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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Thanks, Tucker. We love you too. All right.
Thank you.

Anyway, welcome to “Hannity”. I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro, in for Sean.

And tonight, we begin with a look back from just two months ago in May
2021, at the time, Joe Biden proudly announced that his dark winter was
finally over. He vowed that Americans who took the vaccine could remove
their masks and return to a normal life.

Since then, 45 million more Americans received the vaccine. But now, after
new murky guidelines from the CDC, the Biden administration is vowing to
crack down on we, the people. This includes new mask rules and so-called
COVID-19 hot spots, vaccine mandates for federal employees, and maybe, just
maybe a universal vaccine mandate.

Take a look.


REPORTER: Why not push for vaccine mandates in states, private companies,
schools? Do you want to see those entities pass vaccine mandates?

continue to move in that direction and that’s why I pointed out, I had
asked the Justice Department to determine whether that is — they’re able
to do that legally and they can. Local communities can do that, local
businesses can do that. It’s still a question whether the federal
government can mandate the whole country, I don’t know that yet.


PIRRO: So vaccines and restrictions maybe even new COVID lockdowns. And if
you’re visiting the Capitol building without a mask, you could be arrested
— which prompted this response from Congresswoman Nancy Mace. Watch.


REP. NANCY MACE (R-SC): In the tunnels this morning, socially distant from
anybody else, I had COVID, I’ve had two vaccinations. I’m washing my hands.
I’m even wearing my mask inside the chamber, but I’m not going to wear it
anywhere else. So, Madam Speaker, come and get me.


PIRRO: Joining us now with more is South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy

Congresswoman, thanks so much for being with us tonight.

I must tell you, I was very impressed with the line “come and get me”.

Now, she is serious about this. We don’t know what the new guidelines are
based upon, and we don’t have any of the data other than the CDC saying,
well, it seems that even if you’ve been vaccinated, even if you had COVID,
you know, the delta variant is contagious, and you may give it to somebody

What is Nancy Pelosi doing here and why is she doing this?

MACE: Well, Nancy Pelosi is totally off the rails, I mean, to advise the
Capitol Hill police that staff and visitors to Capitol Hill will be
arrested for not wearing a mask, she has gone totally nuts on this thing.
And I can think of no worse incentive than telling the American people that
if you’re vaccinated and you must still wear a mask because do vaccinations
work or do they not.

And the CDC guidance that they’re supposedly basing it on requiring House
members to be masked up and yet when you cross over to the Senate side,
there’s no COVID because there’s no masks required over there.

PIRRO: Right.

MACE: And the other thing is with the CDC guidance is they’re basing it on
data, number one, that they won’t share with the American people or those
who are elected to office in Congress. But they’re supposedly basing it on
data from another country on a vaccine that is not made by companies here
in the United States, which is how we’re vaccinated.

I don’t understand. This is not science. It’s actually anti-science.

PIRRO: Well, it’s anti-science but, you know, this is America. It’s not
the America that we know.

But do people in Congress talk to each other? I mean, do you say to the
Democrats, you know, has she flipped her lid or what is the end game here?
What are they looking to do and why now?

MACE: Well, they’re certainly virtue signaling. And one of the things I
learned today which is really scary is that if you’re a citizen of the
United States and you travel to Mexico and you want to come home — come
back home after vacation, our country, the United States of America
requires its citizens to test negative for COVID-19.

So when the left and Nancy Pelosi and President Biden, Chuck Schumer talk
about the delta variant and spreading COVID, what do you think they’re
doing along the border? They’re allowing in illegal immigrants who have
COVID, they’re not being tested, they’re not getting vaccinated and you
sure as heck know that we’re not requiring them to wear masks when they
cross the border.

So, this is an agenda that is un-American, they’re pro-inflation, they’re
pro-taxes — and this is just another example of them totally going off the
rails on us.

PIRRO: All right. Congresswoman, just the last question. What — you have
business to do in Congress.

MACE: Absolutely.

PIRRO: What Nancy Pelosi has told the Capitol Police is if they’re not
masked, you arrest them if they don’t leave?

Now, you’ve got a choice and your choice is this — if you’re going to work
in Congress, she’s saying you have to wear a mask and if you don’t, they’re
going to arrest you.

How does this play out? How do you work?

MACE: Well, I — yeah, I advise my staff to work from home today. And I
will tell you — I saw some of the faces of the Capitol Hill Police. I
mean, they’re just — I just — they don’t they don’t feel the same way.
They don’t want to do that.

PIRRO: Yeah.

MACE: It’s not true to who we are.

PIRRO: Right.

MACE: We have work to do.

