Why big law will keep getting bigger in the 2020s

by admin | on Mar 3

A MESSY WORLD is great news for those whose business it is to sort through a mess. One group in ...

After expanding in 2021, fast fashion may be squeezed again

by admin | on Feb 17

AMERICAN CONSUMERS are feeling flush. On February 15th the Commerce Department reported that the country’s shoppers spent 3.8% more in ...

Can China create a world-beating AI industry?

by admin | on Jan 20

“SOUTH OF THE Huai river few geese can be seen through the rain and snow.” In classical Chinese this verse ...

A memo from the boss on apology inflation

by admin | on Dec 29

Jan 1st 2022DEAR TOP TABLE, We have discussed many of the risks that threaten us in the coming year: the ...

A new way of understanding the high but elusive worth of intellectual property

by admin | on Dec 2

IT IS TESTAMENT to human inventiveness that 50m patents are estimated to have been granted globally. But in aggregate much ...

China’s communist authorities are tightening their grip on the private sector

by admin | on Nov 18

IT MIGHT just be confused for one of the world’s savviest tech investors. China Internet Investment Fund’s (CIIF) portfolio is ...

Chief executives are weirder than ever

by admin | on Nov 11

Nov 13th 2021CELEBRITY BOSSES used to have nicknames that made a virtue of short fuses and brutality. “Chainsaw Al” and ...

The music industry is an unexpected victim of a plastics shortage

by admin | on Sep 30

Oct 2nd 2021AT THE START of 2020 Green Lung, a London heavy-metal act with a cult following, were about to ...

American newspapers – Billionaires battle for Tribune Publishing | Business

by admin | on Mar 31

GARY MARX and David Jackson, two veteran investigative reporters at the Chicago Tribune, spent most of last year seeking potential ...

Trafficking dreams – Why China’s Didi can succeed where Uber has struggled | Business

by admin | on Feb 18

“WE INVEST A lot of money here in China,” proclaimed Travis Kalanick, founder and then boss of Uber, at a ...

Business schools – The MBA class of covid-19 | Business

by admin | on Jan 21

Jan 23rd 2021FONTAINEBLEAU, HONG KONG AND NEW YORKEDIEAL PINKER, deputy dean of the Yale School of Management, bristles at the ...

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