quick. So, I’m forced to take America. Every single time
there’s a problem, because there’s so much in competence. I don’t even
think they treat their workers fairly as well. So, yes, it serve them

PERINO: All I can think of right now is Americans’ corporate PR. Oh, my
gosh, we’re about to get crushed.

TARLOV: I mean, that’s happened.

JONES: It’s true.

PERINO: But the other issues is that they’ll say they’ll cancel your
flight, but that we’ll rebook you on Sunday. But that means I miss the
wedding, and also I have childcare issues or dog care issues or something.
It’s a whole cascading effect. Then when you call customer service, it’s
like, oh, there’s a five-hour-20-minute wait.

TARLOV: And we’ll call you back, but we’ll only do it once. And if you
don’t pick up, then that’s the end of that. Greg?

GUTFELD: Well, you know, since Jesse Watters is not here, I am going to be
the Jesse Watters of this table and defend American Airlines because I want
to be upgraded and I want to be treated as special as I am. And I’m going
to say it’s very — we’re all going through very difficult times. A lot of
these companies — this is the first time for a pandemic. They don’t know
what to do. And they certainly don’t want to put pilots up there that
aren’t properly trained.

So, for us to say to American Airlines, please fly with less competent
pilots, and then if we die, we’re going to sue the —

JONES: You’re only saying that because you fly private.

GUTFELD: No, that’s not true. I have not flown private in years. I don’t
like private. As Bernie Sanders would say, the planes were too bumpy or too
bumpy. That’s what he said.

MCDOWELL: It’s true. It makes you deaf too.


TARLOV: Well, I’ll have to stop flying private then. “ONE MORE THING” is up


PERINO: It’s time now for “ONE MORE THING.” Greg.

GUTFELD: All right, let’s do this. Greg’s what Dana’s dreams look like part
two. All right, here it is. This is what Dana’s dreams look like part two.
She doesn’t know where she is. It’s mysterious. And then —

PERINO: Oh boy.

GUTFELD: Here come the dogs. Here come the dogs. Yes.

PERINO: That’s so fun.

GUTFELD: Is it really fun? I had the craziest dreams this weekend. I don’t
know if it’s the melatonin. I only take three milligrams every other day.
My dreams are so insanely vivid.

PERINO: And you remember them?

GUTFELD: God, to a tee. Like, I always move back to my hometown and take a
job in my hometown.

PERINO: In San Mateo?

GUTFELD: In San Mateo. And I need a car to get around but I don’t have one.

PERINO: And is (INAUDIBLE) from the — formerly from the Patriots there.
Tom Brady?

GUTFELD: Tom Brady, yes. He ends — we end up becoming next-door neighbors.

PERINO: So sweet. And then you do a sitcom together?


PERINO: God, it’s amazing.

GUTFELD: It is amazing.

PERINO: That’s a lovely dream. I wanted to do a little weekend shout-out to
friends of ours, the Fritz’s. This is Greg’s favorite course.

GUTFELD: Of course, it’s the Fritz’s.

PERINO: It’s the Fritz’s, the Fritz family.

JONES: I love them.

PERINO: Lawrence loves them.

GUTFELD: I hope you have a lot of pictures.

PERINO: Here we go. This is Caroline and she’s there with Jasper and Ella
and Stella. Those are the mermaids, OK.

GUTFELD: What did the Fritz have on you?

PERINO: Then we have Collin. Check him out. This is the new baby. He’s the
cute one. You got Hudson, very patriotic young man, Hudson. Then you got
Ry-Ry, this is Ryan. He is being held up in the air by his dad.

GUTFELD: That’s not safe.

PERINO: And then this little one is Layton. There she is, Layton and

TARLOV: That’s a lot of babies.

PERINO: But they really have welcomed us into their home and we appreciate

GUTFELD: Better Layton than never.

PERINO: Yes. Dagen. 
MCDOWELL: So, a small dog causing a lot of chaos in the streets of Lima,
Peru. This perfectly — so, this dog is named Moochie. They were chasing
her all around in the street. Drivers, delivery workers, neighbors trying
to catch her. She — they even shut down part of the road. They never could
get her. She eventually, because she’s smarter than those humans, ran into
a veterinary clinic where she was captured and then reunited with their

But I call this my friends trying to get me out of the bar and get me home.
That’s —

PERINO: I’ll keep that in mind next time.

JONES: That was me this weekend.

PERINO: All right, Lawrence.

JONES: All right, so if the final round of the U.S. Open was last night,
and golfer Louis Oosthuizen or whatever is his name.

GUTFELD: That’s not how you pronounce it, Lawrence.

JONES: I wasn’t going to do that. He was trying to force a plow against Jon
Rahm. Now, check this out. He was setting up this put on the 17th hole,
which was — would have kept him one stroke behind Rahm. He made the shot,
but a tense moment wound up becoming a cliffhanger as some viewers of Iowa
— take a look at this. Right when the ball is rolling toward the whole,
the local NBC station broke in with a severe weather warning.

So, he wound up missing the crucial putt. And a chunk of Iowa golf fans
were set out for maybe the most pivotal shot of the year.

PERINO: It reminds me and my sister and I in Parker, Colorado where we were
growing up. We recorded Grease on a VCR tape. And at the — in the middle
of one of the coolest songs, every time we played it, there was a tornado

JONES: Oh, man.

JONES: Can you imagine? That would be (INAUDIBLE)

GUTFELD: They ruined the whole experience for you, didn’t they?

PERINO: My mom didn’t buy us the movie. We had to get it off the TV.

MCDOWELL: It was during — she’s a real wagon.

TARLOV: Danny Zuko for life.

PERINO: There you go.

TARLOV: All right, it was a big weekend for the Olympic trials. And nobody
attracted more attention and praise than American sprinter Sha’Carri
Richardson. The former LSU sprinter and Dallas Texas native —

JONES: That’s right.

TARLOV: — bolted past the competition in 100-meter sprint and was far
enough ahead that she pointed at the clock with 30 meters left to go. As if
becoming America’s fastest woman wasn’t enough of an accomplishment,
Richardson revealed that she had lost her mother just a week before.

PERINO: Oh, wow.

TARLOV: She said, my family’s kept me grounded. This year has been crazy
for me going from just last week losing my biological mother and I’m still
here. Well, she’s definitely still here. We can’t wait to cheer you on in
the Olympics, Sha’Carri. Congratulations.

JONES: She’s the boss.

PERINO: I can’t wait to watch her.

TARLOV: She’s amazing, and her hair makeup, the nails.

PERINO: The whole thing.

JONES: That’s how we do it in Dallas, Texas.

PERINO: All right, that’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next. Hey,
Bret. You got your nails done?

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