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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino along with Emily Compagno, Geraldo Rivera, Jesse Watters, and Joey Jones.

It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

Vladimir Putin fueling fears of invasion as the standoff between Russia and Ukraine gets even more tense. Things changing rapidly sometimes by the minute. And here’s where we stand.

Russian troops are within three miles of the border and are in reportedly in attack position. There was hope earlier today for a Biden/Putin summit to calm everything down but just hours ago Putin declaring two break away regions of eastern Ukraine to be independent and saying that the country should have never been separated from Russia during the Soviet Union.

President Biden responding and is set to slap sanctions on those regions and the Kremlin just announcing Putin has ordered Russian forces to, quote, “maintain peace” in eastern Ukraine but it is unclear if troops will enter.

All that while the Biden administration continuing to warn that Russian troops could cross into Ukraine at any moment.


JAKE SULLIVAN, U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: Every indication we see on the ground right now, in terms of the disposition of Russian forces is that they are, in fact, getting prepared for a major attack on Ukraine.

JOHN KIRBY, PENTAGON PRESS SECRETARY: We believe that it could happen any day and that includes today. Today could be that day. Again, Bill, we’re seeing things in the intelligence realm that’s certainly giving us concern about how close he is now to moving. Every indication is that he’s preparing for a large-scale invasion.


PERINO (on camera): The Biden administration being criticized over the way they handled this entire situation. Vice President Kamala Harris out in Germany this weekend, and is being accused of not being prepared.


KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I mean, listen, guys. We’re talking about the potential for war in Europe. I mean, let’s really take a moment to understand the significance of what we’re talking about. Our position is for us very clear. Which is, as a leader, which we have been, bringing together the allies, working together.

These are some of the greatest sanctions, if not the strongest, that we have ever issued. And it will exact absolute harm for the Russian economy and their government.


PERINO (on camera): There’s lot to cover. So, let’s start with this. This is a call from Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary saying that we have anticipated a move like this from Russia and are ready to respond immediately.

Geraldo, there you have Kamala Harris talking about the sanctions to come after the action was taken. And I think there will be a lot of debate as to whether at least some sanctions could have been put on ahead of time to prevent this. Because now we’ve just been told in our ears that Russian peacekeepers are supposed are there are supposed to go and maintain peace in the new breakaway region.

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: And so, it begins. I think whatever hesitation existed before. They must pull the trigger on these sanctions right now. By his assaultive language, by his moving his troops now within three miles of the frontier. And they are mass armor. We have to understand this is not like anything we have seen since World War II. He must have 500 of those heavy tanks, aside from the aircraft and the missiles and everything else.

He is prepared for invasion that won’t stop until he gets to the Dnieper River which divides Ukraine east to west. That’s where they kept Lviv, it sits on one bank of the river. I think that that’s he wants. He wants half that country right now.

And no telling. He could — he could tell them to turn right and take those Baltic states, or at least threaten the NATO countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. I think that this is — this is a crisis. Joe Biden has to stand up and speak without a damn N95 mask on that the vice president had. You couldn’t hear her. You need like, you know, captions to hear what the vice president is saying.

At this pivotal moment, I think it’s politically correct at a worst possible time. But I think that the — this is now war. It is, maybe it’s not war that involves NATO yet, but, for example, our paratroopers cannot stand up against that armor, even the blessed 82nd — and we got Joey here, God knows he knows better than I. And the 101st A.

This is a — this is a mechanized major army, 190,000 strong. And now they are given the green light to cross over. It is like Sudetenland in 1938. I hate comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis. But this is when Hitler insisted on the German speaking regions of Czechoslovakia. He got the German speaking regions then he moved his army and took the rest of Czechoslovakia.

This is history repeating itself. Biden is called upon now to be strong, stronger than he is ever been and more clear than he is ever been and work in concert with our NATO allies who, thank God, have recognized the tiger is loose in the building.

PERINO: It’s almost as if Putin only thinks that a unified Germany should stand up to the fall of the Soviet Union. Here’s General Jack Keane, Joey. Let’s listen to him and then get your take.


JACK KEANE, FOX NEWS SENIOR STRATEGIC ANALYST: Because he wants Ukraine to look to Russia and not to the west. But really, when it gets down to what he is talking about here, is that Ukraine never should have been separated from the Soviet Union. It is a part of Russia and I’m taking back the land that is rightfully ours. That is what this is about.


PERINO: And taking it back could be quite violent.

JOHNNY JOEY JONES, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, it looks that way. I think the problem is, we sit around and try to guess what does Putin, what does he want? And I think if Greg were sitting in this chair he would say, why don’t we call him? Well, we hear today he’s going to call him if he does invade.

