WATCH: Black voters review Biden’s performance as Trump surges in polls: ‘I’m voting for Trump’

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Black voters spoke with Fox News Digital from across the U.S. about President Biden and former President Donald Trump as they prepare to face off in 2024, and the reviews were decidedly mixed.

The latest Fox News survey shows former President Trump narrowly ahead of President Biden in the race for the White House. But the contest has tightened as an uptick in economic optimism pushes approval of Biden up.

As far as Black voters go, the survey shows Biden receives 72% support among Black voters. That’s up from 66% in February, but still lags his 79% before the 2020 election, and Trump could get historically high support in November from what has long been a reliable Democratic voting group.

A Detroit resident told Fox News Digital that he “liked” Biden.

“He’s a good guy. He actually helps the urban community. I’ve seen stuff get improved and he brought in new jobs too so kudos to that,” Evans said.

A Detroit woman speaks to Fox News Digital on May 16, 2024.


Michigan is a swing state that will be crucial to deciding the next president; Biden won it in 2020, after Trump narrowly captured it in 2016.

“I really think Biden is doing the best he can … I don’t think Biden can really do … really too much because of his age and how the system is controlled and how the government is controlled,” a resident of Detroit who chose not to disclose his name told Fox News Digital.

The resident shared his thoughts about Biden’s opponent Trump and expressed support.

“Trump has really helped out a lot of people in the community, helped out a lot of Black businesses, and I’m voting for Trump.”

One Detroit woman said, “He wants to make it seem as if he’s for the Blacks and he’s not really because he hasn’t really helped anybody, and I don’t really like that he’s sending weapons to Israel when there’s people that still need help.” 

She added that as a medical field worker, she’s seen immigrants who “already have Medicaid and there are people here who are still on the list waiting for it.”

On the other side of Lake Michigan, Black voters had plenty to say about Biden in Chicago.

“He made everything harder,” one Chicago resident who did not identify himself said. He continued, “Made everything from finding jobs to finding places to stay. He made everything really harder if you ask me.”

The young gentleman shared his thoughts about Trump.

A young voter speaks with Fox News Digital on May 16, 2024. (Fox News Digital)

“President Trump–even though he may not be a good guy like on the political side of things, he made sure Black people was good,” he said.

In Washington, D.C., one voter said he may be the only Black voter to admit it, but he wanted Trump back. Another said she didn’t have anything “bad or good to say” about Biden. 

“I don’t know a lot about Joe Biden honestly. I kind of feel like he’s just here,” she said.

“Honestly, I like Trump,” she added. “It was a lot like going on in the news, in the media … I’m OK with Trump coming back.”


The man next to her added, “Someone who is too old to regulate what decisions to make at this point in time in his life. Give him about 20 years. In the past, all game for Biden. As of right now, I just think … put him in that old folks home. Keep it pushing–get a younger firm mind in there. I think we can get everything done.”

Another man in Chicago added that the Black community does not “really like Biden.”

Black voters across the U.S. spoke with Fox News Digital about the upcoming election.

“They don’t really be (expletive) with Biden like that,” he added. “They say Biden ain’t really do nothing. They really be like Trump better–I ain’t gon’ lie. Trump had the money coming in. He got the stimulus checks coming. But Biden, I feel like he gets a bad rep.”

Another Chicago voter said she didn’t like Biden’s stance on the Israel-Gaza war but would still support him over Trump as a Black woman.

In the Empire State, one resident said that Biden can “try again another time.”

“He can take a break. It doesn’t make sense not to give someone else a try and then they trying to arrest Donald Trump but they don’t really have anything on him.”


According to the New York Times, new polling data show President Trump leading President Biden in five key battleground states. Surveys were conducted by The New York Times, Siena College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, finding that Trump leads Biden among registered voters in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

In that survey, Biden beat Trump among registered voters in only one battleground state, Wisconsin.

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