And she doesn’t want to talk about the failures. They can’t get an
infrastructure package together. They want to raise taxes on the American
people. They want one of the largest spending packages in American history.

Democrats have made everything more expensive in this country, and Nancy
Pelosi is letting her Democrat members vote by proxy from their boats,
their yachts and in their boxers. They’re not here to do the work of the

I got elected because I work hard and I want to work. I’ll work with
anybody who’s willing to work with me. But that’s not — the sentiment is
just not the same from her office.

PIRRO: All right. Very impressive. Congresswoman Nancy Mace, thank you for
being with us.

And tonight, the Biden administration is once again vowing to follow the
science. But for some reason, they won’t let any of us actually see the
science. The CDC has yet to release any data behind the new mask reversal.
Still, many cities are full steam ahead with new mask mandates, including
Washington, D.C., which suffered a grand total of zero COVID deaths over
the last week.

Now, the president of one of the largest teachers unions is flirting with
the possibility of not opening schools in the fall. Watch this.


RANDI WEINGARTEN, TEACHER UNION HEAD: Kids not being able to get vaccines
and under has really thrown this curveball that says that while vaccine is
vaccination is the number one gold standard that we need to, you know,
bring back our mask for schools. So the bottom line is, we’re going to keep
kids safe. We’re going to keep our members safe and we’re going to try to
open up schools and we’re going to try to move through this political


PIRRO: Joining us now with the reaction are FOX News medical contributors,
Dr. Nicole Saphier and Dr. Janette Nesheiwat.

All right. Good evening, Doctors. Good to be able to speak to both of you
this evening.

I’ll start with you, Dr. Saphier.

What do you interpret from what Randi Weingarten is saying? To me, she’s
giving herself a big out in case something comes up, something is created
where they don’t want to go back to school.

seem to say in her statement a bit to give themselves an out, saying, well,
for the schools that can open. You know, that’s a bit frustrating as a
mother of three myself. There is no reason that schools should not be open
full-time in person, absence like a local outbreak within that school or

And for Randi Weingarten to still give some credence to that is absolutely
wrong and it is criminal.

But, Judge, I can tell you — the landscape has changed when it comes to
the delta variant. But the best we can do is look to the U.K., India,
Israel, all the other places that are coming down from their delta wave.

Here’s the great news, Judge. Yes, it is much more contagious and yes,
we’re seeing higher viral loads. But the great news is we have seen a
drastic uncoupling of severe disease and new cases.

And the CDC unfortunately is doing a disservice by keeping people in a
paralyzed state of fear that does not match reality. And specifically when
you talk about Randi Weingarten, we have to look at the children, Judge. If
we look at the England who just came down from their delta wave, they had
schools open, kids were not wearing masks.

The good news is for the — since the beginning of the pandemic, this
COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, kids are not being severely affected by it. Yes, any
child can get sick, but the good news is it is extremely low risk of a
severe outcome for children.

Children should absolutely be back in school and I personally believe
younger children should not be wearing masks. I do not think there is a
benefit in mask wearing to these children, especially when teachers can be
vaccinated and if they want, they can wear a high-grade medical mask to
give themselves even more protection if they so choose.

PIRRO: Exactly, exactly.

And, Dr. Nesheiwat — I mean, the concept of children who we know are not
as vulnerable uh as adults are and certainly older adults as it relates to
COVID, and even the delta variant as Dr. Saphier said, which is — you
know, it’s more contagious but it’s certainly not as dangerous or lethal.

I mean, how do they move that to the children who are the least vulnerable
of all?

that’s what upsets me. We should not be putting the burden of protection on
our children. The mortality rate in children is less than half a percent
when it comes to coronavirus.

And under no circumstance should we be closing schools because of
coronavirus. It’s the school closures that kill our kids, that’s causing an
increase in teen suicide, childhood depression, anxiety, increase in
substance abuse. Ninety percent of our teachers are vaccinated. That is
what we needed in the first place.

So instead of even thinking about closing down these schools, we just need
to continue to encourage vaccinations. That was the goal in the first
place. They should not be moving and shifting the goal post. That is just
unacceptable at this point.

PIRRO: But what can parents do about that, Dr. Saphier, I mean, what — I
mean, other than move your child to another school, what if you can’t go to
another school? What if you can’t afford a private school?

SAPHIER: Well, you know, Judge, and like you’ve seen some of those school
board meetings. You see the parents yelling at the principals and the
teachers. But you have to remember, their hands are tied. They have to
listen to their local public health authorities.

So it really comes from the governor’s office. If you want to make a
difference, you need to be getting on the phone talking to your governor,
because ultimately, it is up to the governor what the local municipalities
are doing and ultimately, what the schools are doing.