And so, what I learn something about that as if he does invade, are you not going to call him? Like you’re going to have to figure this guy out. You have to understand does he want the land? Does he want the reassurances from NATO? I hate to use a bad analogy but I’m pretty good at using bad analogy.

So, if you ever played Texas hold them and you have two people betting. One person is betting and raising the bet. You get this other guy he’s just calling. And that’s all he’s doing. You know, two things. One is that that guy doesn’t have a good hand, the guy that’s just calling and the guy that’s betting either has a great hand or no hand at all. The guy betting is Putin. The guy calling is Joe Biden. And that’s our problem. We look at this —


PERINO: I think that’s a good analogy.

JONES: Is it a good analogy?

PERINO: Yes, I think you did a good job there.

JONES: I want to keep that one. Emily, don’t let me forget it. So the point here, Joe Biden is reacting. That’s all he’s doing is reacting. He’s not leading on this. I’m not going to beat him up on this and say he should have prevented this six months ago. But at the same point it’s not like this caught us by surprise.


JONES: It’s not like we don’t understand what’s happening. It’s not like it’s not been an issue for a long time. And why is it every day all we hear is this kind of semantics of is this going to be a proxy war? Is this going to be, is this a land grab? Is this a push to get NATO out of the region? Is it all of that? Why can’t our government answer that question?


PERINO: Well, it turns out —

JONES: They are really asking it every single day because they don’t know.

PERINO: Jesse, it turns out that what Putin wants is what he’s been saying he wants. And I don’t know. There’s not — this is not even like to be a lot of guessing. But the other thing that’s happening is how it might hurt our economy as well. And that is having to deal with energy. If there’s anything we’ve learned here, that an energy policy is important. Let’s listen to Kamala Harris on that part and get your take.


HARRIS: When America stands for her principles and all the things that we hold dear, it requires sometimes for us to put ourselves out there in a way that maybe we will incur some cost. And then in this situation that may relate to energy cost.


PERINO: I hope that we take some lessons about our own energy policy out of this.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: So, gas is going to $4 a gallon. And it’s probably going to $100 a barrel within the next couple weeks if this thing goes through.

RIVERA: Stock market.

WATTERS: Stock market is going to take a huge hit. And with gas prices and oil going up, inflation is going to get much worse because it’s tied to the dollar. Have we been prepared as a country to stomach this? No. This is the first time anybody in the administration says what’s happening in Europe, this is how it’s going to affect us here, Americans in the homeland.

And she’s saying it with a mask on. And no one ever even cares what she says. The president needs to come out without a mask and explain why Ukraine impacts this country and why we need to care and what the hell is going on there —


WATTERS: — and get us ready for this. Because right now the American people are not ready for this. It’s going to happen — oil is going to go up. Inflation is going to get worse. And the Democrats and the media are going to blame Russia. You know what’s going to happen? That they just need another excuse, and that’s fine. But that’s not where we are right now.

Where did we get here? All right. Bill Clinton forced the Ukrainians in the early ’90s to give their nukes back to Russia. If he had just let the Ukrainians keep the nukes, Russia wouldn’t have gone in. You don’t invade a nuclear power. He forced the nukes out there back to Russia and now they’re sitting ducks for Putin.

All right. So, I expect a formal apology by Bob (Ph). Also, the Europeans totally went green here. And they reduced nuclear. They reduced coal. They reduced exploring for natural gas domestically and they’re now sucking at the teeth of Vladimir’s Putin pipeline.


WATTERS: And they are over a barrel. They’re going to get squeeze. There’s nothing they can do about this because they’re Putin’s biggest customer. So that’s also a problem. And then lastly, I’m trying to look at this subjectively.

PERINO: I can tell.

WATTERS: You know how I look at things objectively.

RIVERA: Possibly.

WATTERS: So, since the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO has aggressively pushed NATO expansion into these former Soviet territories. Almost every decade NATO adds another country. And even the last four years we’ve added two more countries. Now Russia is humiliated by that. And Russia sees that as a huge threat. And NATO doesn’t see that as a threat. NATO sees Russia as a threat. NATO sees that as a defensive move.

And so, these two forces disagree with that and they’ve been on a collision course ever since the Soviet Union crumbled. And here we are today. And now the American consumer is going to get destroyed by this and we don’t know why.


PERINO: Emily, on the commercial — not commercial break but we have — we just started. We haven’t had a break yet. But right before the show I think that you were speaking so compassionately about the innocent people there who could be in very much in danger right now.

COMPAGNO: Yes, it breaks my heart. And you know, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of obviously Putin, but also Biden. We have a perceived commander in chief who has spent all of his time in office manufacturing a narrative about a perceived erosion of voting rights and of taking direction from teachers unions and the CDC for masking kids. That’s what our president has been focused on.

