The left is using a tactic that would make Putin proud

on Apr16
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Fox News host Laura Ingraham argues the discretion to charge protesters is only used in one direction Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now let’s imagine the reaction of the Biden DOJ and FBI if thousands upon thousands of America First Republicans organize protests that shut down the major freeways and bridges in places like California, New York, Chicago, disrupting air travel, car travel, and shouting these hateful chants about, let’s say, illegal aliens and Biden himself. Well, we know what would happen to them. There would be a big press conference, a big call by some slick DOJ prosecutor. He’d announce his task force and the nationwide manhunt for the offenders.


Of course, the media would lap it all up. They would nod in agreement, as they did to…. They’d talk about how hateful the crowd was, veins bulging. There’d be talk of possible RICO charges, conspiracy to violate civil rights. The absolute maximum punishment would be thrown at these protesters. To put as many of those protesters in jail for as long as possible, that would be the goal. 

Some might be held in solitary confinement for months. Look, our system is set up to give broad discretion to our DOJ. It’s supposed to be equal justice under the law. So, discretion isn’t such a bad thing. But in recent years, that principle has been shredded. And we’ve seen investigations colored by politics. It’s very dangerous. 

The discretion to charge generally only is used in one direction now, and that’s against conservatives. From the way they went after the J-6ers to how they descended on people like Roger Stone, remember that? And what they’re still doing to Donald Trump. Speak about what you consider to be the corruption of the court, and they’ll throw you in jail, or at least threaten it. That’s a tactic that would make Putin very proud. 


And the same analysis really applies to college campuses. Conservative students protesting with the same tone and viciousness as the pro-Hamas crowd? Would be expelled and blacklisted by every Fortune 500 company in America. The fact is, if you live or work in places where the liberal cult mindset dominates, then you have to say what they want you to say, and you have to do what they want you to do, or you’re going to be punished.

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