Because I can tell you, if the local public health department is saying
they have to wear mass or they have to do this, it’s really — it’s going
to be very difficult for a school to make any other decisions because if
something goes wrong, which we know it’s not going to but if something were
to happen, they would have some sort of liability. So you have to get on
the phone to the governor’s office.

And the CDC has to get back to a normal level of risk. Children have more
chance of getting in a severe car accident driving to school than they do
from COVID-19. Keep it in perspective.

PIRRO: All right. Yeah , but, Dr. Nesheiwat, you know, first of all, I’m
not so sure about the liability issue, when the CDC doesn’t even have any
basis upon which to, you know, rack things up again. But with children in
masks, are there any exceptions that any of the schools that you know of or
are accepting to exempt kids from wearing masks? Like asthma or — they do
it for religious exemptions in colleges I understand. What can a frustrated
parent do other than go yell at the school board? And by the way, everybody
go vote for members of the school board. Make sure you have input.

But go ahead, Dr. Nesheiwat.

NESHEIWAT: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. We need to have some exemptions and
alternatives. For example, if a child has already had COVID and they have
protection through antibodies, they don’t need to be wearing a mask. They
are protected. They got that immunity.

And also, there are children that have allergies. They may have allergic
reactions. So we have to take all these factors into consideration, and
understand the risks and the benefits.

Right now, the benefit is children must be in the classroom. It affects
them mentally, emotionally, physically, and in every single way
psychologically. That is the most important thing, and we’re causing a
detrimental impact on our children by not having them in the classroom.

And we have data that shows that the risk of keeping them at home is more
detrimental than having them in the classroom.

PIRRO: No doubt.

Doctors Nicole Saphier and Janette Nesheiwat, thanks so much for being with
us tonight.

NESHEIWAT: Thank you.

PIRRO: All right. And as the Biden administration floats more lockdowns,
migrants, many infected with COVID-19, continue to pour across the southern
border. Now, two whistleblowers are accusing the Biden administration of
trying to cover up a COVID outbreak at Fort Bliss among migrant children.

Joining us now is nationally syndicated radio host, Dana Loesch, along with
host of the “Rubin Report”, Dave Rubin.

All right. Good evening to both of you.

Dana, I’ll start with you. Tell us about the whistleblowers.

goodness. Yeah, two whistleblowers who are government employees or civil
servants, they were — they were they were asked to essentially lie on
behalf of the administration concerning the infection rates of people who
are illegally entering at the southern border — these migrant children
taken to Fort Bliss.

And then from there, we’ve even had a problem here in the republic of Texas
with these same individuals who you either — you don’t know if they’ve
been tested, you don’t know their infection rates.

And in fact what these two government workers were saying is that, yeah,
the infection rate is way worse than what’s being reported in the media
and, in fact, when they were coming to the end of their term, end of their
time working with these kids at these facilities, they were asked to
basically sign off on make — painting this like kittens and sunshine happy
little picture of what was really happening there, that infection rates
were out of control, that people were getting sick and that it definitely
was not — it definitely was not at all being managed.

So, government — and, Judge, I — this is what angers me so much because
the government right now is trying to cast dispersions on the characters of
millions of Americans who are vaccine hesitant due to a lack of
transparency and an absolutely disastrous messaging from this government
where it concerns the rollout of this vaccine.

And now, you have government employees coming forward saying that the
government was trying to make them lie to the public about what was really
happening with infection rates. This is pretend theater, pretend care
theater from the administration.

PIRRO: Well — 

LOESCH: If this administration really cared about getting the delta
variant under control, Judge, they’d be at the border, they’d be shutting
this down.

PIRRO: Well, there’s no question.

And, Dave Rubin, look, the issue that we have right now is — look, we knew
from the beginning that Biden didn’t want anyone to see what was going on
in these crowded rooms that were — had like 10 times as many people in
them as they should have had. So I don’t know how surprised we should be
with this.

But at the same time, you would think the government would be concerned
because Border Patrol is getting sick, Border Patrol is taking it home to
their families. Everyone is working for the government, people busing them,
flying them, non-government. And they’re infecting everyone.

Does the government not care?

DAVE RUBIN, HOST OF “THE RUBIN REPORT”: No the government doesn’t care
because the government knows that it can get away with this, with its
allies in the mainstream media. That this will only really be covered on
FOX or on a couple podcasts and YouTube channels like mine, and that really
is it.

So, remember, we cared about kids in cages when it was Donald Trump who was
president. Then when we saw kids in cages, suddenly, they weren’t cages and
even though they were as you pointed out at some points ten times
overcrowded and there was obviously no social distancing, and people
weren’t wearing masks and just in the last few days, we suddenly see all of
these people pouring in through the southern border.