So, you talked about earlier this is the time to call on him to be clear and confident. I have no hope in it. We said in the intro there were hopes of a Putin/Biden summit. I had zero hope at all. In fact, I am frankly ashamed that he is the commander in chief right now. And I am ashamed with our vice president going over there and taking that position because it is anything but —


PERINO: What position?

COMPAGNO: The position that they are saying of sanctions of perceived strength when it’s anything but. Jennifer Griffin by the way in her extraordinary reporting — reporting pointed out, you know, we talked about the humiliation of Russia. Tomorrow February 22nd that’s known as the revolution of dignity there in Ukraine. And that’s a day of humiliation for Russia. Today a great significance there for Putin.

And she reported the fact that in July, when Putin had 21-page treaties essentially, he was reading his play book, he was talking about that in the past, going back to Russian leaders to Stalin. He said, why did they give up so much? He called it madness to give those republics their land and the rights that they gave up.

And he equated anti-Russian sentiment verbally withholding weapons of mass destruction against Russia. So, I think to your point, that this is absolutely predictable. But the time to stop it was a really long time ago. And that’s why it was quiet during the past administration because we had a different commander in chief.

PERINO: Well, I think you could actually go back several administrations and say that more could have been done all along the way.


PERINO: I mean, in order to counter Putin and —


JONES: I just want to talk about Vice President Kamala Harris real quick. I think she probably keeps the mask on to hold down the cackle and if that’s the case I’m OK with that.

PERINO: All right. We’ll leave it here. Can — coming up, Canada’s crackdown on the truckers is far from over. What Justin Trudeau is planning next.

RIVERA: That’s good, Joey.



JUSTIN TRUDEAU, PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA: Even though things seem to be resolving very well in Ottawa, this state of emergency is not over.


JONES (on camera): Justin Trudeau is not done going after the Canadian truckers. Even though the police broke up the convoy and arrested nearly 200 protesters this weekend. Ottawa’s police chief says they will track down and punish anyone who is involved in protest.


STEVE BELL, INTERIM POLICE CHIEF, OTTAWA: If you were involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges, absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.


JONES (on camera): And truckers who have not been arrested are dealing with the fallout of frozen bank accounts and seized assets.


DEREK BROUWER, CANADIAN TRUCK DRIVER: They’ve taken my truck. I don’t know where it is. On Friday they locked up my personal and trucking business account. And also, we have another business and they locked that account up, too, and it had nothing to do with it.


JONES (on camera): Yes, he’s going to take everything from you because you spoke up.

PERINO: Right.

JONES: Dana, you know a little bit about, I don’t know, handling a crisis. Communications. How is —


PERINO: I can write a book of how not to handle a crisis —


PERINO: — and Justin Trudeau would be like on the cover. This, what really bothers me about it is the gentleman you just saw that was interviewed by Bill this morning. So, he has a separate business, that has nothing to do with the protest and they seized those bank accounts as well. So, he can’t make any sort of living.

I think it’s outrageous for them to say that they are going to track people down for months. They left. They are no longer there. The crisis, so to speak, is over. I also wonder about where are the pro bono lawyers to try to help challenge these accounts being seized. Because to me, I don’t know Canadian law, but I would assume maybe Emily can say.

Like there has to be some way to push back against that. I think about all those celebrities who say they were going to move to Canada every time a Republican president is elected. I assume that they’re probably glad that they live in a country where their property can’t be seized because they sent a donation to the truckers.

JONES: Jesse, we’re talking about seizing bank accounts and assets. This one guy said they seized assets of a business that has nothing to do with his trucking business. This is retaliation. How would that sit on this country? Like what would we do as Americans if the government came after us for exercising, I don’t know, our second amendment right.

WATTERS: Well, that’s why we have a second amendment, Joey Jones, exactly. We must send peacekeeping forces to Canada at this point. That’s our only recourse.

You know, unfortunately, Canada has a lot of British DNA in them. They never rebelled against the monarchy like we did here in America. So, I think they’re more accustomed to king-like rule. And I only say this having been to Canada twice. But I looked into their legal system. And it’s not anything like the freedom we have here.

They don’t take religious liberty as seriously as we do. Their gun controls are hyper strict. You can’t even leave your house with a handgun in Canada. You know the government runs the health care system over there. And hate speech is a crime.

So, when we think of things happening in Canada, it’s not just some colder version of America just to the north. I mean, this is a radically different legal system.

COMPAGNO: That’s right.

WATTERS: So, we’re shocked when they seize that.

RIVERA: Holder wider.

WATTERS: You know, in America you seized asset of Americans because you forged some checks or, you know, your back taxes haven’t clear with the IRS. You donated to a peaceful protest. If that would happen anywhere in the northern hemisphere, it’s crazy.

