White House weighs pushing masks as COVID cases increase

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White House weighs pushing masks as COVID cases increase
The Biden administration is reportedly weighing whether to formally urge vaccinated Americans to once again mask up as the country experiences an increase in the number of COVID-19 delta variant cases

White House aides are in talks with officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about proposed messaging to the public, the Washington Post reported

People familiar with the discussions told the Post that the White House is hesitant to implement policies that would explicitly mandate people show proof of their vaccination status. One idea reportedly thrown around was to ask Americans to wear masks when vaccinated and unvaccinated people not to congregate in crowded places. 

The talks come as COVID-19 cases have nearly tripled in the U.S. in recent weeks, putting yet another strain on hospitals, and exhausting doctors. 

The seven-day rolling average across the U.S. for daily new cases rose over the past two weeks to more than 37,000 on Tuesday, up from less than 13,700 on July 7, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. 

Health officials are blaming the delta variant and slowing vaccination rates. Barely more than 56% of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the CDC. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
– China ‘shocked’ over WHO plan for second phase of COVID origins study.
– Full FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccines could ease vaccine hesitancy: expert.
– NJ hospital system threatening to fire unvaccinated employees faces backlash.
– Biden questions parent ‘honesty’ about student vaccinations, says it’s a matter of ‘community responsibility.’
– College coaches, administrators urging players to vaccinate.

Shoplifters hit Los Angeles area TJ Maxx, casually leave store carrying heap of stolen goods
Two men in a Los Angeles suburb were seen on camera brazenly leaving a TJ Maxx store with their arms full of shoplifted items. 

“They didn’t even run out, they walked out,” Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz told CBS LA of the incident. “And so, that’s sending a message that we, the criminals, are winning.”

The video was recently filmed at a TJ Maxx in Granada Hills and shows two men leaving the store with their arms packed with clothing and other items, with one of the men carrying a large duffle bag that appears to be full of items.  

“That looks great,” one man comments in the video as the men walk by. 

The LAPD is investigating the incident, but neither of the men have been charged or arrested. 

“The employees at TJ Maxx have been told that, in these specific circumstances, it’s not worth it for you to go and physically attack, physically stop people that are walking out with this inventory,” criminal defense attorney Alexandra Kazarian said of why many employees don’t confront shoplifters. “Because these businesses have insurance.”

Sandoz, who serves as vice president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, said she blames the incident on Prop 47, a 2014 referendum that lowered criminal sentences on crimes such as shoplifting. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– New York man allegedly stabs 51-year-old victim, steals his electric scooter.
– Texas Border Patrol agents arrest man wanted on sex crimes involving a child after he crosses border into US.
– Louisiana dad shot and killed by teen who entered underage daughter’s room through upstairs window, police say.
– Ohio ‘incel’ accused of plotting to ‘slaughter’ women at Ohio university.
– Florida woman accused of skinny-dipping in homeowner’s pool.

Ex-Detroit Police Chief James Craig: ‘I’m running’ to unseat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
Recently retired Detroit Police Chief James Craig joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight“’ Wednesday to expand on what he sees as the failed leadership of incumbent Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and announce a gubernatorial exploratory committee. 

Craig, a Detroit native who spent the past 8 years leading the Motor City’s law enforcement force – after tenures in Cincinnati and Portland – said that he “protected and served for 44 years” and now wants to do the same for the entire state of Michigan.

“We launched today the Chief James Craig For Governor Exploratory Committee,” the Republican said, adding he protected his city from destructive left-wing riots that sprang up in other places like Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles last year:

“We know what happened last year when other cities were burning – Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago – Detroit did not burn.”

He added that another major concern for the people of Michigan is the leadership, or lack thereof, of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The Democrat’s name was often mentioned along with liberal governors of New York, California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey when criticisms were made about statewide socioeconomic lockdowns.

“I can’t help but think about the small businesses who are suffering through the pandemic — and now we want to give … handouts and businesses cant even hire employees,” Craig lamented. “I’ve got to tell you – I’m running, because when I look at politicians across the country – when I look at Governor Whitmer, she follows different rules – she just does.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– California suspect seen smashing car windows in daytime burglary responsible for several others, police say.
– Leo Terrell slams Newsom’s claim of ‘significant decline in crime.’
– Former Detroit police chief takes step towards GOP run for governor in Michigan.
– Tucker Carlson: We are witnessing the most aggressive crackdown on civil liberties in our lifetime.


– China won’t carry LeBron’s ‘Space Jam.’
– GOP attorney general reveals impact of Biden admin’s reversal on CRT handbook.
– Parton gets very candid about her favorite acting roles through the years.
– ‘Bloodied’ Little Havana demonstrator slams Biden: ‘Cubans don’t want vaccines, they want freedom.’
– Biden says abolishing filibuster would ‘throw entire Congress into chaos.’

– PG&E will spend at least $15B burying power lines.
– Wally Funk gives Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceflight a lukewarm review.
– Yellen snubs Senate GOP as debt ceiling expiration looms.
– Bama’s star QB makes ‘ungodly’ cash after endorsement reversal.
– States announce $26 billion settlement to resolve opioid lawsuits.



Sean Hannity argued Wednesday that over the “last six decades,” the Cuban people have been oppressed by a “selfish, power-hungry dictatorship” that has turned the island into a “communist hellhole.”

“Only 330 miles south of where we’re sitting right now with amazing weather, beautiful beaches, a rich culture, intelligent, hardworking, amazing people, the people of Cuba, they should be living in paradise,” the “Hannity” host said. “Instead, over the last five, six decades, we’ve had selfish, power-hungry dictatorship. They have turned the island into a communist hellhole.”

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