Bears rookie QB Justin Fields ready to be a starter

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New Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields has done everything right thus far during Bears camps, and many say that the QB is going to come out of the gate ready to succeed in the NFL.

All Fields has ever wanted to do is play quarterback in the NFL, and it sounds more and more like he will have that chance in Chicago in 2021.


One thing the Bears would like to see from Fields is the deep ball. The quarterback’s desire to go deep a few times a game will open up the offense for Chicago.

“I do think that is kind of in your DNA as a quarterback for sure,” Bears quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said.

“You can coach that, but either the player feels comfortable enough in his skill set to push the ball down the field or he doesn’t. You know what I’m saying?

“As a coach, you can design plays and try to get guys open at that third level as we call it, you know, and the guy won’t pull the trigger. So the aggressiveness of a quarterback for sure is something that you want.”


Fields, it is said, has the DNA of an NFL quarterback. He’ll have time to show people that he’s up to the task when he takes the field for real.

As far as reading defenses go, it won’t be known how good (or bad) Fields is at it until we start to play preseason and regular season games. Fields had mixed results reading defenses when he was the quarterback at Ohio State.

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