Soldier, 16-year-old charged in Fort Drum infantryman’s slaying

by admin | on Jan 2

An Army soldier and a 16-year-old have been charged in the slaying of an infantryman stationed at Fort Drum in New York.Cpl. Hayden Harris, 20, was traveling ...

Chicago finishes 2020 with 769 homicides as shootings spike

by admin | on Jan 2

A 41-year-old man was shot and killed early Friday morning in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, marking the city's first homicide of ...

Chicago Teachers Union leader under fire for pushing remote schooling while vacationing in Caribbean

by admin | on Jan 1

A Chicago Teachers Union leader is under fire for pushing for Chicago public schools to remain remote because of coronavirus ...

Winter storm to bring mix of snow, freezing rain to Midwest and eastern US to kick off New Year

by admin | on Jan 1

A wintry mix of snow and widespread freezing rain was expected to roll into the Midwest and eastern U.S. on ...

Chicago mayor meets with victim of botched, ‘unacceptable’ police raid

by admin | on Jan 1

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot met with the Black woman who was handcuffed by police while naked when officers raided the wrong home, the ...

‘The Other Half of My Soul’: Widows of Covid-19 Bond Over Sudden Loss

by admin | on Jan 1

Jennifer Law and her husband, Matthew, at their wedding in 2008. He died of the virus in November. Some feel unacknowledged, ...

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