Tomi Lahren: Ignoring border crisis and crime surges will backfire on Democrats

on Jul8
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After President Biden met with Chicago’s mayor in the wake of a violent holiday weekend in the nation’s third most populous city, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren said on Thursday that Democrats’ tactic to ignore issues at the southern border and violent crime will backfire.


TOMI LAHREN: This is just like the border. The Democrats, those that are in charge, especially all the way up to the office of the president, they don’t want to acknowledge the problems going on because if you don’t acknowledge them, you don’t have to solve them. Here’s the problem they’re going to have. Although not everyone lives in a border state, or a border community, when you have lawlessness spanning across the nation, it might not be something you have to talk about in the headlines, in the media, at a press conference, in a speech, but when Americans are seeing it on their streets and their curbs, in their backyards, it’s hard to ignore. 

I think this tactic that the Democrats have, that the Biden administration has of ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away, and hoping somehow their pals in the media can give them cover, it’s not going to work. People are seeing it with their own eyes, and as we talk about on this program all the time, lawlessness impacts everybody of every race and every socioeconomic status, of every political affiliation. 

I believe if it goes unchecked it will be the downfall of the Democratic Party going into midterms and going into the next election. Even as someone who wants to see things change in ‘22 and ‘24 politically, we have to care about human life, politics aside. I want the Democrats to wake up before midterms, before 2024, because I want this country to be safe no matter what political ramifications that has.


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