So, if America wants to be respected as a beacon of liberty, Geraldo, a shining city on hill, when communist countries do this, when dictators do things like this —

RIVERA: I could go on.

WATTERS: — freeze assets, go door to door, put people in prison for peaceful protest, we speak up. And we should speak up. And if that’s what they’re doing up, —


RIVERA: You speak up —

WATTERS: — that right up there, Geraldo. We should be screaming.

RIVERA: You have been speaking up. And I want to know if you’re going to stick with these truckers now that they need you for their legal defense. You were egging them on along with other conservative commentators.

WATTERS: It’s over. Geraldo, it’s over. I’m standing on principle. Don’t seize assets.

RIVERA: I was arrested after passing the bar, taking the bar July 1969. I was arrested in Washington, D.C. in the protest. I was going to be — it’s in November. I was totally delayed because of my protest participation. You haven’t seen these consequences. When you shut down a country —


WATTERS: Did they seize your assets, Geraldo? Did they seize your very large assets?

RIVERA: — when you shut down a country — when you shut down a country as they did in Canada.

JONES: So, you’re saying that free speech, although it exists in a different way there, should result in being trampled by a horse and having your livelihood toad and walk away —


RIVERA: Well, I don’t want to get into horse trampling. Again, we’ll get into the border patrol and all that. You know, one, it’s not about horses and trampling. It’s about shutting down Canada for three and a half weeks. They — the people of Ottawa were totally inconvenienced. They had trucks running all night long, the horns blowing. They had people making, they wore masks. They were being made fun of by the protesters. You paint them in this picture like it’s Robinhood and the seven dwarfs.

WATTERS: Wait, wait. You’re saying — wait, wait, you’re saying the protesters made fun of someone?

RIVERA: They harassed me.

WATTERS: My gosh. Put him in prison.

RIVERA: Imagine if you had a mask on, look at that sissy. Look at them.


WATTERS: My God. No hard feelings.

RIVERA: Look at that. What is he afraid? They’re afraid of a microbe.

WATTERS: You just made fun of Kamala. Yu just made fun of Kamala.

JONES: Well, Emily, I guess it’s a good thing we have the first amendment in this country.


JONES: Because I remember not that long ago there were protests that we would go on this channel say hey, we support that protest. But when it turns into a riot, then we feel like the police should come in. And yu know what, they didn’t come in. And they burn federal buildings down and it got really ugly really quick.

That hasn’t happened up there. But instead, most of them left. And the ones that didn’t get arrested, but there are still, according to the police chief going to hunt you down and bring consequences. That’s vindictive, is it not?

COMPAGNO: Yes. So, well, I just want to respond to what you said. So, the reason that your bar license was held up.

RIVERA: You, me?

COMPAGNO: Yes, you, it wasn’t you. Was held up, you know, you only, your license is suspended, terminated or not instated if it’s a crime of moral turpitude. And protesting under protected free speech is not that. When you talk about the inconvenience Canadians suffered at the hands of these peaceful protesters, that pales in comparison with having a voice. And you do that little violent, Geraldo, but this is people’s livelihood, these are people’s convictions.

RIVERA: What about the livelihood of the autoworkers who didn’t get the parts so they couldn’t put together their Fords and their Toyotas because these people closed the bridge?

COMPAGNO: Again, that’s a minor inconvenience that pales in comparison —


JONES: Yes, one of those is my best friend then you would call him right now and tell you, he also doesn’t want a government telling him he should get a vaccine or vaccinate his kids. And that’s part of the — that’s part of this problem. That’s the rest of this conversation. It’s not just the inconvenience of the people that live in Ottawa or perhaps Washington, D.C.

COMPAGNO: Yes, and just as a quick final point, you know, the Supreme Court here, obviously, has ensured that political donations are protected by free speech. Canada obviously doesn’t have that same protection as we know. But there’s a big argument here that financial de-platforming is the next step —


COMPAGNO: — of this online censorship that we’ve experienced sort of by social media, by those PayPal —


RIVERA: YouTube.

COMPAGNO: — and what not sort of identifying well, we’re going to take this person off, we’re going to deny them. But this, what we are seeing the magnitude and the ripple effect of these people’s lives being absolutely catastrophically expunged. I know we have to go. That’s something that we need to keep on. And if the pent relinquishment actually thing happens, there is a special place in the endless embers for that government.

JONES: All right.

RIVERA: Take fight —

JONES: All right, ahead, a shocking attack on a 4-year-old kid caught on video. And wait until you see how his mom responded.


RIVERA (on camera): More proof that no one is safe when it comes to the crime crisis in America. Even our children. Shocking surveillance video showing career criminal thugs, punks, previously arrested over 40 times sucker punching, get this, a 4-year-old in the middle of Times Square, a block from here. His mother’s mama bear instincts kicking in immediately tackling the perps to the ground until police arrived to arrest them.

