Scott Walker on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Kids falling behind because of teachers’ unions, ‘radicals’ like Fauci

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Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday to discuss a new study indicating school closures during the pandemic have negatively impacted students’ proficiency in various subjects. Walker argued “we are failing our kids” because of “radicals like Tony Fauci” and overreaching teachers’ unions across the country. 


SCOTT WALKER: I remember earlier this past year the mayor of Chicago, who I don’t often agree with, very liberal, but on this issue, she was right. She was pushing the teachers union to reopen the schools. And she made the point that Black and Hispanic children in particular were at risk already before the pandemic, even more so since. And it doesn’t take a study to understand this. I think any parent who has had kids who had to be away from school during the past two years understands it’s incredibly difficult, even in a two-parent household, higher-income household where they’ve got laptops, they’ve got computers. Imagine how difficult it is where they don’t have access to that technology. We are failing our kids in this country. Our children are falling behind. And sadly, it’s been because of the political power of the massive teachers’ union and radicals like Tony Fauci, who’ve kept our kids out of school. That’s got to stop, and even Democratic governors are starting to understand that. 


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