And they’re not just from Mexico. By the way, many of them are telling
reporters that they’re from Haiti and from all over the place — 

PIRRO: Right.

RUBIN: — walking in without masks, not socially distancing and everything
else. There is no lie at this point that is too big for the administration,
for the Democrats or the mainstream media. They will keep lying to us. They
will keep gaslighting us.

That’s the — whatever it is, whether it’s COVID, whether it’s the border,
whether it’s anything from Brett Kavanaugh’s a rapist, to the Covington
kids are racist or Jussie Smollett was lynched, whatever it is, they will
lie and they will just keep doing it.

PIRRO: Well, and you know, Dana, right now, you’ve got Governor Abbott
saying that he’s going to use the National Guard to assist in making
arrests. But I’m not so sure he’s got jurisdiction over what to make an
arrest for.

LOESCH: Well, at the very least, he should be able to direct law
enforcement in Texas to not be loading people that are infected with
coronavirus or the delta — and the delta variant onto buses or planes, et
cetera, and taking them all throughout the Republic of Texas. I mean, for
crying out loud.

And Merrick Garland just came out today saying, oh, he’s really standing
against Abbott’s decision to do this.

PIRRO: Yeah.

LOESCH: He says it’s dangerous and it’s unlawful for Abbott to do this.

So it’s official that the Biden administration, they’re only pretending to
care once again about the spread of this variant because they have no
problem with people coming in at the southern border. So I guess the rule
is this, Judge — you know, if people want to get by the mask mandate and
any kind of mandatory injections from the government, just go down to the
southern border — 

PIRRO: Exactly.

LOESCH: — in Texas and then come back in and then you’ll be you’ll be
totally fine.

PIRRO: Yeah.

And, finally, Dave, in just a few seconds that that we have left — I mean,
the fact that non-government agencies or offices are get — like Catholic
charities — are then sending these people into hotels and then they end up
going to a restaurant and infect everyone at the restaurant, I mean, this
is — this is a dereliction of duty at the very least, and we can’t stop

RUBIN: Well it, of course, it is. It’s an absolute dereliction of duty,
but we’re just watching our trusted class in America completely collapse.
Fauci says one thing one day, then the next day, he says something
completely opposite. And then we watch a media that fuels it, and there is
so little trust in our institutions that I don’t know how we get past this.

PIRRO: Yeah.

RUBIN: And if you want to know if this is really — sort of a made-up
problem or not — you know, there’s an awful lot of people that would love
to get out of Canada right now, which has been in endless draconian
lockdowns — are we just letting people walk in from Canada? I don’t think

So why are we letting them walk in from our southern border? Has anyone
talked about that?

PIRRO: Well, it could — yeah, it could because they’ll vote Democrat.

Dana Loesch, Dave Rubin, thanks so much for being with us tonight. Right.

And coming up, Ari Fleischer and Charlie Hurt will be here to react to
another week of Biden blunders and gaffes, you won’t believe what he said
this time. It’s very entertaining.

Stay with us.


PIRRO: Now, the ever struggling Joe Biden was caught in yet another
bizarre moment this week after claiming he used to drive an 18-wheeler
semi-truck. Take a look.


BIDEN: Anyway, I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.


BIDEN: I got.


PIRRO: The only problem? There’s no evidence he ever did.

With the White House claiming that Biden did ride in an 18-wheeler back in
1973. But, of course, it gets even worse as Biden this week confused Donald
Trump and Barack Obama, and couldn’t quite remember the three reasons he
ran for president in the first place. Take a look.


BIDEN: I said I was running for three reasons. One, to restore the soul of
this country, a sense of decency and honor. But secondly, to rebuild the
backbone of the country, hard-working middle-class folks who built this

The president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then
President Trump — excuse me, Freudian slip, that was the last president.
He calls — anyway, that was President Obama when I was vice president.


PIRRO: Joining me now for reaction, FOX News contributors Ari Fleischer
and Charlie Hurt.

All right. Ari, I’ll start with you. Do you believe the president when he
said he used to drive an 18-wheeler?


ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: He also used to be a track driver —
a race car driver too, right?

Look, Judge, I mean, the problem here is when he’s not plagiarizing, he’s
lying about himself, and he’s been doing it forever. I just pulled this up.
It’s so easy to find.

He was arrested in South Africa, don’t forget that. He finished in the top
half of his law school class, got three undergraduate degrees, got an
academic scholarship. He said all that, none of that is true.

PIRRO: None is true.

FLEISCHER: He claimed he was the first in family to go to college. That’s
not true.