NYPD officer saying who needs D.A. Bragg, in reference to the liberal new D.A. here in Manhattan County. The mama took care of justice, the detective said, the old-fashioned way. Here’s how she described the scene.


I turned around and the baby is screaming and crying. I said what happened? She, my daughter said, that guy right there hit him. I grabbed him. And I fell on my back with him on top of me. And he was kicking. I don’t think that he should even be out.


RIVERA (on camera): I would just want to start with the ladies. Emily, I don’t know if you take the subway. Oh, let me fix — let me — before I get to Emily, this whole scenario is happening as at least eight people were attacked in New York City’s subway system over the weekend after the mayor here, Eric Adams, the new mayor, announced a new safety plan to crack down on subway crime.

I also want to mention that Chicago, which has already suffered at least seven murders, Chicago has suffered seven murders since Friday, since Friday. We still have all day today, the holiday weekend. So, now —


RIVERA: — do you take subways or are you afraid?

COMPAGNO: I’m not. Actually, I don’t anymore. Even — you guys, I walk to and from work in the snow because I don’t want to risk it. I have the luxury that I don’t have to take the subway. Not everyone does.

Part of this plan here in this state includes an expansion of Kendra’s law, which was a 1999 statute that allows judges to force outpatient treatment for mentally ill people. And my point is that the reason that a lot of these laws are on the books is because of a horrific event, a tragedy, someone’s life that was taken that resulted in the lobby and passed to prevent those kinds of horrible tragedies from happening in the future. And what we’ve seen is a complete erosion of it.

So, we didn’t touch on it in the intro, but I’m sure everyone has heard about that, a maniac child molester in Los Angeles that was heard gloating over the phone.

RIVERA: Right, right.

COMPAGNO: Well, the issue there was that the DA, because he prosecuted him at that time, as a juvenile made the judge unable to do anything. The judge quoted as saying, “My hands are tied.” And the judge said — or the DA said, now released a statement to Fox News and said, well, the level of remorse about the harm that she caused the child — like, if I had known more, I would have handled things differently.


COMPAGNO: But the facts — the facts are what conveyed that. They don’t need a level of remorse to tell a DA what they need. I need a DA to do their job. The kids that don’t have a mom that can attack the perp at that moment, they’re relying on the DA to prosecute based on laws that are in place based on prior tragedies to ensure they don’t happen again. That has all been eroded thanks to Democrats.

RIVERA: You know, Cleveland this weekend, we had the all-star game, NBA All-Star game. It’s going to be my one more thing today. But my pal, Detective Steve Loomis, he wrote me and said they just closed another Rite Aid. This is where I get my meds. And old Brooklyn is part of Cleveland. Close because of shoplifters gone wild with no enforcement, prosecution, or consequence. My Once nice safe neighborhood has gone to shat — he didn’t say that — while the politician sat back and watch. Two murders yesterday in Cleveland during All-Star Weekend.

WATTERS: Yes, I walked to work the other day and they posting NYPD officers outside of Walgreens. Think about what other things they could be doing besides posting up outside of a pharmacy. What a waste of time. But you got to do it because things are out of control.

And you talk about politicians sitting back and watching. You have a Democrat DA, Democrat Mayor. Democrats control the NYPD. They control the federal prosecutor here, state legislator, two Democrat senators. By the way, has Chuck Schumer said a damn thing about any of this?

RIVERA: Yes, where the hell is he?

WATTERS: Where has been Chuck?

PERINO: Where’s AOC?

WATTERS: Where’s AOC about any of this stuff. Remember, they’re stealing baby formula. That’s the issue. So, when someone walks through Times Square and clocks a young kid like that, I wouldn’t be embarrassed as a Democrat in New York to have to watch moms come out and tackle this guy until cops up.

The guy never should have been out on the street like this. You have 125,000 either tourists or citizens come through Times Square every single day, Geraldo. That’s two football stadiums worth of people. And it is the center of the world, biggest, you know, urban nexus in the entire world.


WATTERS: And it is the Democrats’ responsibility to keep this place safe. And not only had little kids getting their clocks, and you’ve had rapes you’ve had — you’ve had shootings, you’ve had stabbings, you’ve had homicides in Times Square. This cannot happen in a city like this. And the politicians have to stop blaming guns and Republicans and COVID and blame themselves.

RIVERA: I think that one thing — I remember from the old days, Dana, the guardian angels were everywhere.


RIVERA: In the subways, particularly. Maybe citizens have to fight back. Maybe that the old days needs to come again.

PERINO: But they’re going — well, a mom is going to protect their kids.

