Could the Democrats replace Joe Biden as their presidential candidate?

on Jun20
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WITH LESS than a year to go until America’s presidential election, the country looks poised for a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Mr Biden says he wants a second term to “finish the job”. But, according to a recent poll, almost 40% of Democrats wish he would take not-so-early retirement. Mr Biden has been America’s oldest president since the day he took office. More than 55% of Americans disapprove of him. Most recent polls put him neck and neck with Mr Trump or slightly behind. Are the Democrats stuck with Mr Biden?

Technically, no. Although he is the presumptive nominee, Mr Biden’s candidacy is not guaranteed until he wins the support of a majority of party delegates to its convention. Most delegates are political activists, local party leaders and the like, pledged to support a particular candidate; the number allocated to each candidate is determined through primary elections and caucuses. The rest are made up of the Democratic Party establishment. Primary season begins with New Hampshire, on January 23rd, and runs until early June. In August delegates will gather at the Democratic convention in Chicago to cast votes on behalf of their state or territory.

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