He said — and this is he said it on the word of a Biden, that he pinned a
Silver Star on a Navy captain in Kunar province but the captain didn’t want
it. None of that, not one sentence in that was true.

And he also said he got a start at a historical black college or
university, Delaware State. He didn’t go there.

PIRRO: Yeah, well —

FLEISCHER: The man is a serial liar about himself and the press just kind
of laughs along with him.

PIRRO: Well, and you know, the thought of this guy sitting down Charlie
with Xi Jinping or sitting down with Putin — and I mean, he doesn’t even
know what he’s talking about. What do you think those guys are thinking
when they’re sitting across the room from him?

CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think that they’re probably
very relieved that they’re dealing with this guy now instead of the last

But I also kind of wonder if — you know, after four years of one of the
most consequential presidents we’ve ever had in modern times, it’s almost
like the swamp is back to sort of make the argument that it doesn’t matter
who’s president. You — even this guy can be president because he says the
dumbest things and for some reason, it doesn’t matter. But as you point
out, it does matter when he does sit down with the leaders of China or
Russia or the European Union, any of these places. It does matter and it’s
an embarrassment.

But here’s the real thing that I think is very strange about Joe Biden. Joe
Biden has been at this for 50 years. He’s been in politics for 50 years.
He’s been running his mouth for years. He’s been running for president for
most of that time, and he’s really bad at it. He’s terrible at it. He
doesn’t know whether he drove an 18-wheeler, the White House said, well, it
was a school bus.

If the guy doesn’t know the difference between driving a 18-wheeler and a
school bus — I mean, how would you let this guy be in charge of anything?

But then he says things like — you know, the Freudian — he doesn’t even
know what a Freudian slip is. And then and then and it’s like the most
basic thing — when you start off to list three things, you’re supposed to
always list three things.

PIRRO: Three things.

HURT: And that’s my point. He’s so bad at it. What — he should have
gotten out a long time ago.

PIRRO: Well, you know, and the shame of it is, you know, when he’s talking
about those three things he says — when, you know, he got into the race,
nobody thought he could win. Well, I guess that the plan was that he would

And so, Ari, I’ll go to you. I mean, you’ve trained enough politicians,
worked with enough of them that, you know, those three reasons that you
give like — the first question why do you want to run for president? Why
do you want to run for governor? Why do you want to run for this?

I mean, you know, the guy doesn’t pass the basic fundamentals. And yet no
one in the media cares — I know because the media’s in with them.

What’s your take on him?

FLEISCHER: Well, this is what bothers me so much. We do see a president
who is about to turn 79, and legitimate questions should be raised about
how he’s doing, how his mental health is, how his acuity is. You watch him
in the — in his speech, in the news conference today, he can be sharp,
there’s no question about it. He can go back and forth with reporters and
hear their questions and give lucid answers to it.

But when he constantly gets things wrong too, there should be a scrutiny.
The press should cover it.

But the mainstream media has just seen fit to give him a total pass. They
don’t hold him to account when he makes up all these lies about himself.
They kind of just chuckle. They’ll note it maybe in passing once and then
move on to the next pro-Biden story that they write.

This is the problem too. Why do they have to protect and cover for him,
instead of criticize him and draw attention to his frailties the way they
would for any other president?

PIRRO: And you know, Charlie, the whole idea of Joe Biden coming up and
coming out and saying that what he wants is he wants, you know, he’s
building back better and everything is great again — you know, he blames
everything on Trump that he doesn’t think is good, just like Obama blamed
everything on Bush.

HURT: Right.

PIRRO: I don’t ever remember the Republican presidents doing this blaming
them on the Democrats before them, although I could be wrong, I don’t know.

But, you know, when Joe Biden comes out and says, you know, I’m not
supposed to — I’m not supposed to take any more questions or I’m not
supposed to answer that, he still can’t stop saying that so they must spank
him or something when he goes back from a press conference.

HURT: Well, that — that’s the one part about being a politician he’s very
good at, he’s very good at blaming other people for his mistakes. But Ari
puts his finger on something that’s very important here, the fact that he
can be lucid sometimes is almost more problematic because, you don’t know
whether you’re getting lucid Joe Biden or completely insane Joe Biden.

And that — and that makes it in a lot of ways even more frightening
because it raises the question, okay, so if he can — if he’s all over the
place in terms of his mental abilities and his ability to sort of be with
it, then who’s actually in charge when he does lose his mind? Is there
somebody there? And who is that person?

We — this is a free country where we elect our leaders and that means we
get to know we get to pick our leaders and we know who’s in charge. And
right now, we have no idea who’s in charge when he’s behind closed doors
eating ice cream and talking about a fantasy of driving an 18-wheeler or
whatever it is. It’s pretty alarming.