RIVERA: You’re tiny but I mean —

PERINO: A mom is going to protect their kid, but they shouldn’t have to.

RIVERA: They shouldn’t have to.

PERINO: And I think that — the think about the fact that there’s crime happening all across the country, the next step in the process in San Francisco is for Chesa Boudin, the liberal prosecutor there, he’s up for a recall on June 7, might not turn out the same way as the school board because the George Soros money might be a little bit different in this case. But all eyes should be on that.

The last thing I would say is we were going to have this guest on newsroom this morning whose 9-year-old daughter I think was caught in the crossfire. She never should have been shot but she was. So, babies are being hit, they’re being raped and they are being killed. Sometimes it’s mistaken identity, sometimes it’s because of a road rage incident but that is the kind of thing where you see that like, the social fabric really starts to crumble.

And you think about it. President Biden came to New York a few weeks ago to have his picture taken with Mayor Adams. And Mayor Adams, there’s a lot of goodwill for him, but it’s about to be March 1 and this stuff is not at all looking like it’s going to get better.

RIVERA: Do you despair, Joey?

JONES: Listen, if — I have a 3-year-old daughter. If that happens, my daughter, the only person going to jail is me. Because I’m putting you in the grave and sending your soul straight to hell. That’s how I feel about that.

RIVERA: OK. I like that. I like that.

JONES: When we go — when we go to war and we lose lives and we lose our brothers and our sisters, we do it to protect the innocents in this country first and foremost. So, it really pisses me off to not let it — to see our politicians not do the same thing.

All you have to do is put a little bit of career collateral out there to put bad people in jail, when there’s a whole class of Americans willing to die to do the same thing just to protect these innocent people, starting with our kids. And it goes into the mass mandates and schools in all the ways that we’re letting people harm our kids for no good reason other than we’re mad at each other.

RIVERA: I’m honored to sit at this table with you. Coming up, a fired-up mom calls out a school board member’s mask hypocrisy in a must-see video.


COMPAGNO: Another mask hypocrite being put on blast. A Virginia School Board Chairwoman who berated parents for protesting mask mandates and wants to keep their kids covered up storming out of a recent meeting after a parent exposed her double standard. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here’s a picture of you right here on Facebook with a crowd of people with no mask on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That’s it. This is my time. And I don’t interrupt you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here’s another picture —


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: — with you with no mask on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m sorry, Miss Vaught, you are done. Can we have a police officer, please?


COMPAGNO: Goodness. I mean, calling for a police officer for that, right? It’s like zero to 60.

JONES: So, this whole clip was played on Friends this morning, and two of the school board members start calling each other by their first name. And I could — I could only hear it. I couldn’t watch it. I was getting to the airport. And it sounded like this must be what the Real Housewives —

RIVERA: Off-camera.

JONES: I got super personal real quick. But I think that’s the point. And if that’s what this mom was trying to do, she’s a genius. Because what she did is she made this issue personal to the school board member who’s imposing these rules. She said, here’s your family. And that school board member felt attacked by her family, which is exactly how every parent feels who’s sending their kid the school crying strapping a mask to their face.

And so if that was her point, I hope they got across. At least it got across to some of the other school board members.

COMPAGNO: Yes, Dana. Well, before everybody thinks about like, completely eliminating our tech companies, think about how hard it is as a politician to be a complete and total hypocrite, now that you can be caught with these pictures everywhere.

COMPAGNO: That’s true with our ultimate insurance. Jesse?

WATTERS: If you watch the whole video, the police officer does come over and stand like this next to the mom. Now, where did she get that authority to call on a deputized officer to come over and boot someone out of there for criticizing her, some school board mom does not have that authority.

And police officers, they don’t have to obey that. That’s not — that’s not their directive to just like physically escort people out for criticizing someone at a hearing. They should have a meeting about that.

COMPAGNO: And Geraldo, to Dana’s point, you know, that’s arguably why Youngkin won in Virginia, right? He said that he didn’t have a campaign —


COMPAGNO: He said, I will listen to parents. I see you. I will hear you. That’s all parents want.

RIVERA: It remains to be seen how much success you will have with that course. But I wish him — I wish him luck. I tell you this, Emily. We need an off-ramp for this mask mandate world.

PERINO: Now, you sound like us, Geraldo.

RIVERA: You know, I enjoy — thank you — I enjoy the hypocrisy adding Gavin Newsom and, who else, Magic Johnson and all the rest. You know, I see they cheated and they were telling two stories at the sides of their mouth. But I’m sick of it. I’m sick of it. I want people to — you know, if you want your kid to wear a mask, let them wear mask and the Youngkin rule.

WATTERS: Geraldo is sick of it, everybody.

PERINO: Wow. We wore him down, everybody.

