Democrats and COVID mandates – following science doesn’t make them the boogeyman

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As new coronavirus cases decline nationwide, there are a growing number of states, some even with the strictest measures, that are dropping indoor mask mandates over the next couple of weeks. 

New Jersey was the first, then California followed by New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Soon to follow? Illinois. 

In addition to these states all having had strict mask mandates, what do they have in common? They all have Democrats as their governors. They’re all blue states.  


In Virginia, Democrats joined with Republicans in a bipartisan manner to pass an amendment that would give parents the right to choose whether their children wear masks at school. 

And the truly demonized teachers’ unions have indicated they’re in favor of an “off ramp” for masks in schools; they’re just awaiting guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

This week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that “the CDC moves at the pace of data and science” and that states “allow for decisions to be made by local school districts.”  

Which is what has been happening all along.  

If we want this pandemic not to be political, then we need (both sides) to do away with the politics.

The federal government has not been the big bad wolf on these mandates. Mask mandates have been put forth in both blue and red states and governors, whether Republican or Democrat, have awaited the guidance of doctors and scientists on the issue and most have followed their advice. As the virus evolves and medical professionals learn more about it and how it moves among us, and as more of us are vaccinated and have been infected with COVID-19, the rules can change – just as we and the virus have and will change. The situation was fluid when it started, and it is still fluid now.  

What’s my point? That Democrats aren’t forcing people to wear masks and aren’t the boogeyman taking people’s freedoms away. 

Actually, some could argue that it is parents who were truly the boogeyman on masks. Consider what we saw in suburban Chicago school districts this week, with parents protesting and school children walking out over mask mandates. And of course, we remember those who threatened medical professionals and teachers at local town halls and school meetings in various states.  


Those on the right have said that Democratic states, governors and unions have forced masks upon our children. But as the mother of two school-age children, 13 and 14, I don’t understand all the hullabaloo. It is a mask. My children wear it, don’t complain and, although they would prefer not to wear it, don’t care.  

There is also the issue of the immunocompromised, handicapped or disabled. Do we just expect those children to stay home because of those who consider masks too much of an imposition on their children’s freedoms? 


Sadly, politics has played a huge role in decisions made about the virus, masks, vaccinations and social distancing. Over 800,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. And even though only 910 children under 18 have died from this virus, as a parent (and a human) just one life lost is too much. Especially if that child is yours.  

If we want this pandemic not to be political, then we need (both sides) to do away with the politics. Vaccinate. Be responsible. Don’t have huge gatherings. And when it comes to children, follow medical guidance and think about those who deal with much larger issues than having to wear a mask. 


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