PIRRO: Yeah and also alarming is how does he go from being so
discombobulated to being loosened? You know, what happens to get him there?

HURT: Right.

PIRRO: Ari Fleischer and Charlie Hurt, thanks so much for being with us

And after the break, Congressman Michael Waltz is set to introduce a bill
aimed at providing more transparency into Hunter Biden’s shady business
dealings. He’ll join us next with a full breakdown.

Plus, Lara Trump will be here with reaction as “Hannity” continues.


PIRRO: Welcome back — welcome back to ‘Hannity”.

it was another day of controversy for Hunter Biden as his art show
continues to raise mounting ethics concerns. Experts are now saying these
amateur art pieces some expected to sell for as much as $500,000 are
significantly overpriced. And Florida Congressman Michael Waltz is set to
introduce a bill aimed at providing greater transparency into Hunter’s
secretive business dealings requiring presidents and vice presidents to
provide financial disclosures for their non-dependent children.

Congressman Waltz joins us now with the latest, along with FOX News
contributor Lara Trump.

All right. Congressman Waltz, first of all, congratulations to you because
they kept saying, it’s all fine. No one will ever know who’s selling, who’s
buying, who’s paying. So, kudos to you for at least thinking of a bill.

What will your bill do?

REP. MICHAEL WALTZ (R-FL): Well, you know, Hunter Biden is — he’s an
artist. He’s a con artist. He’s that type of artist he is.

And let’s just review very quickly his masterpiece. His gallery of
corruption that are full of masterpieces.

Exhibit A, Burisma. Vice President Biden, then in charge of reducing
corruption in the Ukraine, Hunter Biden on the board of one of the most
corrupt companies in the country.

Exhibit B, China. Flies with Vice President Biden to China on official
business, on Air Force Two, and months later, $1.5 billion dollars
invested, partnered with the Central Bank of China. And to this day, Judge,
to this day, is an equity holder in the Chinese nuclear supplier group
which is blacklisted for trying to steal warhead technology from the United

And then, of course, exhibit C. This, you know, absolutely corrupt new art

Enough is enough. Let’s get to the bottom of it. This bill would force
disclosure, I want to know who’s circumventing the law and getting to the
White House through buying this — I even put air quotes around art.

PIRRO: Well, you know, he seems to be an expert, Lara, at being able to
bring in money and, you know, the laptop which he certainly — we all know
was his — and he didn’t deny it, gives 10 percent to the big guy.

You know, as a Trump, you know, as Congressman Waltz was walking through
that with us, I couldn’t help but think how the left tried to make every
day hell for President Trump. I mean, what’s your take on how this family
has been able to get away with it?

LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it’s — I mean, all of it is a
shame. All of it is a sham. All of it is terrible for America.

And Congressman Waltz’s bill I think is a great idea. Unfortunately, we
have had to get here — in America, you’ve got to force transparency in the
Biden administration because no one knows who is buying these outrageously
priced art pieces.

And by the way, I didn’t need the experts to tell me that they were
overpriced, Judge. I love that whole part of it.

But it’s really sad because what the bill ultimately would do is I guess
for future non-dependents of presidents, it’s going to — and vice
president — it’s going to force them to disclose their financial
information. This is like the one kid that can’t behave at recess so the
whole class has to get punished. But it would be nice to know what is
happening behind the scenes.

As Congressman Waltz just walked through, we know that Hunter Biden has
been dependent on Joe Biden and his position in government for many, many
years, and to the tune of millions and billions of dollars of profit for
the Biden family.

So, hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this. He certainly had no
experience that got him the job at Burisma. That was because his dad was
vice president.

Certainly getting money from China, from Russia, all because his dad was
vice president. Had nothing to do with his skill set whatsoever. So, it
would be nice to get to the bottom of exactly what he’s making all that
money for.

PIRRO: And, you know, Congressman Waltz, I don’t know about you, but I
really don’t have a lot of faith in the Department of Justice getting to
the bottom of anything as Lara is saying. I mean, she’s absolutely right.
We need to get to the bottom of it. I don’t know that the DOJ will.

What do you think the chances are of your bill getting passed?

WALTZ: Well, you know, I agree with you on the DOJ. I mean, the fact that
he was under investigation during the 2020 election and the DOJ to stay un-
apolitical decided not to reveal any of that.

Well, that was a political decision. The American people deserve to know
that before they cast their vote.

But I don’t think we see this actually move — to be candid with you, Judge
— until we fire Nancy Pelosi in 15 months and send her back to her ice
cream in California.

But I have to tell you, when we do take the majority, we are going to get
to the bottom of these business dealings from the House of Representatives,
because what I want to know is what kind of businesses are the Chinese
directing Hunter to give them access to.