COMPAGNO: The line has been crossed. Well, and now we know the CDC has been essentially keeping all the information for two years. So whatever we thought it was based on, it doesn’t exist anyway. You’re on our side. Face it.

All right, straight ahead —

RIVERA: Well, I —

COMPAGNO: Well, you’re on our side. You’re on our side. Greg is taking his hit late-night comedy show to Texas all week. So, next up, he will tell us what he has in store. Stay with us.


WATTERS: You may be wondering where is Greg Gutfeld. No, not playing hooky. And he didn’t take off again for his birthday. Gutfeld is taking his show to Dallas for the entire week in front of a massive audience at Gilley’s. And Greg is here to tell us all about it. All right — nice hat, Greg. What’s the vive? And an armadillo, animals are great. Tell us everything.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Well, as you know, this is this state bird in Texas is the armadillo. New York — in New York where you are, it’s just a one-eyed pigeon with a human finger in its mouth. But in Texas, everything is bigger, more wonderful.

I got hacked. I got a rifle rack for my horse. Where — we’re actually in Gilley’s, we actually have a pickup truck inside the bar. That’s how Dallas, Texas this is. So, it’s going to be great. We have a lot of the Fox favorites here. We got — tonight, I think we got Kayleigh McEnany, Failla, Tyrus, Kat. We’re going to have some other people tomorrow. Everybody that you know, except for you, Jesse, because you’re too important now, and Dana is too important. So, there you go.

WATTERS: Now, Emily is going to be joining you as well, aren’t you Emily?

COMPAGNO: Yes. I will see you on Friday, Greg.

RIVERA: Have fun.

GUTFELD: Well, I don’t know about that. Not so fast.

COMPAGNO: I’m excited about that.

GUTFELD: I’m trying to approve that

COMPAGNO: Stop it. That truck is awesome.

GUTFELD: Yes, it’s nice. That’s nice.

COMPAGNO: Yes. So, what else is going on at the bar?

GUTFELD: You know, I’m really — well, I’ll tell you. I’m really kind of like a hands-on dude when I come to — when I come to Dallas. It’s amazing my inner dude came out. Like, I actually changed hotels today because I didn’t like the bathroom.

So, that just shows you, I mean, how really close to the common man I am.

RIVERA: What a stunt.

GUTFELD: I’m not kidding. The bath —

RIVERA: Did they always have the horse?

GUTFELD: The bathroom — there you go. Go ahead.

PERINO: Well, I want to know about the bathroom.

GUTFELD: Say something.

RIVERA: Oh, yes.

GUTFELD: OK, so the stripping on the shower was not there. So, while I was taking a shower, I flooded the bathroom. So, I actually —

RIVERA: How macho.

GUTFELD: I mean, it was pretty — yes, exactly, exactly.

RIVERA: What a stunt.

GUTFELD: That’s how I live. That how I live. I’m trying to get —


RIVERA: The urban cowboy — the urban cowboy horse, did you take a ride on the — did the new Gilley’s have a horse?

JONES: The mechanical bull?

GUTFELD: I thought it was a — I thought it was mechanical bull. Yes, yes, yes, the horse is another movie, Geraldo. I think that’s — I think that’s Brokeback Mountain. That’s a movie you and I watched a couple of years ago. But yes, it’s —

RIVERA: I was going to do a comeback with this (INAUDIBLE)

GUTFELD: I don’t see — I don’t see the Bronco here. Harry, is their Bronco?

RIVERA: A bull, a bull.

GUTFELD: I mean, a bull. Have you seen the bull. Yes, bull, it’s not here. There’s nothing here. I don’t know what it is.

PERINO: Hey, I have a question. It’s a really important question.


PERINO: What are you going to eat tonight?

GUTFELD: Well, that’s a good question. Because I had a bit of an upset stomach being the rough and tumble man I am. I had — I had mashed potatoes. I had mashed potatoes and vitamin zero for lunch. Because my tummy was a little upset from the travel. I’m the least — I’m the least Dallas of anybody on the planet. There’s nobody as pathetic as I am. It’s so sad.

But I think I’m going to have — I’ll probably have ribs. I’ll probably do my rib thing and maybe a little briskets, probably some brisket. I had — actually, I did have tacos yesterday outside at some place in Deep Ellum. That was good. But I went drinking with Kat Timpf, which was a mistake, a complete and utter mistake.

WATTERS: Joey Jones, anything for Greg?

GUTFELD: I don’t know where she puts her booze.

JONES: Greg is the guy at the table that used to live in Texas — I don’t know if anybody else here has that deep of a connection. Let me tell you, you’re looking great. You look very Dallas right now. I probably wouldn’t mosey over to Fort Worth.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

JONES: That’s a little bit different group of folks there. But this is the one state where you can drive the biggest pickup you can find and nobody is going to think you’re overcompensating for anything. So, I hope you buy one while you’re out there, and get some guns and enjoy every minute of what we call freedom.

