Brian Kilmeade on BLM’s secret multi-million dollar mansion: ‘Where’s the corporate outrage?’

on Apr8
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“One Nation” host Brian Kilmeade told “America Reports” on Friday that Black Lives Matter is not being held accountable after the organization reportedly used $6 million in donor funds to purchase a mansion in California


BRIAN KILMEADE: They don’t wake up everyday wondering how to take down a Democratic cause. Black Lives Matter comes out and rolls out in 2020 in a major way, and it’s not only millions of dollars, evidently they have $60 million left. There is a lot of people that believe, who have done the math – including Professor Wilfred Riley, who is on “One Nation” this weekend – and they think it’s more like $10 billion they have. 

The question is, where is this money? Are they in individual chapters? And how dare you use money without explaining why you need a $5 million mansion, like you need another one in Canada, another one in Atlanta. And when asked about this, you are called a racist for inquiring. I think people have to just stop knuckling under when you are wrongly called his … And then when asked, why weren’t you more transparent, oh, we were doing repairs on the house. Really? There is no record of repairs on the house back to 2017. 

Evidently, they replaced the roof, you know, which happened in the past. Think about all the causes this money could be going to. Where is the corporate outrage from Nike and others, who wrote big checks? The NBA and NFL,  who write big checks, individuals who give $5 or $10. Why aren’t they angry? Like, if this was a military organization, if this was feeding the poor, or [an] evangelist who thinks people will be saved if they just give money, that’s a scandal. Where is the accountability here? Where is the curiosity?


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