The Chinese Communist Party isn’t giving him a billion dollars to buy a
shoestring factory in Michigan. They want robotics. They want advanced
materials. They want artificial intelligence.

They want things their military can use to then dominate the United States.
And if there was a circumvention of their export controls and trying to
protect that IP, that’s what I want to get to the bottom of. And I think
there’s a lot more shoes to drop here.

PIRRO: Well, I don’t think there’s any question there’s a lot more shoes
and — to drop.

But, Lara, you know, Laura, the last question to you — I mean, with
respect to Hunter Biden and the sales of this so-called art, I mean, do you
think we’ll ever be able to find out? Let’s assume that the bill doesn’t
pass, will we ever get to the bottom of that or will they just be shoveling
in millions through that that funnel called art?

L. TRUMP: Unfortunately, we probably will never know. It’ll be just like
everything else with the Biden family, cover-up after cover-up, help, of
course, from the DNC, help from the marketing arm for the Democrat Party
also known as the mainstream media. We will never get to the bottom of

And, unfortunately, it is terrible for America. What a bad precedent
something like this could set. And it’s incredibly frustrating to see
because as you know, as I continue to say and you continue to hear from our
family, when my father-in-law was president, we went out of our way to make
sure that there was full transparency.

We didn’t have to do it, but we paid every dollar that any foreign entity
spent at a Trump property back to the United States Treasury because we
didn’t want to have the faintest hint of impropriety when we wanted
everything to be above board.

They still came after us. They still continue to come after President
Trump. The prosecutors out there in New York are absolutely disgraceful,
letting criminals go and yet going after Donald Trump and the Trump
Organization for nothing. It is absolutely outrageous.

PIRRO: Sometimes, it’s hard to recognize this country as America.

Congressman Waltz, Lara Trump, thanks so much to both of you.

WALTZ: All right. Stay tuned (ph).

PIRRO: All right. And after the break, amid a nationwide crime wave,
liberal leaders are now calling for more police. We’ll explain next. You
won’t want to miss it.


PIRRO: Welcome back to “Hannity”.

Last summer, America’s major cities were overrun with riots and looting and
some neighborhoods became autonomous zones, where police were not allowed.
Most of us were horrified but Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan called it a,
quote, summer of love.

Now, after a year of violence, the mayor is desperate for more cops on the
streets and she’s not the only one. Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser
also wants to hire more officers after several high-profile shootings in
her city. That should be welcome news to D.C Metropolitan police chief who
said this last week.


CHIEF ROBERT CONTEE, DC POLICE: Our department right now is 200 officers
short, and where we were this time last year, and we are projected to be
less than that — 


CONTEE: I’m not — sir, what I’m saying is that’s where we are. We’re 200
some offices short of where we were last time. So what is the community’s
response to that and who are we talking to about that? Is that acceptable?
I got a — 


CONTEE: — absolutely it’s not.


PIRRO: Joining us now, FOX News contributor Leo Terrell, Dallas Police
Sergeant Tre Pennie and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren.

All right, everyone. Now to what do you attribute — and I will start it
with the sergeant — to what do you attribute this turnaround? Do you think
that these Democrats who believe in the summer of love or defunding police
just now realize that, oh, it’s not right, we’ve got to get police back on
the street, or is this just politics before 2022?

politics before 2022. I mean, look, I mean that’s the reality of where we
are right now. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of violence in these cities
our officers are faced with unprecedented hardships in dealing with the
levels of violence.

And in fact, a lot of these cities nationally, we’ve seen 15 percent
increase in the murder rate.
So, look, bottom line is they’re paying politics with our police officers
and we’re simply tired of it. I’m tired of them holding this over our
officer’s head, and these guys have — they’re trying to go home to their
families and just live like regular people. But they can’t because they
have limited resources that they’re dealing with.

And these politicians are constantly taking more and taking more. Now, they
want to hold — they want to they want to dangle a carrot in front of their
face saying that they’re going to give them money. Look, that’s not —
that’s not enough, because we’re already short and giving them new money is
only going to help them fill a little gap of the short — the shortness
that was already there to begin with.

PIRRO: Exactly, exactly.

And, Tomi, you know, when we’ve got Jenny Durkan in the summer of love
nonsense from last year, I mean, she was saying that at a time when the
autonomous zone — I mean, there were fires, people were getting injured, I
think someone was killed — one or two people were killed there. I mean,
what does she realize now that she didn’t realize last summer?

TOMI LAHREN, FOX NATION HOST: Well, Judge, I’ll tell you what? Democrats
are like overgrown toddlers. They break something and then they act as
though they don’t know how it got broken.

