Leo Terrell: Biden’s policy failing in ‘every corner of the world’

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell slammed President Biden for what he called a “dereliction of duty” as commander-in-chief, as the president oversees multiple crises stateside while Afghanistan remains at risk of swiftly falling to the Taliban.

Terrell, hosting “Hannity” on Friday, said the Delaware Democrat’s far-left agenda is failing in “every corner of the world.”

“His dereliction of duty is as undeniable as ever: From the disaster at the southern border to rising inflation to rising gas prices and rising crime all across the country, Joe Biden is failing on every front,” he said. 

“And overseas, the Biden Doctrine appears to be more interested in appeasing our enemy than it is for standing up for the American people. Frankly, it is an absolute disgrace.”

Terrell said Biden has put America last at every turn, from making his first major policy decision in office to shut down a Canadian-American pipeline project that killed as many as 10,000 union jobs, while soon after allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to finish a major pipeline that will allow the Kremlin to sell and supply energy to Germany and Central Europe.

“Remember, Biden began as president by killing jobs,” Terrell said. “And, he promised a safe withdrawal in Afghanistan, claimed there was a plan in place for peace and stability – and now the Taliban is on the verge of taking over the country as soon as this weekend.”

Earlier Friday, Rear Adm. John Kirby, Biden’s chief spokesman at the Pentagon, defended the administration’s Afghanistan policy while the president flew to Thurmont, Md., for a long weekend at Camp David.

“Can you name one single thing that Joe Biden has done to improve the lives of everyday Americans?” Terrell went on to ask the audience. “Impossible.”


Terrell also faulted Biden for failing to take substantive action against the public safety crisis in cities like Philadelphia – which is experiencing the nation’s highest per capita murder rate — Chicago, where for the second night this week, a police officer was reportedly injured after making contact with a suspect – New York, and elsewhere.

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