GUTFELD: Yes, it really is. This is actually when Texas secedes, like — and I move here to become their acting president, you’re all formally invited.


WATTERS: All right, Greg —

GUTFELD: I think I’ll just be a king.

WATTERS: Greg, I hope your tummy feels better. And I hope you know how to take a shower in the new hotel room. Good luck. It sounds like you’re going to need it. Thank you and we’ll be tuning in.

GUTFELD: I found I found a boutique — I found a boutique hotel.

WATTERS: OK, how Dallas of you. All right, Greg, we’ll be watching later. Thank you. And “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


PERINO: It’s time for “ONE MORE THING.” I’ll go quickly. Look at this dog. He’s trying so hard. This is Boomer the Staffordshire bull terrier. He has big sticks at the park and then he just get it through.

COMPAGNO: I love those.

PERINO: It’s just like so difficult. And the owner tries to help him and he’s like — doing quite —

RIVERA: He looks like a Peloton.

PERINO: He can’t quite figure it out. But you know what, that’s why you got a mom to help you out. Help me out there, mom. Good job, Boomer.

RIVERA: Oh, it’s so nice.

PERINO: Jesse.

WATTERS: All right, so this weekend, we were in Naples, Florida with Bret Baier and Dana and some others for the all-star —

PERINO: Some others.

WATTERS: — charity event for Children’s National Hospital. Brian Kilmeade, Stuart Varney, Santa Claus, and Shannon Bream. We had a great time and raised over $2.2 million. And we’re all very proud of that. Speaking of charity cases, I did some interviews about Presidents’ Day. Here’s a clip which we’re going to be airing in full tonight on “PRIMETIME.” Watch.


WATTERS: Who was president during the Civil War?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you give me a year?






WATTERS: Jeb Bush.

PERINO: That was awesome. Oh, my God.

RIVERA: Glory days.

WATTERS: Yes. That gave me —

PERINO: Jesse, I’m so glad those are back.

RIVERA: Those are exposing the IQ.

WATTERS: Hey, it’s holiday.

PERINO: Jesse, I am definitely going to watch that. Geraldo?

RIVERA: LeBron James, the greatest of all time, came home to Cleveland, Ohio —

WATTERS: Jordan?

RIVERA: — for the NBA (INAUDIBLE) — the NBA All-Star Weekend. It was really a lot of fun. Guess what? LeBron James has the ball, time has expired. I think we have the video. Here it is. Watch him in the right-hand corner take that shot. Sinks in. LeBron James.

PERINO: Did you go?

RIVERA: Wonderful, wonderful. No, I didn’t go. Because my lousy radio station didn’t get me tickets.

PERINO: Lousy?

RIVERA: I’m really am —

COMPAGNO: Lame radio station.

PERINO: Well, that was great. Awesome. Emily.

RIVERA: Wait, quickly. His — he was with his son, Bronnie. And he said, LeBron James said that he’ll play in any NBA team that takes his son Bronnie. He’ll be 41-years-old, LeBron. And he wants to wait around and have his last season with his son.


COMPAGNO: That’s cute.

PERINO: Emily.

COMPAGNO: All right, so this is sort of cute also. But this group of women in Georgia pranked all their husbands. They made them wear the same shirt on this group date and then they videoed them arriving.

WATTERS: That’s great.

COMPAGNO: It’s so funny.

WATTERS: I like this stuff.

COMPAGNO: And this video has been viewed 15 million times on TikTok.

PERINO: That’s so funny.

COMPAGNO: Jesse, I can see this happening to you. Geraldo, I can see this happening to you.

PERINO: That’s so cute.

COMPAGNO: Not to you, Joey. I feel like you would really resist.

PERINO: Oh, my God. That’s so good.

WATTERS: That’s good.

PERINO: Well done, ladies. Well done. Joey.

JONES: All right, so we have — that is funny. And some Georgia women would do that, by the way. So, we have a video real quick of a young man in Istanbul walking around in —


JONES: So, what this — what this guy was doing, he was looking down at his phone. That’s exactly what he deserves. He deserves that. And everyone at the airport that’s walking in front of me and near me and around me looking down at their phone, I hope that a hole opens up in front of you.

That’s — I tell you, everybody that do it, that’s what you deserve.

COMPAGNO: May a whole opens.

JONES: I hope God just like opens one up for you.

PERINO: Do you ever just like, excuse me, and then get —


PERINO: And then they are — they are upset that they —

JONES: Oh, no. I’m making them feel stupid.

PERINO: I know we got to go. All right, that’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next. Hey, Bret.

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