I think we understand exactly how this happened. This is what happens when
you bow down and you placate to BLM for the last five years. This is what
you’re going to get — lawlessness in the streets.

But furthermore, it’s not enough just to hire more officers. You also have
to stop demonizing the ones you have left and you have to stop demonizing
officers in general so that you have those men and women that are willing
to step up and take that calling to serve and protect their communities.

The last thing I’ll say on this, Judge, is — you know, the Democrats, they
are receiving a private protection courtesy of the American taxpayer in
their cities. But you notice when they’re receiving their private
protection paid for by you and me, they’re not using social workers.
They’re using actual security detail.

So it just goes to show they place their service and their security over
the American people. And it’s enough of this. And the culture of
lawlessness, stop demonizing officers, start hiring more officers and stop
coddling criminals.

PIRRO: Absolutely.

And, Leo, you know, the thing about Jenny Durkan, the Seattle mayor, that
I’m still harping on her because I’m furious with her, she was actually a
prosecutor. So she knows better. So she bowed to the political left at the
cost to people in Seattle.

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You’re absolutely right. She bowed to
the political left, but the political left has lost this battle.

Basically, the whole idea of defunding the police judge has backfired. The
Democratic Party have surrendered the argument of defunding the police. You
ask why. The poll numbers, the people in those cities are upset. They’re
going to lose in 2022, that’s a fact.

And so, the defunding the police, you won’t hear that other than from the
Squad, from the socialist congressional district. But these big-time
Democratic mayors in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta and in Los
Angeles, they have felt the anger from their own party and that’s why they
are reversing course.

And I guarantee from now to 2022, other than the loudmouth AOC and Tlaib
and Omar, the Democratic mayors are going to support the law enforcement
because they are in trouble right now politically.

PIRRO: Well, and back to the Dallas Sergeant Pennie.

You know, Sergeant, a bull’s eye has been put on the backs of a lot of
police officers. They’ve retired. They’ve quit. It’s going to take a
generation I believe for police to get back their — their — how can we
say it? You know, their strength, their confidence, the society’s belief in

What are you seeing with the Dallas police?

PENNIE: Yeah. I mean, we’ve also dealt with this decrease in — and law
enforcement officers leaving the profession. You know, we’ve seen the
increase in crime. I mean, every city across the nation is dealing with
this, and Dallas is not uh exclusive to that — very problem. But more
importantly, I think we need to talk about the politics involved in this
and look at how we have — these politicians and people like George Soros
that are promoting these anti-police agendas.

I mean, I saw this past week, that he donated over a million dollars to
defund the police. I mean, you think about that kind of stuff and you look
at what we’re dealing with — I mean, that’s why I filed a lawsuit back in
2016 against Black Lives Matter and George Soros because I knew they were
inciting violence against our police.

Look, I was on the front line dealing with this — these radicalized
agenda. In 2016, we lost police officers. We lost five officers, killed in
the line of duty in a domestic terrorist attack. And all that is fueled by
this anti-police agenda.

So you have police not want to enter the profession because they know that
they’re not being protected, they know that these politicians are against
them, they know that these radical agendas are being funded by massive
amounts of money and they don’t have a chance. So I’m doing everything I
can through the National Fallen Officer Foundation, make sure that we are
raising attention to these issues and trying to do everything that we can
to advocate for the interest of police in this country, and I’m going to
keep doing that.

PIRRO: All right. Well, good for you.

And, Tomi, very quickly — I mean, are you talk — you talk to a lot of
young people. Are any of them talking about going into law enforcement?

LAHREN: I still think that there are a number of young people out there
that still want to serve and protect their community. But it’s going to
take again, like you said, a generation of Americans that are not only
proud of their police officers and law enforcement but proud of their
country, because in order to answer that call, you want to serve and
protect your community and your country.

And that’s going to start in our schools. We have to end the indoctrination
and we have to make Americans proud to be Americans again. I think we’ll
start to see a radical change.

PIRRO: All right. Leo, 15 seconds — are you hopeful for police in

TERRELL: Yes, because I’ll tell you right now, every civilized society,
Judge, has law enforcement to protect society. And notwithstanding this
fringe element that hijacked the Democratic Party — 

PIRRO: Yes, they are.

TERRELL: Ninety-eight percent, 90 percent of people, they want law
enforcement. The Democratic Party does not represent everyday American

PIRRO: They certainly don’t. 
More “Hannity” after the break.


PIRRO: Welcome back to “Hannity”.

Unfortunately, that’s all the time we have left for tonight. Make sure you
check out my show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine” every Saturday night at
9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Have a great night.

Laura Ingraham is up next.

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